On The Road



It’s been done.

I got out of San Francisco.

We left within a half hour of the planned leave time, which I must say I am quite impressed with.

To wrangle four adults and a toddler and all the things they need into a Bambi Airstream camper and one SUV to leave for “summer vacation” and get out within a half hour of the leave time is pretty amazing.

I don’t know that will happen on the way back, there’s all sorts of things that could happen between here and there and most of them I don’t have to worry about and I am not going to worry about.

In fact, the only thing to be thinking about at the moment is writing this blog and winding down for the night.

I just got out of the bath tub in my room on the 14th floor of The Grand Sierra Resort in Reno.

I did not go down to the spa, I actually do have a swim suit with me, but it’s packed in my bins, I wasn’t thinking I would be using it to access the pool and spa at the hotel, rather that the top is cute and would be something fun to wear on playa, ditto the bottoms.

I had my own little spa here in my room.

I filled up the bath tub and loaded it with bubbles and sat and shaved my legs with my hair heaped up on my head while listening to a compilation of music that a lover made for me when I moved to Paris playing on my laptop.

I tried to access the movies and radio and such on the cable television in the room, but it just was not going my way and well, remotes mystify me, not having had a television or electronic unit that needs a remote in over a decade, hell in over fifteen years, I decide to say  screw the hotel tv and just use my laptop.

I have everything I need on it anyway.

Downloaded a video as well while I sat in the bathtub.

I write the blog.

I make a few last-minute e-mails out to the world, then a video and an early night.

I slept alright at my employers house, but it was hard to get comfy and my brain was too excited for the journey and the doing and the going and the being on the cusp of the leaving, I did not get as much rest as I would have liked.

Tonight I will do better by myself and get to bed a little on the early side and get up and get ready for the last push to the dust bowl.

The weather is forecast in the mid to high 80s for the next week and mid 50s to 60s for the evening.

That is pretty damn good weather for out there, and the storm system has passed, no rain or hail in the near future.

Who knows what will happen closer to the event, but the weather when we land should be good.

It looks like we may actually get in a bit earlier than we thought, having left on time today from San Francisco and making really good time, we got into Reno much earlier than we did last year.

Dinner was an early affair at the all you can eat buffet, which frankly is all you can eat scary, amidst the jingle, jangle, of the casino just outside the door to the restaurant.

I did not eat all I could eat at the buffet.

I got a bit overwhelmed by it, truth be told, and went to the salad bar and had that.

Salad is safe.

Then some fruit and cottage cheese for desert.

A big glass of ice tea and I am out.

I am happy to only have the all you can eat buffet experience once a year, it usually occurs on the way in or out of Reno, with one of the families I have worked with.

Tomorrow will be the nice food at Whole Foods.

We will meet in the lobby at 8:30 a.m. check out, head to the grocery store and stock up, eat breakfast there, and then hit the road.

We may take one small detour to see the infamous turtle sculpture in Fernley.

Apparently there’s some ruckus because the sculpture has a tail that looks phallic and is disturbing to some of the citizens in the town.

Really, what’s one more penis on the way to Burning Man?

Then onward.

I just glanced out the window and saw the lights of Reno’s airport winking at me and I must say it is surreal.

Not from the standpoint of it being a hotel in Reno, but rather, that I know this hotel (and the Pepper Mill) as well as I do.

I don’t stay in hotels.

Yet, I have been in this hotel four times, same with the Pepper Mill.

I have spent more time in hotels in Reno than I have in any other city in the world.


I was talking to the mom today in the car as we were easing out over the Bay Bridge about how it seems once I am on playa, that it all becomes one event, one great big long Burning Man, that I have never left, but always been there.

There is no other travel destination for me that I have gone to as often.

I have been to LA twice.

London twice.

Miami once.

Paris three times.

New Orleans once.

Rome once.

Las Vegas once.

Black Rock City?

Seven times.

This year marks my eighth burn.

I guess it’s official.

I am a burner.

See you in the dust.



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