And I Got A Job!


With people who you would think I would know.

I mean.

We know so many of the same people it was kind of spooky.

But spooky in a really wonderful, awesome kind of way.

They are friends with the folks of my first infamous nanny share–Reno and the Junebug.

They are friends with my darling friends in the Mission over yonder and they are Burning Man people.

Thank you Universe for Burning Man people.

“I can’t believe we haven’t met you before,” the mom said, shaking her head a little in disbelief.

I didn’t even need to send them my references–they had just gotten back from a family vacation with my personal reference, and they knew both sets of parents from my first share.

It felt like family right off the bat.

Loads of books, music, art, a big rambling flat in the Lower Haight.

And a scrumptious bunny rabbit with the cutest little toes ever.

I wanted to munch them.

There is just something divine about baby toes, especially baby girl toes, oomph, such sweet goodness.

The eyes, big, blue, saucers of curiosity, and her big dazzling smile, won me right over.

They understand about me going to Burning Man, since all of the aforementioned folks, them included, are Burners, they even had my favoriteĀ poster up on their kitchen wall–the one from the Metropolis themed Burning Man.

Love that poster.

The location, pretty damn perfect too–close to Duboce Park, the Alamo Square Park, and not to far out from the Kids Kingdom park in the Pan Handle.

Plus, I already know how long it takes to ride my bike to that neighborhood–about 25 minutes–from my house, although it may take a bit longer since it’s been two months since I have been on my bike.

I can only imagine that my legs are going to be screaming the first week I get back on my one speed again.

The only drawback, and it’s not even a drawback, is that they don’t have another family to do a share with and a share is what they want and what I want.

I make more money.

The family gets a financial break.

I also find that a share is better for socializing the kids and it’s more fun too.

Then the not a drawback, drawback, dawns on me as an opportunity to be a benefit to my current little boy in Cole Valley.

I threw it out there as a suggestion that we could all work together until they found a suitable share.

My little guy in Cole Valley is 2 and a half and the family I met with last night want, and I do too, a share with a child more her age, which is just shy of one.

The mom in Cole Valley has a contract with the organization until October.

I posited that perhaps we could all do a share together until her contract ends and that will give my new family a chance to take the next few months to find an appropriate fit for their little girl.

“We also want to make sure that you like the family!” The mom exclaimed.

Lady, I liked you on sight, but now I think I love you.

It made me feel so good to hear that they would be taking my needs into consideration and that they really respected me as a nanny.

Plus, the mom gave me the best compliment when I told her what had happened with my littlest guy getting into pre-school so early.

“Well, that’s a huge compliment to you,” the mom said, “you realize you must have had a huge part of that.”

I won’t argue how much or how little, it’s not my place, and it doesn’t feel right, but I know I had some hand in it and it felt so nice to have the acknowledgement and to hear that she was expressing her frank opinion of my skills being top-notch.

I heard the respect in her voice for what I did and it made me aware of what an asset that really is, I mean, I know in my head, but it hit my heart.

She also asked, “do you want kids?”

“Sometimes, but I don’t have a partner, and I can’t imagine having a child without a partner,” then I paused and looked at her daughter who was eating a banana and going to town mashing it in her little paw, “and I have children, I am very lucky to have the children I have in my life, I will always have them.”

And then I got teary.

I laughed at myself, said something mildly self-deprecating about being emotional, but the mom waved it off, “no, no, I appreciate that so much, I love that you love what you do, it shows, and that’s what makes you great.”

Thanks mom!

Who knows how it’s all going to work out, but I do have faith that it is.

The transition for my guy in Cole Valley will happen, I will work a full-time nanny share and I will work where I need to work, the work is to be had.

I have gotten so many sweet compliments from the families I have worked for, on all sorts of social media channels and text messages, and just loads of love.

It feels pretty fucking awesome to be held in such light.

I hope to continue to deserve it.

I hope to continue doing what I do.

Giggling and signing (please, yes, no, love, banana, mama, papa, bottle, milk, drink, the always popular, “more,” stop, thank you, and my secret weapon–“toilet), and singing, and dancing and going to the park, and yes, going to Burning Man.

Who’s lucky?

This girl.

I mean.

This nanny.

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