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How many words can I cram into this space?  Not a lot.  I don’t have a word count and I don’t have the ability to actually post a proper blog.  The computer is doing something wonky and annoying.  The good news is that my new MacBook Air, for which I am now broke for buying, but not in debt for purchasing–paid for it in whole, in cash, thank you very much, arrives tomorrow. Huzzah! I should be able to post a proper blog tomorrow.  Tonight.  Not so much.  I tried and it wouldn’t work and there’s only so much trying a girl can do.  In other news my STD and HIV panels came back negative, I got a very sweet call from the assistant to my doctor at Kaiser today.  I also got a stern admonishment from my doctor via e-mail.  I am severely anemic.  She is not happy.  And despite what feels like mainlining spinach and kale over the last several weeks, my levels are nowhere near normal.  So I have been directed, by the doc, to double and if my stomach can handle it, triple my iron intake.  Yikes.  I also have slightly elevated cholesterol.  No fun.  But since I don’t eat a lot of animal by products a little tweaking of my diet should do the trick.  And that’s it for the lbog.  I can’t see what I am writing anymore and it’s about to go off the rails, like my iron levels.  SHortest blog ever.  SEe you tomorrow, fingers crossed this eeven posts.

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