Self-Care Sabbatical


This blog is to inform you that the author of said blog needs a god damn break.

In fact, I may not write much more than this.

A. Graduate school life is intense.

B. I get to go to Burning Man earlier than I expected!

Class went late, my T-Group (Training Group) went long, processing, processing, processing.

Holy mother of God what a day I had.

And I received a response to my query of asking for additional time off.

The response was a touch on the edgier side of town, but I got the time off and I’m not going to analyze it.

I am not.


Because I analyzed my ass off today and I am hella tired.


The students, me, the entire cohort and the second years, have to all be packed and checked out of the facility by 9a.m.

Which doesn’t mean that class is done.

Oh no.

Not at all.

In fact, to celebrate it being the last day of class we are starting early.

What the fuck?



I got back from class, took a hot shower, packed my luggage, logged onto my e-mail account, responded to the mom and to my Burning Man people and came directly here.

What a little TMI?

I’m naked at the keyboard.

That’s right I packed my pjs and I don’t give a high holy fuck.

And that’s enough of my blog.

I still have to e-mails I have to send out in regards to my program and one phone call to take to arrange my pick up from here when classes end at 5 p.m. tomorrow.



It’s been.


It’s been a hella long day.

We’ll talk more tomorrow.

I promise.


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