He said and rolled over into me.

I put my face next to his.

“Close your eyes,” I whispered.

He did.

His stuffed cat was tucked under his arm and the blanket pulled up high under his chin.

He grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his little belly.

“M—-, I have to go now.”


I sighed.

I stayed a little while longer.

Homework was calling.

It is still calling.

It is calling with an insistent urgent whine like an engine that needs oil or will seize up.

I have a final project that I need to go to the library and do some work on.

I need to go to the library to check out some books.

I have done a lot of the pertinent research online, but for the class I need to have just more than internet research.

Albeit the papers I have been reading are written by psychologists at UC Davies, so not exactly something to sneeze at.


I will feel better having hard copies in my hand.

I suppose I could muddle through the project doing all the research online, that’s where the majority of my focus has been on, but I think I will be better off spending a few hours at the library picking through what they have too.

I have a busy day tomorrow.

Doing the deal at 11 a.m.

Meeting my person at 12:15p.m.

Two ladies back to back after that.

I should be finished with all that by 3p.m.

Then I figure lunch, which I may finagle my last ladybug to go to the taqueria with me instead of Tart to Tart, kill two birds with one stone.

After that I plan on taking the scooter downtown to the main public library.

I will find what I need there.

I will find more than what I need there.

And I will check out a few books and articles and take them home with me.

I may or may not do the writing bit for the project tomorrow evening.

I had sushi and movie plans but my friend has been down for the count with a nasty bug, so not certain that those plans are on.

In fact, pretty much planning on them not happening.


I won’t be getting the Christmas tree either, but I will be getting some work done.

I have a general idea, more than that really, of what I want to say.

It just needs to be polished, much more so than what it is in my head.

And organized with a handout that I can give to the class and a bibliography, done in APA format, to hand to my professor.

I suspect writing the bibliography will be the biggest pain in my ass.

The format for the project will then be an eight to ten minute presentation in front of the class.

I am good at speaking in front of folks.

I have been since sixth grade and taking a public speaking class.

I was extraordinarily surprised by how well I did.

I was anxious.

I remember that well, before my first presentation, but I was also able to somehow harness that feeling and use it to power through the topic.

I remember also that I got creative with the topic and did it on pencils and graphite.

I hadn’t known what to talk about and was chewing on a pencil in the library when I recalled the myth of chewing on pencil lead.

Next thing you know, I have a topic, I get up in front of the class, I say some stuff, I talk out of my ass, and I got an A.

In fact.

I got the highest score of the class.

I was shocked.

I don’t know what it is exactly, but public speaking is not too big a deal and for that I am grateful.

I don’t expect that it will be too big a deal for the class either.

It’s more like I said, being polished and presenting the information well.

I am a perfectionist after all.

I also made a huge intuitive leap today while I was reading the last (the last!) article in my Human Development class.

I won’t bore you with the theory other than to say that I was very happy to make the intellectual leap and to have one source completely knocked out of the way.

I mean.

Thank you Jeebus.

And let me for a moment go back to that part about reading the LAST article in the Human Development reader today.

Oh what a nice feeling that was.

Especially before embarking on a ten hour work shift.

I’m at 9.5 hours currently.


I’m blogging from work, the boys are sleeping.

The mice are creeping.

And the clock is ticking down the hours until I am free to go home and go to work all over again tomorrow.

Uh oh.



The birthday party is going really well.

I just got requested to do another two hours.

Le sigh.

I guess I will be doing more research after all.

I can’t complain.

I can also do some reading for my other class–Therapeutic Communications.  It’s the only class I have any reading left in and not much at that.

I figure I will have all readings done, excluding the extraneous from doing the final project, by tonight and then all the time that I normally spend in the mornings before work reading can be devoted to practicing doing my presentation.

I also have a tiny leg up from doing debate and forensic in high school–regular and French.



I also probably speak in front of a group of people about once a month for 15-20 minutes, I’m fine doing that, last time I spoke it was in front of 100 plus.

I’m not worried.

It’s just having the research lined up and the bibliography done.

Some bullet points and a few rounds of practice, I’ll time myself to make sure I don’t go over, and voila!

One more project done before I go to Paris.

The count down is so on.

T-minus 17 days and counting.

I’ll keep you posted about the progress on the project.

Happy weekend!

I’ll see you at the library.

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