I Had Plans


You know what they say, God laughs at you when you make plans.

I can barely handle writing this.

It may become a complete and utterly futile example of a poorly written blog.

Ever been high and think you’re brilliant and then you just write ten, fifteen, twenty line of prose about being really, really high and then a sting of non-sensical laughter like words?


Sort of like that.


I’m not high.

But my fucking eyes are dilated.

I look like I just dropped some very, very good LSD or X.

I find this experience annoying as fuck.

God damn it.

I had things I wanted to do and I’ve been rendered pretty helpless.

I’m sort of writing this by touch.

And I’m all thumbs and I don’t know that I will be able to keep it up for very long, it’s too much on my eyes.


And I just dropped a retarded amount of money on my glasses.



Grad school how I do love thy reading ways.


I had to, and I suppose I could have said nope, thanks, I’ll just wear my regular glasses then get some readers, but I got progressives.

Which I think is a really nicely marketed way of saying.

Wait for it.


I’m OLD.

43 is not old, 43 is not old, 43 is not old.

Oh mother of God.

But after listening to my optometrist and having a really nice and rather fun time engaging with him, we talked about my job, school, his experience being an immigrant, working hard, getting ahead, I made the decision to do the progressives.

It just makes better sense.

I’m reading and writing all the time and I’m going to be in school for years to come and I might as well do the thing that is going to work best for my eyes.

$600 later.


I exaggerate.

$594.00 later.

I’ll have a “new” pair of glasses.

I am re-lensing the ones I had previous to my green frames.

I will be going back to old black frames in two weeks, then I’ll swap out my current pair and I’ll do it again.

Which won’t be $594.00 since the eye exam will have been taken out, but will still cost about $400 for my current frames.

Can you say I don’t have eye insurance coverage.


But I did know I was going to want to do this, two pairs is nice to have, I need to be wearing a pair and I’ll have the frames for a while.

And I won’t always be without eye insurance.

I also have the money from my student loan disbursement.

I did my spending plan yesterday and calculated $500 for the new glasses.

I didn’t know that I would be getting bi-focals, er, I mean “progressives” which are significantly more expensive, sigh.

Oh well.

Better to take good care of myself and know that I did not skimp on the things that will help make my life better and happier and will help me with my reading and so it costs a little bit more than I thought.

So it goes.

Grateful I have the money to spend.

Grateful that I didn’t cheap out and say no.

Grateful to be taking good care of myself.

Nobody else is going to.


I’m stuck inside for the rest of the night.

I can’t scooter anywhere and though I had some debate about where to do the deal, there’s no way I’m going back out there, not on scooter, not on my bicycle.

I want to live.

I will not be able to do any school reading and I certainly won’t be doing much more writing, just this little piece.

Maybe I’ll try and watch a video, with the lights down way low.

This would be a good time to chat on the phone with folks.

I made a few calls before attempting to get online.

I could go to bed early.

I mean, really early.

Although I’m not too tired.


My eyes are done.

See you tomorrow.




*Ps.  I can totally write, but I can’t proof, so if there’s mistakes, well, fuck it. 🙂

-Four eyes (or is it six?) signing off

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