Go, Have Fun


Enjoy the Donkey Show and have a Moscow Mule, I’ll stay back at camp and keep an eye on the baby.

Conversations that would only be held with employers at Burning Man.

Mama and papa are out having a bevvy with the team, a Moscow Mule, according to my sources, is a spiked Ginger beer.

Not that I have ever had one, or have heard of them before, it’s been a while since my cocktail vocabulary has been tested.

I told the parentals that I had no problem staying back at camp.

There’s not a whole lot out there for me to do.

I could get lost on playa I suppose, there’s not much for markers anymore.

No more Man, no more Temple, no more sound camps.

Just a lot of containers waiting for pick up.

Heck, there’s not even a lot of port-a-potties left, the majority of the 1600, that’s correct, on playa, were removed today.

There is still moop and a lot of bicycles.

I understand that folks can get overwhelmed with the work it takes to be out here, but I really am surprised at how many abandoned bikes are out there scattered around the playa.  I am sure a few were mistakenly taken to joy ride out to an art piece or a burn night rendezvous, but I feel like a lot of them just get left over.

Big old case of the fuck it’s.

Hey, the Green Bike project could use another.

Pain in the ass.

Although, having said that, I won’t have a hard time scaring up a ride if I need to get about, there are plenty around still.

And if you lost your bicycle or thought some one stole it, or for that matter, if you lost your camera, your mind (just kidding), your keys, your favorite furry coat, or any other items (except probably narcotics, those don’t usually turn up found) contact the Burning Man organization.

The lost and found is over run and it may very well be there.

The return rate is really high.

Although if you lost your camera you may get it back with the memory card full of shots of random boobs and butts.

Little playa prank that is often played on the person who lost the camera.

It has been nice to see the city empty out, but I miss my friends, and feel a little adrift out here.

I watched a video today, wrote a bit, took a walk, got off, thank god I brought my vibrator, no I was NOT working, but it was nap time and well, I wasn’t sleepy.

Mom and dad need me mostly in the morning hours and after lunch.

Then afternoon nap time descends and I am let off the hook to go do, well, whatever there is left to do.

I did my nails.

Mostly from the standpoint that I don’t want to look at them dirty.  I need a real manicure and pedicure, I can’t wait to soak my feet in some nice water and have a good scrub down.

I sat on the “front porch” and watched the clouds shift and pile up in the sky and get bathed in the glorious light that descends through the blue vault of heaven out here.



I continued to stay hydrated.

Last thing I want is to get sick this close to the end of my time.

Which, I over heard today may be sooner than was forecasted.

The papa told a friend at dinner that we may be leaving Thursday night instead of Friday morning.

I am so down with that.

I know I have had enough when I am excited by the prospect of going to the Grand Sierra in Reno.

They had some damn fine hot water in the shower and astounding water pressure when last I stayed there.

Especially in comparison to the shower trailer out here.

Plus, there won’t be any co-ed showering happening (I mean, sometimes it was nice, I won’t deny it, to see a pretty man in the showers or to admire an amazing tattoo, but I tell you what, I did NOT need to see the man in his sixties shaving his balls down at the communal sink.  Dude.  Do that in the privacy of your own space, for the love of God).

And I won’t have to hold onto a wobbling apart handle to keep the water on.

I can just sit and be sluiced by the goodness.

I may make one more shower out here as I feel a bit of the dirty, dusty, creepy, soaking into my hair, just to keep the snarls at bay and attempt to get some of the playa off before re-entry.

I am starting to see other folks putting up photographs and realizing how many people I did not see out here.

I did meet a wonderful new bunch of folks at the camp, but there were quite a few that I missed entirely.

Next year.

The only other thing that I tried to do today was look for a bed on craigslist.

But it was disheartening, even though I saw a couple of things that might work for my new place, I could not get up the gumption to place an e-mail and make contact.

I am ready to go, I won’t deny that, but I am not ready to be making those kinds of moves yet.

I figure the first thing that I will do, will have to do, is see if I can get my phone fixed.

Fingers crossed, there’s a place in Cole Valley right by where my family lives that does Iphone repairs.  The mom mentioned it to me and I had not even thought of having it repaired, which will probably be a lot cheaper than buying a new Iphone.

Even though I was starting to experience some lustful thoughts for a skinny white Iphone 5.

I did, however, get excited, the first time I have experienced excitement, for moving into my new place.

I have been grateful, absolutely, but excited, not so much.

Anxious is more the adjective I am searching for.

How am I going to move, where am I going to get household stuff, how will I get my Burning Man gear from here to there, or the stuff I have in my friend’s house in East Oakland?

Where will I stay that first night back?

The mom alleviated that one right away, I’m staying with them.

Thank God.

One less thing to think about.

And the playa bike is coming home.

It is going to need to be repaired off playa.


I still have a couple of days and nights more to go.

Can’t wait to see my city by the bay.

And all my friends.

I promise I will have showered at least three times, probably five, by the time you see me.

Bidding you adieu from Black Rock City, where the streets are gone and the world is silent, but the stars are so close you could touch them with your nose.

An Eskimo kiss from the Universe.

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One Response to “Go, Have Fun”

  1. tml917 Says:

    Thank you for the post and bringing me back to the Playa as much as you could with your words. Love.

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