Fastest Bike Ride Ever



Ever, ever.

Like stupid fast.

Like slow down kid, yeah, no body likes being late, but nobody wants a dead nanny either.

I rode my bicycle to work today.

That was not the plan.

The plan was get up, have a leisurely morning, eat a nice breakfast, take it easy, because I am taking the scooter to work and since I did it last week on Friday and have ridden all weekend, I am ready to do this.


My scooter would not start this morning.

I don’t know why.

I tried and tried.

Then I gave up.

I suspect a couple of things, and I am trying to get a hold of the friend who sold it to me to get some clarity, but I think perhaps I flooded the tank?

I don’t know.

It was fifteen minutes of trying to kick-start it and it was not happening.

Three minutes before the last possible seconds to make it to work on time via my velo, I tried one more time and got nothing.

Except sweaty from the exertion of trying to kick-start it with layers on.

I ran back into the house, grabbed a bandana from the closet (oh I knew I was going to be sweating on my way in, I already was and I wasn’t even on my bike), tied it around my wrist, stripped off my coat and jean jacket, bundled them into my messenger bag, brought the scooter back into its spot, and hustled to my bike.

I had exactly a half hour to get to where I needed.

And I made it in exactly a half hour.

Did I run some red lights?


But did I run all of them?


I didn’t do anything stupid and I was cautious, but I was fast and I got to where I needed to get in the Castro by 9:30a.m.

I was uncertain I was going to make it when I was at 19th and Lincoln, I had a moment of thinking I should send a text, but I knew in my gut I had it in me.

I was going to ride down Fell Street and skip the bicycle path through the Pan Handle, but that actually felt wrong.

Listening to my gut, I took the longer way through and I am relieved that I did, I trust what my gut tells me and I trusted this morning that I would get there on time.

Sweaty and out of breath.

But on time.

I am pretty sure there’s a very simple, reasonable explanation for what happened with the scooter and I am not worried.

It was a day like that.

I am not worried.

I am taken care of.

It’s all going to be alright.

I am taken care of.

And I am.

I feel like I got a lot of clarity today and I am grateful for that.

And for being alive, I really did push myself on my bicycle.

I will get up in the morning and see about starting the scooter.

I didn’t feel like it when I got back to the house tonight, the wind is blowing so fierce that I was disinclined to even take it out in front of the house and try.

I will wait until morning and if I can’t get it started, I will ride my bike to work again, it’s nice to have options.

I will just budget in a little more time for myself so that I don’t have to ride in an insane manner to get there.

And it was a grand day at work.

My littlest charge is now really walking and it is a new adventure.

He also was a dream.

Ate well.

Played well with other kids at the park.

Was super affectionate with me.

And had a second nap.

One of the longest he’s ever taken for me—an hour and twenty minutes—and guess what?

I had a nap too.

I was just going to do a meditation, but uh, I fell asleep sitting on the couch.

I snuck in twenty minutes of meditation and probably twenty minutes of nap.

It was lovely.

I got lots of exercise—pushing the stroller up and down the hills of the Castro.

I had a great cup of coffee—got my Philz fix on.

I sent of my mom her Mother’s Day present—two books and a pound of Philz coffee, which she loves (the last time she visited me in San Francisco I took her to Philz and she fell in love with the coffee) and that felt nice to do.

I like sending presents out into the world.

I went to Cliff’s Variety with the monkey and bought myself some stickers too and window shopped; I saw a really great key safe that I think I will go back and get when I get paid on Friday.

Then I rode the bike up and over the hills after work and was grateful that I wasn’t on my scooter.

The wind was terrific.

I don’t know how comfortable a ride home that would have been with the gusts on my Vespa.

It’s different for me on the bicycle, I know it’s gusty, but I can handle it, on the scooter it would have been more challenging.

The few times I have ridden when it was windy were a little harder than I thought and both those times it was nothing like the wind that was blowing tonight.

My back door is banging around and the wind is slamming through the house—the door to the front of my studio is rattling too.

Not perhaps the night to be riding home as an amateur scooter rider.

Always taken care of.

Rejection is protection.

Lest I should forget.

Sometimes I think I really want something or someone or a certain situation to happen and when I don’t get it I am sad, but then I realize that if it was supposed to happen, it would.

Rejection is my protection.

I was protected today.

I suspect I will be tomorrow as well.

Grateful for the perspective to see that.

Over the moon, actually.

Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be.

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