Slumber Party!

I am sleeping in tomorrow.

I don’t have to be at work until 2p.m.

I am working until midnight.

It’s still a long day at the end of the week and it basically shoots my Friday night in the foot, but I didn’t have plans, so I said I would help the family and let mom and dad go to a friends going away party.

I’ll get a couple of extra hours of overtime and I’ll also get a ride to and from work tomorrow via Uber or Lyft, probably Lyft since I have it on my phone.  I have a couple of friends that work for Lyft and since they handed me a couple of coupons to use it, its the ride app I have on my phone.

I think I know one person who drives for Uber too, now that I think of it.

Either way, it’ll be nice to sleep in and get a ride to work.

I am actually thinking that I may head into the Mission earlier than I need to be at work at see some folks at 23rd and Capp Street.  I haven’t been in that neck of the woods in a little while and it will be fun to catch up with folks.

I’ll catch a ride down there around noon, hang out for an hour, maybe grab some lunch, definitely a coffee, then off to work.

Which will still be plenty of work as it’s the time of day the transition happens from nap time for the youngest and pick up time from school for the eldest.

It will feel like a short day, however, since part of it will be while the boys are sleeping.

They are such cute bunnies, I can hardly stand it.

Today the oldest one told me again he loved me and tackled me with a hug and did it in front of the mom!

I felt really special, really accepted, and really lucky.

Last night when the mom and dad had friends over for dinner I was introduced as the miracle worker and “absolutely magical.”

I have to say it is really nice, super nice, to quote the youngest whose favorite superlative is “super,” to be so appreciated.

And taken care of.

Today, for instance, I headed to Walgreens during nap time and got a flu shot.

“It’s covered under my health insurance,” I told the mom, “I just have to get over to Kaiser on Geary to do it.”

“Don’t take time out of your schedule, just go over to Walgreens and we’ll pay for it.”

Thank you!

So, now I am immunized for influenza and I didn’t have to travel half way across town on my day off to take care of it.


Tomorrow marks four weeks since I started and I can say that I am thrilled to be working for the family and the feeling seems mutual.

It’s a hard job, I won’t say that it isn’t, but I am so well compensated for my efforts and I adore the boys so much and really like the parents, that it works.  If I was doing this amount of work for another family that didn’t treat me as well or compensate with all the extras that have been put out so generously on the table, I would not be happy.

But as it stands.

I am happy.

There are going to be challenges and there are times when I think I won’t get it all done, but that’s ok too.  Overall, this job is working out and I am thrilled to have a stable job.

That is something too, a stable, set schedule with one family, in one house, no traveling to three different locations each week to make it work.

It is pretty ideal.

And now I can focus on getting my dating on.

No other nibbles, yes, unless you count the sweet but not ever going to bother even responding to message I got today on my OkStupid profile–he lives in South Carolina, but has family in San Francisco–I can barely fathom dating someone who live in Oakland, let alone another state.


Sometimes I wonder about dating someone who lives too far away from me here at the edge of the city.

My preference is someone in the neighborhood, with a job, recovery, big sex drive, no children, single, healthy, happy, wait, did I say in my own neighborhood?


Until I get some wheels under me.

Besides my bicycle.

I do have someone coming to look at my scooter on Saturday, although he’s never ridden a clutch before so I am a touch nervous about him actually buying, but he says he’s interested and I said I would make time for him to come over and see it.

I spoke with the mom about the scooter possibility, (the plan is to sell my Vespa and buy an automatic with the money I get from the sale) and whether I could apply and use the address at the house and get a nanny parking permit (did you know the city gives those out!), but she said, don’t worry about it, we’ll just make room for it in the garage.

Right on.

Just another reason to love my job.

Indoor scooter parking.

I do feel like the scooter issue is going to work its way out and I don’t have to worry too much about it.  If the guy wants it this Saturday, and he’s willing to buy without knowing how to ride it, then that’s his gig.

I learned.

So can someone else.

And I had a thought too, I might just take it and hang out with it at Trouble Coffee and Coconut Cafe in front where the parklet is and put a for sale sign on it.

Between all the hipsters at the coffee shop and the folks with some disposable brunch money going to Outer Lands for pricey food, somebody will want it.

I am positive.

Things are looking up.

Date for the weekend.

And sleeping in for tomorrow.

Plus, it’s pay-day!

Here’s to a very happy Friday.

I’ll certainly be well rested for it.


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