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Sleep overs?

Yes please.

Last night one of my best friends from school slept over.


That’s right.

I had a girls slumber party.

There was so much talking.


I actually can’t quite believe how much we talked, and that we could have continued to talk the entire night away.

We had our last day of the school year yesterday and went out for sushi to celebrate.



So very good.

There had been previous talk about things we could do since she doesn’t live in the city, in fact commutes into the city for school from out of town.

The effort that some take just to show up is amazing.

Never fails to put me in a place of awe and humility, especially since I can bitch and moan about having to commute from the Outer Sunset to the Mission for work.

Speaking of which.

Still no response from the SFMTA in regards to replacing my parking permit for the scooter.

Boo hiss.

I sent them another e-mail this morning and rode my scooter to work anyway.

I did not, however, park on the block where I work.

Rather I found some metered parking for motorcycles on Valencia between 20th and 21st.

I paid for the whole day and left her there.

I may wait until next week to deal with going down to the SFMTA.

I have too much homework yet to tackle before I want to give up precious time in my day to go stand in line for the replacement permit.

Especially if there is any problem getting it issued.


It will get taken care of.

All in due time.

But first.

The homework.

I have it outlined in my head what I need to do and I know it will all get done.

Nothing tonight.

And that’s fine.

And nothing this morning.

Like I said we were up late chatting and talking and connecting and being “girls.”

So good.



I forgot to set my alarm!

Not a big deal, I only slept fifteen minutes past my alarm, but I feel pretty lucky that I woke up, the morning was grey and when it’s overcast and grey I don’t always wake up without the alarm.

Normally the sun will wake me up.

Not so today.

So I am super glad that I was up.

I could have slept the day away.

I was actually going back to sleep, the grey had me fooled, when a little internal voice said, just look at the time.




Looks like I forgot to turn on the alarm.




Ding dong.

My second over night slumber party has just arrived.


Wouldn’t you like to know.




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