Just Ten Minutes


No, that is not the length of time I will be having sex tonight.

Although, as my friend Thomas pointed out, sex sells, and yes, indeed, yesterday’s post about sex, that really wasn’t about sex, since I hadn’t had sex, was a big read.


There now that’s in the top of the feed on my facecrack page let’s see how many hits it gets.

And how come if everyone’s so interested in reading about me having sex, I’m not having any?

I would assume there’s someone out there who wants to…come forward you sly devil.


I probably do not want to court that do I?

No, the ten minutes is in regards to this morning, when I woke up ten minutes before my alarm and actually got out of bed, starting my day just a few minutes early, thus making all the difference in a mellow morning, rather than a fly out the door, adrenalin driven bicycle commute up Lincoln where more than one car driver gets the “nice move douche bag,” comment from me as they try to navigate the morning traffic commute.

Ten minutes and I was able to write out my three pages long hand without feeling rushed, I pumped up my tires on my bicycle, packed my lunch, had a really nice breakfast and actually drank my entire cup of coffee–yesterday I did not and that may have also been a party to the numerous douche bag sightings.

Today there was only one douche bag and I was not involved, although I was a witness to.

I saw a kid get hit on his skateboard at an intersection while he was crossing the street.

I will give credit where credit is due, he was on a skateboard and he was zipping along the sidewalk about to cross a street without slowing down to see if maybe there was traffic coming, which there was, and the car’s fault?

Not coming to a complete stop at the intersection, rolling forward through the cross walk to edge out into traffic on Lincoln.


Knocked the kid right of the board.

I was a little shocked, as the skateboard went flying, but the kid dusted himself off, jumped up, slapped the car hood, “slow down dude!” and got back on his board.

I hollered out, “are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m straight,” and off he went.

I think often that could be me, not on a skateboard, it’s been a while since I have hopped abroad a board, but, on my bicycle.

This is why I am such a defensive rider.

I am slow, but I am safe.

And today I did not feel pushed to crank it out, my legs seem to have gotten back into the groove and I even took the boys up to Buena Vista park again this morning to play.  The hill is steep that last bit, but the view, oh so nice, the Golden Gate Bridge, the rolling hills of San Francisco, the bell towers at UCSF, the hills of Marin sparkling, just gorgeous.

I could have stayed there all morning, but there was a neighboring child care facility that overran the park on a field trip and the kids were too old and rambunctious for me to wrangle the boys around.  I packed them up instead and enjoyed a leisurely, down hill, stroll back to the house.

And now I am in another house, yet up another hill, now in the Castro.

I agreed to watch one of my charges while his folks went on a date night.

Tomorrow I still have to get up early and I have to be moving by 7 a.m., but I am with my little Thursday girl and she always takes a good nap and I figure, I might too.   I won’t be here too late tonight, just 10p.m. or so.  It makes a long day, thirteen hours, but fortunately, I wore the little guy out with lots of park trips and walks and dancing and he is already asleep in bed.

Thus me writing my blog this early in the evening.

I did not want to get on my bike at 10p.m. ride the half hour back home and then put out my blog, I could have, but that would put me way out time wise and though I don’t mind missing an hour of sleep on a school night, I would miss two hours.

A very early evening blog.

I don’t know that anything über exciting would happen between now and ten thirty p.m. anyhow, I mean, my blog is usually a run down on my day and I don’t know how interesting a blog about Netflix surfing and reading the new Alice Nutting novel would be.

Then again, you never know.

I feel like sometimes I am the MacGiver of blogs.

Give me duct tape, a cheese stick, and a bag of tea and I can write a blog of a 1,000 words or more.

Don’t ask what the duct tape is for.

The cheese stick and tea is obviously a snack.


I just realized I should have brought the motorcycle guidebook from the DMV with me and done some reading, but I have plenty of time to study before Tuesday.

Like the good procrastinator I am I will wait until that morning.

No, actually, I don’t know that I will.

I really want to have it done the first go round.

I want to be riding my scooter next weekend.

How good that sounds.

Hell, if getting up just ten minutes early helped me that much today, I could replicate that all week and have a plethora of extra study time.  I will bring the booklet tomorrow to my gig in the NOPA.  I don’t have to read it the entire time my charge naps, but I can get into it for a half hour.  I bet a half hour each day until the test next week will more than prepare me for it.

I am ready to get those wheels under me.

Yes I am.

Just think what I could do with the extra time that it’s going to save my commute.

My God.

I could rule the world.

OR maybe.

Just sleep in a little.

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