Counting My Eggs


And no.

That is not a metaphor.

I am not referencing anything.

I am not putting a cart before a horse, eggs in a basket, two in the bush, one in the hand, sort of deal.

I was literally counting my eggs.

I wanted to figure out what my grocery needs are as I head into the home stretch before traveling out to that big dust bowl in the mountains.

I have a hard-boiled egg with my breakfast and I have been counting them down as I have breakfast, which sort of makes me laugh when I am prepping myself in the morning, but it really got ramped up today when I arrived at work and we started the counting down of the days.

We leave in ten days.

Which seems like forever and yet, not enough time.

The mom and I discussing what needs to go where in our schedules.

I have been covering some extra Fridays for her as she winds her way into the homestretch of craziness and the dad does the same, both parents have big, big, big jobs out there.

Not that any job out there isn’t a big job, it’s a big job just getting out there.

I chatted with a friend today trying to negotiate the way in and out.

So many options.

Early arrival.

Early leaving.

That’s the consensus of most of my friends that go, get there early and leave there early, avoid the traffic and lines both ways if at all possible.

Or get there early and leave late.

Which is what I will be doing.

I will be on playa 9 days before the event even starts.

My time on playa looks to be 19 days this year.

Not my longest stint, that was last year at 22 days, but damn skippy close.

It’s a lot of time to be gone, a lot of time to be in those kind of conditions and a lot of planning and organizing that needs addressing.

Sometimes it can feel like too much.

Like, Jesus, it’s always Burning Man, I am always getting my stuff together or out of storage or back into storage or can you bring that bin over to my friend’s house so they can load it into a container that may or may not be where I hope it will be when I arrive.

Thankfully, I don’t have to negotiate that sort of thing.

But I do timing.

I have my schedule pretty set for the rest of the countdown.

I will finish out this week of work and do my standard commitments and meet ups and get to here at this time for coffee/tea/check in with this that and the other person.

In addition to, I have an appointment to see the ophthalmologist on Saturday after I do my normal Tart to Tart session at 12:15p.m.  The last time I will see that lady until well after September is in session, then off to the eye doc to get fitted with contacts.

I have worn them before and decided it will really be a nicer experience for me on playa to not have to worry about glasses.

I will bring them, but I am going to get two weeks worth of disposable contacts to have out there which will just be so much nicer than always having to wipe off the dust from my frames and also I can wear sunglasses and my goggles without having to worry about not being able to see.

It was tricky negotiating my glasses last year and I prefer to go back to my eyeglass free state that I have had for all my other Burning Man adventures.

Hard to believe that this is number 8 for me.


I do have the packing down to a science though, and my footprint is small, so it won’t take long to get it all together.

The trick is to get it all to my employers house while working the full week next week and doing the overnight on Thursday.

The mom and I hashed it out this morning and it looks like what I will do is scoot from my NOPA gig back to Cole Valley next Thursday, pick up mom’s car, drive it out to my place, load my stuff up, then drive back to Cole Valley and nanny for the mom and dad starting at 7p.m. until probably midnight.

Spend the night, load up my stuff in the morning into the camper, I will be in the Bambi Airstream again, and head out late morning, early afternoon.

The hope is, for me, and I think for the mom too, that we can get on the road around the time he goes down for his nap.

The nap has varied from 11 a.m. to noon to 12:30p.m. over the last few weeks, so sometime around then, get on the road and let him sack it out for the first two to three hours of the road trip.

It will be perfect to be able to do everything Thursday instead of Wednesday as we had previously discussed, then I won’t have to live out of my messenger bag for a day and a half, I’ll just be able to pack an overnight bag, which also translate to my overnight in Reno with the family.

We’ll stay in Reno the night of the fifteenth, get up, do a last-minute run on Whole Foods in Reno, then hit the road and be into the event just as the afternoon heat is breaking.

That’s the plan anyhow.


It’s a lot of detailed stuff, but it’s also a joy, a deep abiding love for this strange event with its incomprehensible depths of art, culture, music, principles, and community, a love of family, this strange, wild, wonderful group of people who have embraced me, the playa nanny, and continue to support and help me as I them.

I have a community and a fellowship that I will never be without, can’t ever be without.

But I also have Burning Man.

And that just puts the cherry on my sundae.

A very dusty sundae.

But one I enjoy with immense gratitude.

Here we go folks.

T-minus ten days and counting.



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