Rainbow Redux


Let me count the ways I love thee.

Bulk spices.


Bulk oatmeal.


Favorite lotion that no other store in  San Francisco carries.


Pacifica Candles.


Run in with ex-boyfriend who works at Rainbow.


“You know,” he said to me today in the tea aisle, I get updates when you come in the store, ‘Carmen was here’.”

I smiled.

It’s good to go noticed and it’s good to be noticed and it’s always best to look better than you did when you were dating someone.

Although at the time I certainly was not unattractive, I was just a bit heavier and I was also going through a really challenging time in my life having just lost a best friend in a freak accident.

I also will always fondly recall this relationship, because though it was not one that lasted very long, a few months, he did say one of the sweetest things to me that a man ever said and then acted on it in the way that I wish more men would.

I was sitting perched up on an exercise machine he had in the kitchen of his place–it was like a horse without the horse, a mechanical saddle–and he was making me a cup of tea.

Side bar, I still find it hysterical that our first date I offered him some tepid, stale, luke warm, peppermint tea that I pilfered from a room-mate, I did not have any tea in the house.

He’s the tea buyer at Rainbow.

He’s a large part of the reason I have learned so much about tea and have a lot of it at my house, not as much as he did, oh no, but I got turned on to tea in a way I never would have thought.

Anyway, so I am in his kitchen and he’s making me Matcha, like the real deal, green powder, whisking it, the whole nine, and he looks at me and cocks his head.

“You have no idea how beautiful you are, do you?” He asked me, setting down the bowl of tea.

I smiled, shy, “I uh, no, I guess not.”

He crossed the kitchen in three strides and smashed me up against the wall and kissed me until I thought I was going to become part of the wall supporting me.

It was pretty awesome.

He has a girl friend now, and never fails to mention it, but I still get a great big hug and an appreciative look over.

Makes a girl feel attractive.

And I was at Rainbow.

Which I have missed shopping at.

I could have been grocery shopping there, I suppose, but it’s quite the haul from my place at 46th and Judah to Rainbow, which is in the SOMA at 14th and Folsom.  The few times I did make the trek on my bike it was just too much.

But now, enter the scooter, and enter my confidence going up and yes, I made it to the mecca that is Rainbow.

It can still be overwhelming and I suppose there are some that say the customers are smug or entitled or hippies or I don’t know and I don’t care.  I just know that they carry pumpkin pie spice in bulk and good organic nutmeg and cinnamon, that they carry California Naturals body lotion and it’s 98% organic and my favorite scent was in stock–Coconut Tangerine–and the oatmeal, which I eat every day, is the cheapest bulk organic oatmeal in the city, was there for the taking.

I had done the majority of my grocery shopping earlier.

In fact, I suppose one could say that all I did today was grocery shop.

I went to Safeway, Other Avenues, Noriega Produce, and Rainbow.

I am in possession of the kind of refrigerator that I want to show off to my friends, I want to take pictures of all the goodness therein.

I want to gloat over my home-made soup that I canned and froze for the week.

Because after all that shopping, I made soup to have for my meals at work for the majority of the week.

This weeks soup is a yellow split pea with chicken, onions, garlic, Pattapan yellow squash, asparagus, and golden chard.  I seasoned it with turmeric, Spike, garlic, sea salt, black pepper, olive oil, nutmeg, just a pinch, pumpkin pie spice (the nutmeg and the pumpkin pie spice were added to round off the almost dirty taste of the chard–it was a really pungent earthy chard with a whisper of sweetness) and adobo.  I also made my stand by pot of brown rice while it was simmering.

I also have a mound of organic fruit as well on the counter, mangos, bananas, apples, and pears.

I am set for the week and ready to go.

I like being a good little housewife to myself.

I like practicing good self-care.

I like that my sheets are fresh and clean on my bed, the laundry is done, and I took a nice hot shower today.


Short hand for self-care.

I rode my bicycle too.

I don’t think that I need to scooter to the grocery stores in the neighborhood, they are close enough to bike too, and the exercise was good.

I knew I was eventually headed to Church and Market though and when I realized that I had the spare time to do it, I did make the decision to go to Rainbow.

The scooter is slowly opening up the city to me and I am getting better at it.

I will ride it a lot this week since I am up in the Castro four days of my work week.

Thursday I shall ride the velo, no where to park the scooter all day, but the rest of the time, I shall Vespa it up.

And in my saddle bag, er, my messenger bag, I shall have homemade soup and organic apples.

Because that’s how I roll.


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