Keep On


Keeping on.

I just have to keep putting one small foot in front of the other and this work is going to get done.

I had to be at work early today, the boys were off from school and so I went in a few hours before my normal start time and had a great big full day.

I normally do some school work before heading into work, but I decided to sleep instead and do the work when I got home.

Thus finishing the reading and outlining for my first of four paper projects that I will be attempting to do this weekend.

Every day has a theme.

Thursday is Human Development and the reflection paper on middle life, covering lectures, videos, handouts, article readings from the reader and the three great big chapters in the Arnett text.

5-7 pages, 1.5 spacing, 1 inch margins.

I know this shit like the back of my hand since I got docked a whole grade my first paper for not conforming to the above directions.

Who the hell uses 1.5 paragraph spacing anyway?

Isn’t it always standard to double space?

I digress.

Then Friday I have two things on the plate, one for school and one not for school but will lead me to being in the right place at the right time to facilitate the Friday project–which is my final presentation with handout, also for Human Development, on using sign language with infants and toddlers.

I am going to be downtown meeting a friend for coffee and poetry at Cafe de la Presse at 1p.m.

My benefactor for the poems that I wrote for his ARTumnal project.

He has wanted me to read them to him and we are finally, after months of trying to fit something into our mutual schedule, able to meet.

I figure coffee, maybe lunch, then over to the San Francisco public library.

Black Friday shopping?

I think not.

Black Friday will be spent in the library working on this project.

I hope to have all the six sources I need to find and dealt with by mid-late afternoon.

Then some doing the deal and then back to my hood to do more work.

I should have the presentation ready, not polished, certainly, but roughed out in a very solid way by the end of Friday.

Saturday I have a couple of things to do, folks to meet, back to back at Tart to Tart in the Inner Sunset, then later that night I will be up in Noe Valley for a meeting up at the Starbucks and a little gathering of friends at St. Phillips.

I haven’t been there in ages.

It will be nice to run into my fellows.

Since I’m meeting up with three people on Saturday I have saved that day for the “easy” assignment, the transcription of a role play therapy session from my last Therapeutic Communications class.

It’s a fifteen minute session and the last one took me about two and a half hours to transcribe.  I have to do some more work then just transcribing it, there’s a format and things I have to write about, but at the heart of it, it’s probably 75% transcription and the rest is analytic critique.

Three hours tops.

Which brings me to Sunday.

Meeting with two ladies then the Psyschedynamic paper.

This one, though not being a big paper, 3-5 pages, I have to do some more reading for and I have to nail it.  It’s a post-Freudian theory dissemination that I will probably write on Melanie Klein’s theories of projection.

But I’m not 100% sure and I have a lot of re-reading and reading for it that I need to do.  Plus, it’s Dubitzky and I will have another 45 minute phone call or face to face to discuss the paper and I really want to feel in control of the material.

And that’s my four day weekend.


I just had friends over for tea and catch up after doing the deal over in the hood and it was really good to have company and feel, just for an hour, like a human being, instead of a human “doing” and be myself and chat and let my hair down.

Aside from that interaction I don’t foresee a lot of hanging out and chilling in my near future.

But every time I feel overwhelmed by it, and it’s not so overwhelming as it’s been, I feel like I have a tiny bit of a system in place to help with the doings of the work, plus, I don’t have distractions at all this weekend.  Just me and my books.

I don’t feel left out.

And I’m not upset that for Thanksgiving I’m doing homework.


I am just super grateful to have the time to apply to the work.


I have the light at the end of the tunnel.


My dear, sweet Paris.

I know you are just around the corner and though said corner is blocked by a  stack of books and readers, I can see it just there, the surprise of the sparkle lights on the Eiffel Tower the first time I saw them at night flashing out and luring me along.


God gave me the best carrot ever to get through the final push of my first semester in graduate school.

That is a lovely sentence to write.

My final push.

Which is not exactly my final push either.

I still have one more weekend of classes.

December 10th, 11th, and 12th, I will be in class.

But if I get the work done this weekend  I will only have two papers to deal with before I leave.


Here’s to getting the work done and being grateful for it.

This is a gift.

I am aware.

This life.

This experience.

Getting to do this.

It’s all a gift.

One I accept with wide open arms.




So full.



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