So Close


I can taste it.

The weekend.

Yeah, I know, tomorrow is Thursday.

But, yes, there is a Santa Claus, Virginia, I have Friday off.

If I can make it.

The week has been busy.

Family swim today again today.

At least I remembered and did not wear eyeliner, just the water proof mascara and a big smile.

I also bumped into a little talkative bean that has grown up so much in the last six and a half months, seven months, since I last saw him.

One of my former charges was there with his mom swimming and it was so good to see him and he was so sweet and talkative, he had words before, but it was like a word explosion had gone off and he was carrying on complex conversations.

He swam right up to me and I was so happily surprised to see him, it was hard to keep my attention on my current charges.

It just made my day to see him and give him some kisses and see what a beautiful little guy he is becoming.

And I took things a little easier today than the last swim day.

I knew what to expect, where we were going, to pack extra this, extra that and be ready also for a side trip to Crissy Field and a quick dig in the sand before hitting the swimming pool.

I also suspected that the problem, aside from the littlest guy’s napping being edged forward with the swimming, was the hungry.

You do not want to mess with a two-year old when they need food.

It is like unleashing a manic animal.

Which is what two and 3/4 year old boys are anyway, little animals.

With some words, most of which start with now, I want, and more.

I plied him with lots of snacks while at the beach and even though he was a little cranky after getting out of the pool, we made it home without a melt down.

The melt down did happen.

But it happened just him and I in his room while I was getting him into a diaper for nap.

And then it melted away and we snuggled, he had a spot of milk, we read a story, his eyelids so heavy I was amazed he could stay up to hear the fate of the little owl, who was also, conveniently enough, was also falling asleep.

He napped for two hours.

He could have gone longer, but it was 4 o’clock at the point that I woke him up and I knew the parents just couldn’t have the nap go longer, especially since they are heading out-of-town for a short Spring Break vacation.

Which is why I have Friday off.

I deserve Friday off.

The work has been full to overfull having the two boys at all times.

They are high energy.

“They are just full of beans today,” I laughed.

“I don’t know where they are getting the energy, they are just going and going,” the mom said, she looked like she could use a nap, it’s a long day for everyone when we do swimming.

Tomorrow I won’t have the family the whole day, they will be taking off before my day ends.

They will leave and I will stay back and organize and work on a few projects while they are hitting the road.

I was not the happiest upon hearing that projects were expected to get done, I also didn’t know the family was leaving tomorrow, I thought they were going on Friday morning.


What ever needs to be done will get done and I will have the second half of the day on my own in the house, I can listen to music, do what needs to be done, take my time and be of service to my family.

It’s a gift to get a paid day off, especially one in which I am not required to take a day off of my own vacation or sick leave.

It’s a free paid day, Friday.

And as it turns out.

It’s perfect timing.

I had some plans.

I was going to get my scooter towed out to Scooter Center and finally deal with it.

But my scooter can wait.

I got a text from a dear friend of mine and it looks like she’s going to be delivering within the next two days.

She might have her baby tomorrow.

I’ll be heading into see her on Friday and her new baby boy.

I can’t wait, I remember when she told me she was pregnant.

It’s amazing to see my friends having babies.

“I don’t know that I will have children,” I told him last night as we were catching up and talking about experiences and relationships, “but I haven’t missed out on having children in my life.”

I have gotten to experience so much from the vantage of being a nanny and getting to engage with babies and toddlers and pre-schoolers and kindergartener’s, and I think that will continue.

I don’t have to have a baby, I’ve gotten to have many of them.

And I get to meet another one on Friday.

Such a gift.



So, my scooter can wait.

I don’t know how long I’ll be with my friend and her husband and their new baby, I’m just going to leave the day to that and my commitment later in the evening at 8p.m at Our Lady of Safeway.

One more day of work.

One more day of Spring Break.

And I will be having my own little break.

I’m ready.

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