Super Sunday


Has nothing to do with any bowl, ball, or beer.

Just a lot of super sober activity.

I ran into a friend on my way down to the beach to climb the dunes and watch the last of the sunset.

I told him what I had done for the day, then flexed my muscles in a mock dance of humour.

“Look at me, I’m super sober woman.”

We both laughed.

He told me the beach was empty, but for “a smattering” of people.

I like that.


I did a smattering of things today, more so than I thought I would do.

Laundry, fresh sheets on the bed, sweeping, cleaned the bathroom, took out the compost, hung out with two separate ladies and did a lot of listening and bearing witness to.

Which in case you were wondering, can take it out of a person.

And at the same time, fill one up so much that the overflow of tears after my last lady had left caused me to pick up the phone and make some phone calls and express to each person I left messages for how much they meant to me and how grateful I was that they too had done the same service for me.

That I am not alone.

That I have a fellowship.

That I have a solution is so powerful when I stop and look at it.

The sun beamed benevolent upon my face and I sat looking at the wild flowers growing up in the cracks of pavement in the back patio, weeds, I suppose, but glowing, translucent baskets of yellow light, lanterns of joy waving in the high grass.

Then I got a hold of a dear girlfriend and committed some more details for the Atlanta trip.

My friend and I had discussed the conference back a while, but soon thereafter it didn’t look like she was going to be able to make it.

Circumstances changed and she can and I told my other friend I had made plans with, that plans had changed.

I didn’t like telling my friend that my plans had changed, but I spent time thinking over the last days what would work best for me and being with my girl friend was the best scenario for me.

And I found a place to stay!

I received a confirmation e-mail this afternoon that the bed and breakfast I looked into had a room that my girlfriend and I could share with two single beds.


And it’s within a five-mile radius of the conference center, which is lovely, since it appears that there’s really nothing at all available closer in.

In fact, I am happily surprised that the room was available.

I quickly returned the e-mail, said yes, please, I’ll take the room, and I can put down a deposit to hold it or even pay for it all up front.

Whatever it takes.

To top it off, the cherry on the bed and breakfast sundae, it’s a spiritual center in mid-town Atlanta, a sort of yoga/workshop/spirituality center.



The Self Discovery Center.


They have three rooms with either queen size or twin beds, each one has its own bath, and they provide a breakfast each day.  The grounds look gorgeous, there’s a meditation garden, mwahahaha, lots of trees, and a communal kitchen we can use (as long as we cook vegetarian meals there, though not a vegetarian I play one on tv quite well).

The cost?

$95 + $10 for any extra person.

Two lovely ladies for $105.

Which means that I’ll have a place to stay that will cost me $157.50 for three days.


That leaves me plenty of wiggle room for travel expenses, I figure I’ll Uber into the conference and back, meals out, when I feel like I want to eat some meat, haha, and lots of coffee.


There will be coffee.

I sent my friend my airline itinerary so she can match up her flight and travel times with mine.

The only drawback to the facility is that we can’t check in until 3p.m.

But, what ever.

I’ll go to the conference.

I’ll get my badge.

I will sign up for any workshops or seminars or what have you that seem interesting, I’ll take myself out to breakfast, wander the down town, maybe catch up with a friend who lives in Atlanta if he’s available, hang out in a cafe.

I am so stoked.

I am also quite stoked that I did my, yes, drum roll please.


I filed and I am done.

I got all the information I needed from my employers last year, coordinated all my forms and did the deal.

I just used Turbo Tax.

It’s the easiest thing and I already had an account set up with them.

Done and done.

Super sober Sunday then concluded with a sunset walk on the beach.

Well, in the dunes.

I didn’t actually roll all the way down to the shore, the air was getting cold and brisk and my ankle has been bothering me a little, so I took it easy and just stuck to the tops of the dunes.

My friend had been correct, there were only a smattering of folks out, mostly out in the water, the surfers catching their last sets before the sun set.

Then I came back to the house, ate a nice dinner, lit some candles and read my book for an hour while listening to some jazz and reflecting on how fortunate I am and how grateful I am for the simplicity of my life.

And the loveliness of my home.

I really do have a sweet little home.

My ducks all in a row.

Or my bunnies, I suppose.

I don’t know who won the super bowl.

But it sure feels like I did.



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