Bring On The Paper



Just kidding.

Well, sort of.

I got home to my new printer!


I was not expecting to get it so fast, and I am grateful to have it, I have one class this semester that requires me to turn in papers that are actually printed in hard copy versus e-mailing to the professor.

Interestingly, the final paper is an e-mailed paper, but that’s probably because it’s due after the last weekend of classes.

The timing on my printer arriving is nice.

I was planning on writing my first paper of the semester this weekend after listening to an inventory on Sunday.

The inventory was cancelled.

And suddenly I have all day to write my paper on Sunday.

It certainly will not take the entire day.

It’s a three to five page paper.

I expect to have it done rather quick.


It’s the first class that I have that is requiring all papers to be formal in APA style.

Not looking forward to doing that bit, but I have started reviewing the reading for the paper and have a solid idea what I am going to be writing about as well as having made a few preliminary notes and marked some pages that I will probably use for quoted material from the text books for the class.

So despite the APA formatting, I do expect to have it done fairly fast and I will have a printed dry run on the paper.

I’m super grateful to have the new printer.

I won’t have to ask my employer to print anything out for me again and I like the autonomy of taking care of myself.

I also like that it was delivered to my door and I don’t have to monkey about on my scooter with it.

I had debated going to Best Buy or Office Depot to get the printer and in the end it was just so much easier to order it online from Amazon.

And, like I said, super quick.

I had another box too, in the hallway, and yes, my first pair of shoes has arrived.

My new polka dot Converse.


Which reminds me that I have been directed to be a bit frivolous with my tax return, to have some fun with it.

I’ve got a date to go down to the beach tomorrow at 12:45 p.m., sit in the sand, say some prayers, let go a few things, meet with my person, do the deal, that sort of thing.

Then a ladybug coming over to my place at 2p.m.




Free time.


I’m thinking maybe a trip to do some clothes shopping in the Haight?

A bowl of soup at the Citrus Club?

I haven’t been there in a minute.

I remember the first time I had lunch there with a friend and how I devoured a bowl of wasabi peas and had the cleanest sinuses for days.

I don’t actually get the noodle soup.

I ask them to substitute tofu for the noodles and it’s like getting a nice double hit of protein.

I should check and see if there’s any good movies out.

I got a nice weekend.

The weather is going to be good.

Close to 70!

And since it’s Super Bowl weekend I suspect that the beach won’t actually be that crowded.

I’ll need to do my standard prep stuff for the week–grocery shopping, cooking, some laundry, etc.

And a little extra since next weekend is a school weekend, I’ll need to cook a little more than I generally do.  My food prep usually lasts a week, when I’m in school I have to do an extra three days of cooking.


There is time.

There is room.

There is money, too, for frivolity.

I suspect I want to be a bit spontaneous.

Be open to surprise.

Be open to being flexible.

Perhaps it’s the Spring like weather, the trees blooming, the blossoms, the new buds, the smell of warmer weather, the sun being out just a little longer every day.

I feel very alive and ready for passion and movement and experiences.

I want to embrace newness and change.

I want to be open to things happening.

I don’t know what it is, but I do know that the old ways don’t work for me and when I am tossing in my bed, last night, an hour and a half after I had gone to bed, lights out, music off, phone off, I was still awake, still ruminating, still a rumble with thoughts, it’s time to let myself gently off the hook and try to let something else occur.

I kept finding myself going back to the same old sets of things that I do and I recognized every time that my mind drifted off that I was trying to change things that I had no control over.


Tonight when I was riding home and suddenly found myself talking it out, like talking it out loud, I knew that it was time to let it all go again and how fortuitous that I get to do just that tomorrow.

I’ll give it over to the sea.

I let it go.

Who knows.

I could pick it up again, those thoughts and doubts and circular thinking.


I think I will at least get a day of reprieve.

And that’s all that I need to live.

A daily reprieve.

The rest will happen, whatever the rest is, I get my life.

This life.

To live.

I get this life to live.

What a spectacular thing to know.

Full of light and frivolity, sexiness, fun, music, love, sunshine.

And just a little bit of glitter.

Because it’s better that way.

Trust me.


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