Catch Up


I was walking towards MUNI this evening up in Noe Valley, when I heard my name hollered out the car window of someone driving down 24th street.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

Oh, thank God.

That was unexpected, I was not looking forward to the ride back on MUNI.

Not that I don’t know what it entails, but, yes, I hate to admit it, but I worked out a little too much yesterday and my back was sore today.  I did not ride my bike much and I was too tender to contemplate riding it to Noe Valley.  I did not throw it out, but I pushed it and I strained it a little, of all fucking things,  getting laundry out of the dryer.

It was like a little finger pulled me up short.

My back seized up and spasmed.


Slow down.

You’re going too fast.

I slowed way down today.

I was quite mellow at the house this morning, sleeping in a little, but upon getting up doing my normal busy routine.  Then slowing down as it became obvious that I had pushed myself a little more than I needed to.

Damn you kung fu.

Damn you kung fu ego, is really what I should be saying.

If it hurts, stop.

That should be my motto, but then I might not get another tattoo and well, you know, I like them.

I do have the tendency to over do it.

Even when I am supposed to be doing the chill thing and relaxing.

Today after a ride up to the Inner Sunset to have some coffee at Tart to Tart and do some reading and do some honest check in, I could not ignore that I was sore just from the bike ride.

So I stayed put when I got home.

I made myself a nice meal, really getting into omelets lately, and had a big mug of tea and sat myself down on the chaise and read my book.

I am currently reading Clockers.

Which is the book that The Wire is based on.

Really solid read and I am surprised by how well the series follows the book, at least so far and from what I recall of the show.

Which, truth be told I was watching with an ex-boyfriend while we were in the having sex all the time mode of our relationship.

Now that I think about it, it was the entire bulk of our relationship, loads of sex, then after ward I would feed him some pie and we would watch the Wire on my laptop.

I wasn’t even eating pie at the time.

But I was making it for him.

Anyway, I sat a lot today, with a couple of pillows propped behind me, looking out occasionally into the yard which was filling with fog and rising mists from the sea.

That and a sweet string of Christmas lights that started glowing in the late afternoon hanging from the back door of the neighbors house, reminding me that we are about to walk into the holiday time of year.

It is almost officially December, just minutes away now.

My birthday is coming up, December 18th, and I figured out what I want to do with it.

First, I am going to ask for the day off.

Second, I will go to the horse stables down by Fort Funston.

Maybe ask few friends come with, I will put it out there, I don’t expect loads of people to be available to go horseback riding on a Wednesday in the middle of the work week the week before Christmas, but if anyone is and they want to go with, I will put the info out there. Come or not, but I will be riding.

Then I was thinking I would have “happy hour” at Trouble Coffee and Coconut Club.  Late afternoon, early evening, between 4:30pm. and 6p.m.

I may not have coffee that late, or I may be on my fifth and saying screw tomorrow I’ll sleep when I am dead, but if I feel like a coconut I will and then I want to head next door to Thai Cottage and have dinner, invite some folks to come down and eat some Thai food.

Then after dinner, instead of trekking down to the beach, I also realized that the part of the beach I am closest too does not allow beach fires.  I would have to go further down toward the Beach Chalet to where the burn pits are, which feels like way too much of a hassle, especially mid-week.


There is a back yard here.

A big back yard with a fire pit and Adirondack chairs and a wood chaise lounge and I have access to it and wouldn’t it be nice to have a little fire in the back yard with some friends and some tea?

I think it would be nice.

So that’s what I am going to do.

At least that’s the plan so far.

Coffee and coconuts at Trouble, dinner at Thai Cottage, birthday tea and s’mores (mine will be imaginary) on the back porch at my place.

Come to all of it, come to a part of it, or not at all.

I will be close to home and not be worried about trying to arrange or manage anyone elses schedule, just show up for what part you can, all or just one bit of it.

Be it on the beach–horseback riding.

Or going to drink good coffee–Trouble.

Eating some good food-Thai Cottage.

And then sit by the fire and drink tea-Burning Man.


I mean my back yard.

And be around friends.

That feels like a nice celebration.

I will put together a little invite and if you can come, cool.

And if you can’t cool.

Because I will be in town the week of Christmas house sitting in the Mission and if you can’t make my birthday, well, there’s always tea at Samovar or coffee at Four Barrel or a movie at the Roxie.

As I sat with my friend, who not only gave me a lift back to the Outer Sunset, but insisted on grabbing a tea and catching up at Java Beach–love that there’s a cafe out here that stays open late and serves food and drink–I got to really express how grateful I am to be in San Francisco and also, as he’s been to Paris twice now, how much doing that was an important part of my growth and discovery, that I am a person who does things.

Even when I spent the majority of the day trying to not over do things, I do get out there and try stuff.

I will put my heart on the line and risk it.

Because no matter the outcome, even when I “think” it’s bad, it’s usually a gift that reveals itself at the right time, my heart grows bigger every time I step up and say, hey I can do this, I get to do this, I will do this.



I am doing this.

And pretty damn well, if I do say so myself.

The heart grows fuller and my life richer.

Abundant with possibility and growth.

Come and see.

Spend some time with me down by the sea.

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2 Responses to “Catch Up”

  1. Annie Trimble Says:

    The Wire was not based on Clockers! David Simon and Ed Burns collaborated on their collective experiences as a newspaper reporter and homicide detective (respectively).

    • auntiebubba Says:

      Hmmm. Are you sure? Richard Price, the author of Clockers, won the 2007 Edgar Award for Best TV writing as cowriter for the HBO series The Wire.

      Have you read the book?

      Clockers copyright, under Price’s name, is from 1992.

      I think it may have been based, a bit, on the book.

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