Best Date Ever


And why this blog will be short.

I am tired.

It was a six hour date.

It was fabulous and that’s all you get to know.

I didn’t blog last night or the night prior as it turns out I got a huge crop of viruses on my laptop and had to have it dealt with.

Two days, back to back of two-hour plus tech calls, but it got cleared up.

So sorry I missed blogging, I really did.

And sorry that this guy here, this wee little blog, is going to be short.

But sweet.


It was sweet.

The date.

So much so that I can’t say anything else.

Rather, only,  that I feel celebrated and astounded.

And I must keep this short, I have things that need to be done tomorrow and it is well past my bedtime.

I will catch up with all of you soon.

Until then.

May your dreams be lovely and full of goodness.

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