Hey Good Lookin’


What you got cookin’?


Back to work.

Back to doing the deal.

Back to my routine.

But joyfully so.

Heart full of love and sunshine and spice and all things nice.

I got up and took a nice hot shower and washed the travel out of my hair, though, truly, my hair longs for more travel, it does, you know; ate a lovely breakfast, drank some good coffee, and did some writing before hitting the road and heading into work.

My legs were not as sore as I feared they would be what with not riding my bicycle in over a week and I got to work quite quickly, falling back into the pattern of the traffic as though I had never left.

But I did.

And there would be flurries of memories that would whirl about my head like swallows at dusk swooping through my heart and I would find myself smiling.

“Hey, hey pretty girl!” A homeless man hollered at me.

Thanks sugar.

It’s nice to be acknowledged.

I learned a long time ago to accept a compliment when given one.

I have been complemented so much recently that I feel seen, really seen and that helps me to continue to be myself and well, maybe help some one else be seen, held, touched, heard.

We all want to be heard.

I was happy and the day was off to a good start.

I arrived at work early and stretched and posted up my photographs from this past weekend, not all of them, mind you, but quite a few, and I was pleased to see them.

I wish I had some to put here, I really did get some great shots of art at the MOCA and some fun shots of the ferris wheel out on the Santa Monica Pier, but for whatever reason, my computer is not upgrading properly with my iPhoto and I haven’t been able to download the pictures.

I will have to address this soon.

I actually have a back log of photos on my phone and I would like to have them on my computer, which also backs up to my Crash Plan support and if I should have something happen to my phone I won’t lose them.

The house at work was empty and I set about getting it ready for the return of the family who came into town about an hour and a half before I left for my Monday night commitment in the Inner Sunset.

Even without the boys I had plenty to do.

Striped both beds and washed all the linen and the boys laundry that wasn’t taken care of, cleaned out the humidifiers in both boys rooms and put them away in storage.

I cleaned out the refrigerator and washed it down.

I made a list of market stuff that needed to be bought.

I co-ordinated with the mom and went off to the corner market and then made a really big trip to BiRite.

I washed, prepped, and cleaned all the goodies I brought back and proceeded to make food for the families eminent arrival: pan roasted organic chicken breasts with garlic, sea salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, thyme, and parsley; oven roasted garlic and olive oil brushed cauliflower; sushi rice; and then I prepped all the vegetables that needed to be cut up so the mom can make her favorite beef stew in the morning in the slow cooker.

I put it all together in a couple of containers and all she has to do is dump it in the slow cooker, and voila!

Another meal for the week done.

I ran down to Anthony’s Cookies on Valencia and 25th and bought four chocolate chip cookies for dessert and to celebrate the boys placement in school for the fall.

I re-made the beds, did the compost, tidied up, tallied up my travel expenses from the Sonoma trip and had enough time to sit for a moment and drink some tea before they pulled in.

It was good to see the boys.

Really good.

They are such sweet pies.

I got hugs and the down low on all the things I missed, not that I feel like I missed anything this weekend, I feel like I did just fine, and I showed the boys all my photos from the trip.

Just like I promised them I would.

Dinner got ate.

The dog got more than her fair share.

Cookies got gobbled with milk.

I built the boys a fort using the two high chairs, a blanket, and a bunch of pillows, then happily took my leave with a message about, what are you doing later on my phone.


I’m hanging out with you, friend.

Which is why I am getting the blog done now.

We do have a tendency to get caught up in conversation and despite having talked and talked and talked over the weekend, I suspect that there might still be more to talk about.

Let the conversation begin.

I am all ears.

And blonde hair.

“Oh!  What happened to the pink?” She asked this evening.

The daily swimming in the pool in Sonoma sucked it right out of my hair, it’s very blonde right now, and to tell the truth, I think I like it better than the pink, in its own way, it’s prettier and beachy and feels sun-kissed.

Which is what my whole day felt like whenever I stopped to contemplate my life and the experiences happening around me.

Sun kissed.

I told the boys they brought the sunshine with them from Sonoma.


I suspect I may have brought a few rays of it from Los Angeles.

Just a teeny tiny bit.

Even though, haha, it rained off and on the first day I was there.

Despite the tears that fell from the sky, the sun shone through again and again.

Just like my life.

The tears may fall, happy and sad, but overall.

It’s a sunshine day.

It’s a sunshine life.

Jesus I feel like the Partridge Family here.

But it is true.

It also made me think that perhaps one day, not until after graduate school of course, I may need to go where the sun shines a little more than it does here, the fog and the grey get me down a little more than I am loathe to let on.


That’s a ways away.

And I don’t want to live in the future.

Especially when I can make it sunny at any time.

In my heart.


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