You Can Do Everything

She said, and hugged me.

I have no idea where that came from.

I mean none.

Perhaps it was the expression on my face as I listened or just that when some one speaks your language, they really speak your language.

She had my numbered dialed right up.

I was not even going to go.

I love that.

My best ideas always have me hanging out (aka hiding) in my own space, taking care of business, getting ready for the week.  Doing my thing to make things happen.

I forget, too often, that the point of having down time is to enjoy it, not perpetually be getting ready for the work week.

I do have a new job that I am starting tomorrow, so of course there is more to prepare.





The whole gambit.

Fortunate for me I also have a speaking engagement to keep me pre-occupied with after work.  I have a place to be and service to do.

Which is also how I show up for the new job.

How may I best be of service to the family unit?

What can I give to the situation rather than take?

I mean, yes, I will get paid, and yes there is recompense, but to go into the job asking myself what I can bring to it instead of what I can get out of it, though perhaps not a new idea, is a radical one to me time and time again.

Everything is ready to go as well.

I am ready.

Especially after taking the hour I just did to hie on over to St. Gabe’s at 41st and Ulloa.

I saw some faces I hadn’t seen in a while and got reminded of my primary purpose and grateful, just so grateful, to be starting a new chapter with new players and experiences.

“You’ve done it before,” my friend sent me a text earlier in a long line of texts back and forth regarding our experiences with travel and the leaping that is so often necessary to live this life to its fullest.

I have done it before.

And that is called faith.

I have experience, these things, they turn out, this new family will turn out too.

Not that I have any expectations of it failing miserably or anything, just some general nerves about starting with a new situation and putting my best self forward.


I took care of business today too.

I have my outfit ready for the morrow, laundry done, food prepped and prepared, groceries bought, coffee at the ready, water bottle chilling in the fridge, tires pumped up and inflated on my bicycle, bike lights recharging as I blog.


That is correct.

I am riding my bicycle to work.

Not only will I be starting the new job tomorrow, I am starting it with a bang.



Hopefully without a bang.

I don’t want a flat tire tomorrow, no thanks.


I want smooth sailing, calm morning commute hours, a steady strong wind at my back, no rain, no fog, just me and my bicycle and my messenger bag full of good homemade food for me to eat at work.

I tested out my theory of my bicycle riding ability today.

I rode first to do the grocery shopping–Noriega Produce Market–just eight blocks, round trip.

Then after I had a nice lunch at home, I rode my bicycle over to Bunny Meadow for a lovely lady’s going away party.

Bunny Meadow is in Golden Gate Park up behind the Conservatory of Flowers.

I took Lincoln Ave up to right before it becomes Oak Street and turned down the blocked off-road to ride up and around the Conservatory and through the Dahlia Garden.

Not because I wanted to look at flowers, but man, they were a riot of beauty, but because I was thinking I could cut through to the meadow.

I circled back and proceeded closer to 8th and Fulton and found the correct little road up to the meadow, which was a delightful surprise, underneath a canopy of trees, loads of picnic tables and benches and really quite secluded from the main thoroughfare.

It was an awesome bunch of people and I sat around and got caught up with folks and then played Cards Against Humanities for the first time.


I almost peed my pants a few times laughing.

I hung out for a few hours then rode my bike back through the park, exiting on Chain of Lakes, at 41st Ave then back down Lincoln Ave to 46th Ave.

The ankle held up.

I did take some ibuprofen with dinner.

I was half way to talking myself out of going out again, I did have that thing to do, that get right with God thing, but I was busy, you know, mentally preparing myself to have a freak out about tomorrow being my first day back at school.




That’s so what it feels like, first day back to school.

In the end I decided that there was only so much more prep I could do and the best thing to do would be spiritual preparation.


Back out the door and over to Saint Gabriel’s at 41st and Ulloa Avenue.

And back again.

I did it.

The bike is a go.

I do have some soreness in my ankle, but really, not too bad.  I also have a little tenderness in my arms, which makes sense, I haven’t really ridden a good distance on my bicycle in three and a half months, my arms should be tired from holding up the weight of my torso.

I suspect my quads will be a little sore tomorrow too.

But not so bad that I can’t make the bike ride.

Which is going to shave 45 minutes off the commute time for me in the morning.

It felt good to be back in the saddle and good to do all the things for me so that I can continue having all the things.

Self-care equals I can do it all.

But I don’t have to do it all overnight.

One little step at a time.

Easy does it.


In due time.


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