Kiss And Tell?


I am not one to do that.

ER, um, well, maybe I will break my own little rule a teensy bit.





The braces are just fine.

And that’s all that I have to say.

I mean, I want to revel in it, but I don’t want to share it.

The more it means, the more it means I want to be circumspect.

Suffice to say I am not in a mood to do a lot of writing, but old habits, this habit, die-hard.

I had a nearly internet free day today and I was thinking it would be nice to go the entire day without having to  log onto my lap top that would be a nice thing.

Then I remembered, oh, yeah, that blog thing needs to happen.

Then I opened my blog and looked at the stats, I like to do that, and I was reading a blog a friend posted and then, it hit me, this is it.

This is my 1,000th post!

I had talked to my friends about doing a party.

I forgot.

And I got busy being busy moving in.

I showed the Mister my new place, which early in the day was described to me as looking like I have lived here forever.

“Look at you, all beachy and relaxed, and your place is perfect, you look like you have lived out here forever,” she finished poking her head out the back door and scanning the yard.

“It’s so peaceful!” She exclaimed.

It is.

I fell asleep last night with the door to the studio open, listening to the ocean.

Nothing else.

Just the ocean.

I am awed that I can open the door and hear the ocean.

It may become old hat, sometime further down the road, but it is still miraculous to me.

I may be a fiery Sagittarius woman, but there is something to the call of the sea that gets to me.

“You let me know when you are ready for that walk on the beach,” he said to me as we strolled up Judah back to the house.

We had made a quick pit stop for a late bite at Java Beach cafe.

It’s so nice that there is a late night spot in the neighborhood.

There was a thin skein of fog and smoke from a beach bonfire in the air, a group of guys in front of the cafe playing acoustic guitars and a couple out walking their dog.

It was such a California beach town scene, I just about clapped my hands out of pure enjoyment of witnessing it.

I do feel myself getting settled here.

I do feel the lure of the dunes and I walked around the neighborhood more today, taking 46th on foot to Noriega and discovering another little hamlet of cafes and surf shops and a little trendy boutique as well as another organic outpost of a market.

Loving this beach community that I have fallen so serendipitously into.

Then I walked down to the ocean and crossed the Great Highway and headed to the surf.

Standing in the dunes with my face to the wind and the sun, my head soothed by the balm of the noise of the surf, I felt so myself and perfect and there was not a worry to be had in a single part of my body.

I had plans to see the Mister in the evening.

I had my fix early in the afternoon with my ladybug at ye old Trouble Coffee Shop.

I had a scrumptious home-made lunch on the back patio in the sun.

I had a persimmon for dessert that made my whole body sing with pleasure (warm sliced persimmon with sea salt, cocoa, nutmeg, cinnamon) and a cup of Tahitian Vanilla Spice tea as well as a few chapters in a new book in the sunshine.

And then a long walk ending up on the high dune overlooking the sea and the clouds.



I stood taking it in and decided, that yes, I did want to walk down to the surf.

I pulled off my flip-flops and meandered down the dunes, still damp from the rain that happened this morning, but had cleared off into the vision of the day before me.

I scanned the beach for sand dollars.

Finally locating not one, but three that were whole and unbroken.

Another small treasure to bring back to my home by the sea, of the sea, just for me.

I rinsed them off in the ocean tide and took just one of the three in my hand for my nightstand next to my bed.

A reminder that I am here, unbroken, loved, and taken gently in hand.

As I stood up from the tide I noticed the clouds and then, with an audible gasp, I noticed the reflection of the clouds on the thin skin of water that was the end result of the crashing waves on the shore, the last finger of water that stretched over the wet sand, making a mirror of the sky above it.










I fumbled for my camera and breathed in the fine salt mist as I squatted down to capture the shot.

I knew I looked like a tourist to the folks walking their dogs and I felt like a tourist for a moment until I realized that I had to go to the bathroom and I just had to walk back to the house.

Not many tourists can say that.

I laughed at my inside joke, gathered up my hem on my dress in my hand, pulling it up over my knees to climb back up the dune to the Great Highway.

I turned again and took in the vista, before closing my eyes and lifting my face back to the sun, searing the image of the water and the horizon on the inside of my heart.

Drifting back up the sidewalk I passed Java Beach and thought, I will have to have a cup of tea there soon.

I wasn’t expecting it to be tonight.

I was happy to have it.

The company as well.

The walk back to the house, the fog not so thick, but just there, the smell of wood smoke, the smell co-mingled with the wafer cookie vanilla musk of my companion, intoxicating.

The kiss more so.

The first kiss in my new home.

That is the party for my 1,000th blog.

I can think of no better.

A private party.

Just for me and a few thousand words.

And the flutter of butterfly wings in my chest.


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