Packed And Ready


To roll.

Not out the door and to the gate at the airport.

I wish.


Packed up and ready to roll out on my scooter in the morning to my second to last weekend of classes before the semester ends.

I pulled the liner out of the back basket and filled it up with lunch and dinner, snacks, a Mason jar of brewed coffee, and my notebooks, books, and one reader for the day tomorrow.

I am actually not going to be using my messenger bag.

No bags of stuff riding around on my back all day long.

I actually.



Packed a purse.

I sort of like it.

It feels rather adult if I do say so myself.

(Note to any one reading this blog or the last three I have posted.  I HATE the new platform that wordpress is using for the blog.  I have no idea why they continue to update the damn thing, it works fine, stop it.  And I usually get a little annoyed when they do an upgrade.  Fine version 27.0 is probably better than the last, but fuck, people, you forgot to add a spell check button on my edit page.  And I need a god damn spell check.  I am a great writer and I spell pretty damn good, but even I make mistakes and I am sick of scanning the blogs like a copy editor.  I am not a copy editor, put the fucking spell check back in the formatting box.  I don’t even know who to complain to and I have tried so many different ways to go back to the old platform.  I also like the previous one as it gives me a word count–I aim to write about 1200 or thereabouts words per blog and it’s pretty helpful to have an idea what’s going on with the word count.  Ugh.  End rant.  Dislike blog platform. Big thumbs down.  Make it right people.)

I also started up the scooter.

I realized that I may have a dead battery on my hands in the morning since I haven’t ridden it in almost two weeks.  Circumstances being what they were I just didn’t get on it.

I stayed in the neighborhood the last two weeks doing school papers and never took it out.

I should have.

I am realizing that now.

It started and it ran.

But it did die and I had to restart.

I am fairly certain that it will be fine and it just needs a good running for a little while to charge up the battery.

I’m not worried.

But I am glad I checked.

And if for some reason it doesn’t work or the battery does some how become drained over night I’m still ok.

I hop on my bicycle and go.

Then when I have the time.

Not tomorrow, obviously since I’m in school all day long.

I call the service, I have a two year warranty that includes road side assistance, and I have them come out and give it a jump.


I am sure it’s fine.

It started.

I ran it.

I’ll do the same in the morning.

And I will be riding off to school.

My first time to school on my new scooter.

Very exciting.

And exciting that the liner for my basket on my scooter fits everything I need so well.

I actually packed it all up and put it in my refridgerator!

All I have to do is carry it to the basket, plop it in, take out my helmet, put on my motorcycle jacket, pull on my gloves, and go.

I’m going to give myself the same amount of time that I would be giving myself if I was on my bicycle.

I figure better safe with a few extra minutes, take it easy in traffic, make sure it’s secure and locked when I get it parked and not panic or worry about getting to school on time.

I think that I am having a tiny bit of scooter anxiety, and it really is tiny, because of how nerve wracking it was to have the old Vespa.

I was always expecting it to conk out or do something wonky and I never felt like I could trust it.

I know logically that there is nothing wrong with my new scooter.

It has only six miles on it.

It’s brand new.

Everything is going to be just fine.


The brain it likes to manufacture misery.


I’m not worried.

It will pass and I will get used to having something that works.

Story of my life.

Trying to manage things that don’t work.

This is not the deal though and this whole scooter thing is completely a new experience.

So different than getting the Vespa.

Such a better experience.

I trust and have faith that the experience will continue to be rewarding.

I have earned it, it’s paid for in full, it’s insured, and yesterday I dropped all the paperwork in the mail for the child care parking permit.

I am above fucking board.

And I am ready to wrap up the blog for tonight.

Despite not knowing how many words it is.

Damn it.

It is time for me to mellow out.

I have an early day and a long day.

I need to be in bed by 10:30pm.

Not that I actually expect to be asleep.

But I am going to do my best to at least be in bed.

Looking forward to zipping to campus and seeing all my classmates soon!

Good night.

Sleep tight.

Don’t fret about the scooter battery dying.

I won’t !


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