Quick Reminder


Fuck me people.

I’m supposed to register for fall classes tomorrow.

I’m like.


Wait, I’m still doing the reading for the last weekend of classes and had a momentary lapse into panic when I realized that I have to write a paper this upcoming weekend.

You are not in the moment.

Get into the moment.

I was also meditating.

I was all, like, enough, brain.

Then of course, the gentle reminder to remember to register for classes for the fall semester.


I haven’t even met with my advisor yet.

How do people do this?

I mean.

I am doing alright.

There isn’t anything wrong and all the things come together all the time, bit, by bit, by bit.

I just can’t believe it’s time to register for the next semester.

I’m almost to the end of the first year and it’s a little surreal.

Making summer plans.

Now that I’m not going to Burning Man I do wonder what the hell is going to unfold.

I will, of course, be going to New York in May, celebrate my first year down.

I am thinking museums, markets, and Coney Island.

But it seems so far off, even though it’s only a month away, just a month.

There’s just stuff to do between now and then and I refuse to live in the future where there is not enough time and just go day by day, step by step, one moment at at time and it will all happen without my freaking out.

And maybe with squeezing in a date.

Do you want to dance, seize the mysteries, hold them in your hands.

What was supposed to be a coffee date has perhaps morphed into a going out and dancing date.

I related to the person who was connecting to me that I don’t drink and that I would prefer to meet in a cafe and it turns out he likes coffee, I mean, hello, who doesn’t? But the times to meet weren’t quite meshing and then he mentioned Friday night.

Oh hello sassy.

I haven’t been out on a proper date on a Friday night in a little while.

I could be down for that.

He mentioned that coffee that late might be crazy for both of us, perhaps something else.

I repeated I am not into going out to bars, although I will go out for shows for for dancing.

“I like to dance.”

Oh what?

Me too!


Meeting at cafe Friday night after doing the deal and if it’s a click, maybe going out dancing.

Hella tight.

Dirtybird is at the Mezzanine.

It’s been a minute since I have been in a club, I could definitely get down with some dancing and my person isn’t available to meet Saturday, which means sleeping in is a fine.

The only thing I have to do is do the deal and I want to go to yoga, but I have a lot of options and don’t have to start my day out too early.

A little dancing Friday night is sounding better and better.

And he’s cute.




Younger again.

He knows my age and is cool with it and um, he’s cute, and yeah.



I’ll get myself registered tomorrow and it won’t be a big deal.

And I’ll figure out when I’m supposed to meet with my advisor and that will be fine too.

The papers will all get written and the books read.

I have finished reading for one class and started in on a second.

I should have that reading down by the end of the week and the other classes I will be able to attend to next week before work like I did the last round of classes.

God damn.

I really am getting close to the end.

I’m flying to New York the 19th of May.

Tomorrow is the 19th of April.

One month.

I have one more month of getting it all done.

Actually, less, since I want to have all my papers submitted and turned in before I head to the Big Apple.

Fuck if I want to have any home work hanging over my head while I’m there, I certainly do not plan on taking anything with me, except sundresses and a lot of attitude and the spirit of adventure.

I almost wish I had taken more time, but I was planning Burning Man in my head when I made the request off and anyhow, I still will be using my last vacation time to cover my summer “retreat” for the beginning of the second year of study for my master’s program.

So much change is coming.

When isn’t it?

Grateful for it all.

The warm weather, the sunshine, the boys with me heading to the park.

“Carmen, I love you, I just want to hold your hand,” said the six year old as we strolled down Valencia Stree


I love you too, my dear, sweet, silly, boy.

And the youngest boy today told me that he missed me over the weekend and that he dreamt of me!

“It was a really nice dream and I missed you when I woke up and now you’re here and will you be back tomorrow, it’s not a stay at home day, you’ll be back?”

Oh, my little piece of pie.

Of course I will be back.

He was such a pumpkin.

They both were.

It was nice to see them and it helped greatly that my schedule went back to normal today and I was able to get to a yoga class this morning.

I typically do yoga on Monday mornings before I head into work and if I time it well I can even make a swoop into Rainbow and pick up a few things that I only seem to be able to find there.

I’m debating going again in the morning.

It’s not a day I do and it would mean an early rise, but it has felt really good to get back to the practice and the teacher in the mornings during the week is one of my favorite’s, so maybe.

I have my alarm set for early.

I’ll see if I can get myself into bed early enough to do it.

I like my beauty sleep.

I’m going to need it if I’m going to go out with a 32 year old on Friday!

And go dancing.

Damn Gina.

What homework?


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