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I won’t write a super long blog tonight as I just posted a 1,000 + word one moments ago.

I was tempted to use it as my post-a-day blog post, but it was intended, is intended for another blog.

40 Represented.

About the experience of being a 40ish woman in the United States.

I was approached to write for it while I was in Paris and did indeed write a post for the creator.  She recently asked me to contribute again.

I had an idea after seeing  friend on Facebook turn 40.

A friend that though we are friends on Facebook, we have not spoken to one another in over 8 years.  I would have forgotten her birthday, had not the app prompted me to wish her a happy 40th.


How did that happen?

Weren’t we all just having beers after hours in the Angelic Brewing Company?

Weren’t we just going to have brunch at the crazy waffle house restaurant, you could count on us all to have the same variation of things and none of it get eaten all up, the massive amount of food you got at this place was crazy.

My ex and I would split a strawberry waffle with whipped cream, get a side of hash browns, and a side of sausage.  S. & S. would get the omelet and a pancake in a pan, the Dutch Baby, with hash browns and bacon and both of them would get large glasses of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

R & B would omelet and waffle, strawberry as well, but with ice cream not whipped cream.

S & whomever she was dating at the time would get five egg omelet, hash browns, sausage, and side of silver pancakes.

No one ever finished.

It was assault by food.

We would laugh and joke and poke fun at one another and tell stories on each other, and the boyfriends listened and ate and stayed out of our conversations.

I love those ladies.

Although I see them not at all anymore.

So the blog, which you can just go read, examines those relationships and what happens over time to friendships.

Today, I got to see another friend, a dear friend, who I used to work with at the Angelic Brewing Company.

We had lunch and caught up.

The service was horrible, but the food, when it finally came was good.

The company, fantastic.

It’s good to see people who used to know me and I can get some deep perspective about what I have done with my life, really fast when I see how far I have come in regards to living a sustainable, joyful life.

It is like having a witness.

We get to bear witness to our struggles and joys and that too is what being a friend is about.

I also got to say I was walking through the I don’t know what I am going to do with all my free time really well.

So well, in fact, I forgot, after writing my initial morning pages and fielding a few e-mails for the design firm, to be concerned.

Then tonight as I am loading up my messenger bag with groceries, got to do it almost every time I travel, I saw there was a long message on my phone.

I had it turned off for a little while out of respect and had forgotten to turn the guy back on.

The test was long and at first confusing, then when I realized what it was asking, it became exciting, a little nerve-wracking, and chock-a-block full of adventure.

One of my families is going to the What the Festival in Oregon.

They had someone lined up to help with the baby.

Said person had to pull out.

Dad a musician, amongst other talents, is playing the event.

They need help.

I would get VIP access to all the shows, food, a ticket there, compensation, and lodging in their trailer.

Good prep for Burning Man.

I have never heard of the festival but once I saw the line up, after already saying yes, I looked at my wide open schedule and said yes, I got quite excited to go.

Check it out here.

I have yet to hear back from the mom, I sent the text out late, phone being off and all, but if they need me I would have a weekend to hang out at a music festival in Oregon, do some  nannying, hear some music, do some dancing.

Have an adventure.

Yes, please.

Sign me up.

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