I Got the Helmet!


I got the boots!

I don’t got the jeans yet, but they’ll be here soon.

I killed two birds with one stone this evening and was able to procure the boots I had tried on Saturday afternoon while in the Inner Sunset doing the deal and getting the solution.

I don’t like shoe shopping.

I love shoe shopping.

However, I don’t have a foot that easily accommodates a standard size.

I might have once, sort of.

I used to wear a 10 1/2 in women’s.

Which is pretty damn big.

Then my arches fell (thank you for over 20 years of restaurant service, please, come again soon!) and my feet became huge.

11 1/2 women’s.

One foot, my left foot is actually size 11 and my right foot is slightly bigger, being an 11 1/2.

Really God?


But I figure that is ok, if I had a standard size my room would be full of shoes.

I don’t and I don’t have a room full of shoes.  I also really, really appreciate finding a good pair of shoes that fits well and looks good.  Perhaps I would not have the same sort of gratitude mixed with glee when I find shoes that fit and are cute.

I am tall, so not many folks even seem to notice my big foot and it could be worse, so I am not complaining.


Not at all.

I love my body, at least today, for everything it does, for being this awesome conveyance for my spirit and brain to be carried around in.

I like being tall.

I love being strong.

I like my hair.


I love my hair.

Even when it’s a pain in the ass.

Today was super foggy, not rainy, but so foggy that it might as well have been.

I got a fresh, drenching “shower” on my ride into work.

My hair was up in puffs on my head and soaked when I got to work.

I work with babies and toddlers and they don’t care much, as long as it’s not in their reach, then they care, oh they like grabbing that stuff they do.

So, I wasn’t much concerned with the state of my hair.

“You’re going to have to take down your hair to try on the helmet,” he said looking askance at the mass of curls up on my head, “I hope it fits.”

I could tell he was not so sure that it would.

But I am like a cat that way, there’s a lot of hair, but the head itself is not super large, so I pulled out my puffs, only to find my hair was still wet from the morning commute–nine hours previous–and settled the helmet snug on my head.

It was a perfect fit.


I am over the moon.

“You can walk with me,” I said to my friend, “or just hang here, I have to run an errand to grab a pair of boots.”

“Uh,” my friend stumbled, “I’ll stay here and be nervous.”

I think he may have thought I was trying to boondoggle him into shoe shopping with me, which I wouldn’t even do to my girl friends, let a lone a guy friend.

“Be right back,” I said and dashed out the door down the block and over to Citi Shoes.

They were holding them for me.

I had tried on a few pairs and I was not expecting to actually buy boots the day I had gone in, despite knowing I was going to have to have them for the motorcycle safety course, I was putting off getting them.

It can be a bit disappointing to always go into a store and they don’t have your size.

But Citi did.

although the first two pairs I tried on I did not like at all.

Then the sales girl asked if I was particularly stuck on getting the style of boot and would I consider a different style.

She brought out a pair of knee-high harness boots and nope, I was not looking at all for knee-high harness boots, but I tried them on and they fit and they were comfortable and I knew I was probably going to get them.

But when I make a slightly expensive purchase I like to give myself a few days to mull it over.  I don’t want to compulsively buy.

Like I did in Paris and was stuck with boots I did not like that I finally gave away to the French chapter of the Red Cross which had a resale shop in my neighborhood.

Bye bye 125 Euro.

Which is a lot of American dollars.

This time, it was not so much the fit, but the price, $180 and I wanted to make sure my spending plan would allow for it, and sit on it and perhaps see if there were other boots out there.


So, I “splurged”.

But I don’t actually think that I got a bad price, plus they gave me a 10% discount and now I have a really good pair of black leather, knee-high, harness boots.

I will probably have them for a very long time.

I made an investment.

“And when you want to upgrade to another bike,” another friend said to me tonight as I pointed out my helmet sitting so sparkly next to my messenger bag and black glitter infinity scarf, “you can roll it over and upgrade.”

He was talking about when I go from the scooter to a motorcycle.

One thing at a time, but that thought is there too.

And I will have proper boots for the ride when and if that should happen.

As long as I can withstand not taking them to Burning Man and ruining them with playa dust.

I think that won’t be much of a problem.

It really is falling together so nicely.

And I have not manipulated or lied or been dishonest about any of it.

Just took some little actions and said ok, what next.

It works, it really does.

But it never ceases to amaze me.

It’s always this awesome surprise.

And it never, ever looks like what I thought it would.

Which is probably better.


Excuse me.

It is better.


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