You Always Land On Your Feet

A friend said to me yesterday when she called to chat and catch up and I let her know that I was losing my full-time employment with one of my charges.

She’s right.

I do.

I am like a cat with 19 lives.

So, despite the news coming as a bit of a shock yesterday, I am feeling ok about it today and I got to have a really sweet day with the little guy and my girl Thursday.

There was much giggling, story telling, chasing through the grass, eating of bunnies (Cheddar Bunnies, people, please), singing, I recorded them doing if “You’re Happy and You know it,” and sent it off to the folks.

One mom responded how she loved that I said, without dropping a beat, as one of them started to meander, “hey where are you going,” and continued with the song.

My life seems to be like that, a curve ball, a momentary, hey where the hell is this going, then back to the song, back to the refrain, back to the day and what is in front of me and what can I do about it.

I put it out to the interwebs in a very soft way last night and got a plethora of response, it looks like I even have an interview next week, I don’t have to worry and I know I will find work and I know I am a great nanny and it’s all good.

I took that today and ran with it.

Cleaned the house where I work, took out the compost and the diaper pail, tidied, and made sure the monkeys were safe and snuggled and loved.

This is not to say that I didn’t hazard the occasional thought of, I don’t want to be doing this–this being the finding of new families to work for, but I know that I do land on my feet and that, unlike when I was in Paris, my options here are really quite vast.

And it’s super sweet to know that my families will vouch for me and that I have great references and that there are so many little people in my life that I get to engage with.

I also know that I get to choose how this happens.

I have been given a lot of notice and I will be working full on until September 2nd or 3rd, a few days off from the burning thing in the desert, a quick dash out to New York to see my friends and have that New York experience, then back to San Francisco and nanny nation.

I am covered the following week as well, up until the 15th is the way I see it.

The family that is putting their son into pre-school is going to leave me with that last week paid as a kind of severance and I am super appreciative of that.  My little girl Thursday will be acclimating into her pre-school as well and the mom asked for a few half days to help with that adjustment.

Then the little guy in Cole Valley will have me for a few days too.

I am not certain how that will pan out, they only need me two and half days a week after the event until Mom’s contract ends, the way I see it, I need to source and find families before that happens.

I am not a fan of the process of finding the next set of families, I want to do a share, that makes the most sense financially for me and ends up being a great way for the kids to socialize, but I have done it enough now that I know the process won’t be that hazardous.

The main thing is that I will be off to Burning Man two weeks from today, or tomorrow to be technical.

I will work full time hours up to Thursday the 14th of August with my full complement of kids, then go to the family in Cole Valley, do an evening shift, spend the night, and leave with them Friday to head to the playa.

I will be effectively unavailable to meet anyone from the 14th of August until the 8th of September.

That’s a big chunk of time to be out of the loop, although I do have internet access out there, so I can e-mail prospective families.

However, like my friend said, like my experience has shown me, I land on my feet and things happen, if they don’t happen by the time I leave for the event it doesn’t mean that they won’t, it just means the Universe has something better for me up its sleeve.

I really am not worried.

A darling friend also pointed out to me, “you were out of work for a month with your ankle and you were perfectly taken care of, what makes you think you wouldn’t be now?”

Uh, exactly.

I am taken care of.

That is not an excuse to shirk the work, I still have to show up for it and I am pretty open to it all.  My first focus will be on finding a nanny share, full-time, benefits, 10 days PTO, paid holidays, I know what the market rates are and I know what to ask for.

I am holding out for the best scenario for myself, I have to like the family and I am not taking just anything that comes along because I am in fear.

For the first time in a long time, in regards to this particular task, I find myself not afraid and I am going to use that to my benefit to find the best fit for me.

That way, everybody is happy.

Happy nanny equals happy children.

At least in my experience, and I dare say, I have some.

I am excited about the future, I am.

The best is yet to come.


I get to go to Burning Man.



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