All the Animals


Today I just had one monkey and with that in mind I asked mom for a permission slip to go on a field trip.

Academy of Sciences here we come!

I really did ask for a signed permission slip.

That’s the policy at the Academy in regards to nannies and caretakers. If you go with your charge and the family membership with a note from the parent and the signature matches the card and the family member states your full name, upon showing your id saying that you are said person, you get in free.

That’s a lot of freaking effort to pull the wool over someone’s eyes, but apparently they used to have a lot of problems with people sharing the membership.

I don’t know what the cost to go is, I cannot remember the last time I paid to get in it.

As a practicing nanny I go lots of places with the kids and don’t pay my way in, the family covers the cost, or if I do pay out-of-pocket, I get reimbursed.

Discovery Museum.


Carousel in  Golden Gate Park

Maritime Museum.

Randall Museum is free, but gone there lots too.

Little Farm.

Redwood Steam Trains.

Definitely done that.

Don’t forget I also dated the grandson of the original engineer who built the train tracks up in the Berkeley hills.

Nannies need loving too.

So, today’s adventure was off to see the fishes and the snakes and the frogs.

The python’s, not my favorite to visit, but they had my charge spell-bound.

On a normal day I take loads of photographs of my charges and send them willy-nilly through the air to the parents phones via text.

Not so much today.

The lighting in the Academy sucks for photos.

Flashes are useless in the underground aquarium and reflect off the curved walls of glass. Plus, the light is super low and back-lit and my charge, though definitely enjoying himself was super serious in regards to his watching the fish.

At one point we were in the underground part where there is a tunnel that you can go below the aquarium and be surrounded by fish and turtles and all manner of creatures paddling about, and he just sat in my lap and watched.

It really was pretty amazing.

In fact, I saw two fish playing together.

I never thought about that before, playful fish, but they really were, they were having a good time chasing each other around. I could almost imagine them having a goofy little conversation.

The Academy was far busier than I thought it would be, and then I realized it was probably Spring Break. There were too many big groups of kids and they weren’t tourists, they seemed kids on vacation with mom and dad and maybe a daycare or two had a group.

But a lot of kids were running around.

Poking fingers here and there, slapping the glass to get the attention of a penguin, the penguin exhibit was a lot of fun today for my charge, though.

One of the penguins was paddling close to the aquarium wall and was following us back and forth as we were walking. It was close to lunchtime and I suspect he was thinking I was bringing him some food.

But it was close to lunch time and we needed to go, so off we went, reversing our travels from the Academy in the park, through the park, back out to Stanyan and yup, there he goes, with his little paw stuck in his bag of snacks, a sleep.

And then it happened.

The most illusive of all animals showed his face.

The nap Unicorn.

You don’t believe me do you, but there is such a thing.

It is a magical beast that bestows nannies with the gift of a quiet sit down lunch without a charge underfoot. You don’t need to be a virgin to be gifted by the nap Unicorn, he will bring you things with no strings attached, like the New York Times Sunday Magazine supplement, and after lunch cups of tea, and quiet.

Glorious quiet.

The nap Unicorn brought me an undisturbed three-hour nap.


The last time I was visited by this mythical beast was the first day I had with my Thursday girl, who immediately endeared herself to me for taking such a gigantic nap on our first day together.

This charge today has never taken a three-hour nap with me.

I have heard that he will and has for his parents on a rare occasion, but never for the nanny.

Often it is because his little companion that I also have a share with is not a big napper, 45 minutes, twice day if I am lucky. And they don’t often overlap with my other little boys nap schedule.

Today, said short napping charge was on vacation with his family.

So, I had only one charge and one very long nap.

Oh glory.

It was lovely.

Though I will admit that after two hours I start to be on pins and needles anticipating when the wake up would happen. I had his lunch ready to go an hour before he was up.

In fact, I actually went and checked on him to see if he was still asleep.

I mean, I totally believe in the nap unicorn, but I still had to see for myself that it was true.

Although, now that I am thinking about it, one should never look the Nap Unicorn in the mouth, take the gift and don’t question it whatsoever.

I mean, I even read through the entire April issue of 7×7 as well as the New York Magazine and the entertainment section of the Sunday portion of the newspaper.

What a nice Monday.

Then I got done and got to see a lovely friend and confirm some dance plans for next Friday.

Monday, you are not always this nice an animal.

We need to meet like this more often.

Glad to have met your illusive acquaintance.


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