Day Three


No Internet.

Writing my blog again on my laptop in MacWord hoping for the briefest bit of signal from a nearby neighbor.

The landlord told me just as I was getting in that there would be someone coming over tomorrow afternoon at 3p.m. to fix the deal and install a new box.

Install that box, yo.

It has not been horrible not getting online, but it has thrown a small wrench in my daily routine.

I can write the blog in my Word program, but it is not nearly the same writing experience, there’s something lost in translation.

I still write, however, I can’t not write, it appears.

I did briefly consider it last night, and then wrote anyhow and for that tiniest bit of time I was able to access the Internet and I got it posted.

I don’t think of the blog as an accomplishment anymore, it is so a part of me, of what I do, and how I am, that it has become routine.

I should, however, look at it as accomplishments galore.

I write everyday?

“You don’t know how to be a writer?  Find a quiet corner.  Use a humble pen.”

Paul Simon.

True that.

Writing does not come with accolades until you have been doing it a long, long time.

A friend’s first book took him 14 years to write.


Now, he’s an accomplished, sought after writer, with more than one book under his belt, a well-loved blog, and a substantial following of fans.

That is awesome.

I do know that I have to continue to do it and that I need to consider it an accomplishment, this daily pressing of fingertips to keyboard.

Especially on the days when I don’t do morning pages, which, though rare, does happen on an occasion.  As it did today.   I got up today and took a shower instead of doing the writing.  I was hedging that the boys would do a nap today at the same time and I would be able to accomplish the writing at work.


No dice.

But I got to carry my notebook with me.

I also thought I could do late day “morning pages” if all else failed, I would write them at the Beanery until my 6:30p.m commitment needed to be got to.

I got done with a splendid day at work—Golden Gate Park Playground, walks through the neighborhood, rides on the carousel, and the best, a visit to Buena Vista Park Playground.

It’s not a playground I have ever taken the boys to before, I really have no interest in pushing the stroller up that much of a hill.  I have taken other charges there when I had a car.

Today, though, I was not in the mood for Kids Kingdom in the Pan Handle and I thought, you know, I bet it’s not too bad of a hill if I just take Waller straight across.

And I was right.

It was not so bad.

Although I did take one of my charges out of the stroller and had him walk up the last block of the hill while I pushed the other little boy up the hillside.

It was well worth the work.

The park is small and really toddler friendly, despite being an older park, which sometimes are not very child safe for younger kids, and it was completely deserted.

I mean empty.

We were the only ones there for over an hour.

It was absolute magic.

Both the boys had a wonderful time on the small slide and playing in the sand and I got to sit on a bench since it’s completely enclosed and small I could keep a close eye on them.

Not that they went very far at all, neither one of them really did, but it felt totally decadent to sit on a bench for a part of the park trip and enjoy the glorious sun and the sound of birds calling in the bushes, the view was great and I felt absolutely blessed to be there and get to be a nanny.

We spent most of the afternoon after lunch there.

Neither one of the boys took a second nap, nor they both could have used one, but I was in such a sun soaked good mood, yay vitamin D that I did not care.

And I took so many photographs of the two of them that I wore out my phone charge.

I got the text though that has me waiting with nervous baited breath before the charge failed.

My scooter is being dropped off tonight!

I am going to have a scooter here in less than a half hour.

I am going to finish this blog before he gets here and write him out a check for the second payment, a little earlier then the 15th which we had agreed on, but it feels right to hand over another nice little chunk of money.

I am going to wheel it through to my back yard porch and not have it be in the front of the house until I get my license.

I was planning on doing an early run on the DMV this Friday when I got the news from my friend.

I got back to the house with the boys, put my phone on the charger and made mental plans to get up earlier on Friday then I need to and go take the test.

But is not to be.

One of the moms asked me to work early on Friday.

And I said I could.

I will get done by 2p.m. and have the whole day free.

And I won’t be spending that whole day free in line at the DMV either.

I am just going to wait.

The appointment is two weeks from today and I can wait two weeks.

Sometimes things just have to wait.

My morning pages certainly did.

I sat down at the café with my cup of tea and realized I had left my phone at work.

I contemplated it.

I opened my notebook, I said fuck it, and I am going to write.

I put pen to paper and then I thought, your friends going to call and the scooter is going to be delivered and you don’t have an alarm except the one on your phone.

The writing is going to have to wait until tonight.

I got back on my bike and rode back to work and got my phone.

Then rode back in time to get to my commitment.

The writing waited.

But write I have.

And all is well in the world.

Internet or not Internet.

I still got to do the deal.

***Blog gratefully posted after standing on my head and pointing laptop in direction of neighbor’s netgear box.***

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