Just Another Pretty Day


At the park.

And it was.

Gorgeous today.



All I wanted to do was be outside.

Out in the world, smelling the flowers and feeling the sunshine on my face.

Lucky for me, I often hold office hours at the park.

Two in particular that were just blow me away gorgeous–Golden Gate Park and Buena Vista Park.

I am really grateful to be within walking distance of both of these, as well as Kids Kingdom in the Panhandle–although it can be a chilly park as all the trees are old and provide a lot of shade.

I overheard this today–“what side of the street do you want to walk on?”

The response?

“The sunny side.”

There are micro-climates in the micro-climates.

The shady side is always cold and the sunny side is always warmer, always, the difference in temperature makes me laugh sometimes, but I often do find myself navigating over to the sunny side.  It will be the difference between wearing my sweatshirt and jean jacket or not at all.

This afternoon I was able to leave the jacket at the house.

I still brought the boys stuff with, an extra blanket, an extra pair of pants, little jackets and lots of snacks.


Did you say snacks?

Put them in my mouth!

Ever see the amount of birds that hang out at a playground?


They wait for you to walk away, maybe put a baby in the swing, then flock to the stroller and pick out all the cracker crumbs from the carriage.

Makes me laugh every time.

I laughed a lot today.

I was in a good nanny mood.

Even when I arrived and my eldest charges was in grumpy cat mode, I still put on my happy Monday face.  And dance music.  Dance music always helps obliterate the Monday blues.

A little Beegees to get the feet moving while I looked for the appropriate feel good soundtrack to the day.

It ended up being a funk/soul/R&B compilation from the 70s.


Blasted some Hues Corporation, Rock the Boat, segued into Shuggie Otis, Strawberry Letter 23, then before you know it, time to walk out to the park.

We hit Golden Gate Children’s playground first, but most of the equipment was still wet from the heavy fog from last night and there was no going down slides.

Slides is what’s half the fun of going to the park.

Swings is the other.

The boys wore themselves out and before eleven thirty a.m. were down and having their first nap of the day.

The only nap of the day.


I had my fingers crossed that a second nap for the youngest was to be happening, but alas, no, he was wound up from having a gigantic poop and there was no going back once the magic nap window had been breached.

He was wired and stayed that way until just before mom came to pick him up.

The early nap though short, was sweet.

I dropped the hoods over their little sleepy faces and made a quick dash through the Whole Foods at Haight and Stanyan.

Although I did cook up a big pot of beans with rice and chicken, I still needed some apples to get me through, and my favorite lunch side, raw carrots with humus.

I do not know what it is about this, but raw carrots with sea salt and lemon humus is like the perfect snack.


I was able to eat my raw carrots with humus and have a cup of tea before the little one woke up from his nap, and then feed him and get him changed into fresh pants before the older boy woke up and I got to repeat the process.







Push stroller.

Push swing.

Dig in sand box.


Repeat often.

Take ibuprofen from pushing stroller too exuberantly up to Buena Vista Park.

I love this park.

It is old school with bright primary colors and it’s secluded, off the beaten path, rarely used, and small, completely fenced in, the view is amazing, and, and, and, it sucks to push a double wide stroller up the last part of the hill, it is steep.

But the reward upon arriving is usually worth it.

It is frequently empty when we arrive and there are nice comfy benches for me to sit on and it’s small enough that I can actually sit down and let the boys wander on their own a little.

They can’t go too far, I can see a direct line of sight everywhere in the park space and I actually, amazing this, can sit for a minute or two.

Golden Gate Park Children’s Playground is gorgeous and fun and awesome and the boys love it, but I am constantly on, there’s so much happening, so many nooks and crannies and more than one play area, three sand boxes, two swing sets, a gigantic wave wall for amateur rock climbers, and huge expanses of lawn.

None of which is gated in.

I am on hyper alert most of the time.

Once the eldest disappeared behind the wave for a moment and when I turned he was completely out of my line of sight, I could feel the panic rise in my throat as I scooped up the little one from the sand box and galloped toward the edge of the sand box to crane my neck, and yes, there he was, right by the tortoise, but yikes.

That  is not a feeling I like to have.

No thank you.

I don’t know how often I will take them up to Buena Vista park, there is one other drawback from the hike up the hill, no bathrooms.

But today, it was perfect.

And they were happy.

And I was happy.

And if you’re happy and you know it, smile real big.


Yup, that’s what happy looks like.







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