What’s up?

I was waiting for the Uber to come and grab me–I left the bicycle at the work place over the weekend since they had me work late on Friday.

It was a friend from the neighborhood going my way.

I cancelled the car and hopped in.

It was a lovely surprise.

I forget that when I really need people, they will be there for me, even when I am not expecting them.

I get these little God shots when I am overwhelmed and I suddenly run into someone who I haven’t seen in awhile or I look up and someone across the street is smiling and I am just reborn.

The ride and the company were a great way to start my day.

A day that had started hours earlier, three or so, with a nice bit of quiet time, then breakfast, coffee, and reading for school.


I do have some this week, but it’s to review and skim.

I have the big stuff done.

I left my final project presentation alone.

I did not want to look at it again.

I gave myself a day of rest.

I did not slough the work though, I read one chapter in a book very thoroughly and then skimmed a second.

I checked my syllabus on line and discovered my readers and syllabi are up on the site.


That was fast.

I could go buy my readers tomorrow.

I am not going to though.

I am spending my hard earned money elsewhere at this time.

One of the perks of my friend picking me up was that I got to work a half hour early and was able to swing into a shop around the corner and get the rest of my mom’s, sister’s, and youngest niece’s Christmas presents.

That felt really nice to do and I wrapped them tonight when I got home from doing the deal.

I had fun.

I also hung my first Christmas card on a curled piece of evergreen twine with a wooden clothes pin.


I’m like that.

I’ve pretty much finished my Christmas cards.

I did them this weekend when I was taking study breaks.

I had a couple more to do this evening and wrote them out as well.

I love Christmas.

There really is just something so god awful special about it.

I love the lights and the ribbons and the boxes and bows.


The glitter.


I have glitter all over me right now.



I amuse myself.

I am unexpectedly stressed, a tiny bit, not really, it’s just, well, there is one person who I don’t know what to get.

Sort of like that person who gets for themselves everything they need or want and I just don’t know how to do it.

I mean.

I have had ideas, but nothing that says, yes!


I’m good at making food.

I thought about that.

Of course I’m not sure when I have time in the next week what with it being a school weekend and all that.

I am a bit flummoxed.

I want to do something special for this person.

They have done so much for me.

My heart hurts sometimes when I reflect on it.

To be loved and given to and to receive, to accept another’s gifts, it can be a challenge for me and I have learned a lot from this person about how to give and to receive.

I want to give back.

And I want it to be special.

That’s just how I roll.

I don’t know what it is yet, but I will when I see it.

It may not be a present, it could be an experience, maybe I make something, that is most likely what I will do.

A combination of making something and sharing an experience.

I have had an idea.

I shall keep it under my hat, it’s early in the making.

The best giving I have is to give my service.

Or share my experience and that has been a joy.

I also have had a lot of help from others in my community with help staying connected while doing this thing called grad school and I want to give back there too.

Which at the moment is showing up and doing the deal whenever and where ever I can.

The showing up is the biggest thing.

Just show up.

The rest will follow.

I will do that for school.

I will do that for work.

I will do that in my relationships.

That is really the best I can do.

“Thank you for breathing tonight!”  The woman next to me said with a radiant smile, “I forget how to breathe and when we did the meditation I could hear your breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth, it was so relaxing and helpful.”


I was of service just breathing.

Rock on.

I love that.

Sometimes just sitting in the same chair, the same place, week in and week out, is a service.

A comfort.

I want to comfort and care for and love those about me.

Even when I want those things most for myself, I realize, again and again, rather, it is in the giving of the comfort that I receive the most.

That is probably why I like Christmas so much.

It’s an excuse to give the way I really like to give.

To dress it up in brown paper wrapping and string.

Nestle it deep in tissue paper.

Curling ribbon pulled with a scissors.


Gift tags with glitter and swans.

The “x’s” and “o’s” on the package.

The stamping the red envelopes and sealing them all with a kiss and love.

I get so much from giving.

It blows open my heart.

So grateful for this life.

This year.

This Christmas.










Yes, you, always, you.

For you.

So much love.


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