About Me

Memoirist, poet, tattooed dragon girl, psychotherapist,  stick shift driving, mischievous, restored to sanity, sort of, Mid-West transplant living in the wilds of San Francisco.  Yes, it is foggy.

My blog is about my experiences living in San Francisco, with some flash backs to Wisconsin where I grew up, and a little side jaunt to that time I lived in Paris, working, loving, learning, and growing.

The blog began as an exercise to push myself to finish my first memoir, Baby Girl, and it became another monster entirely.  I write daily, well, I did until I started a PhD program in 2018, in a stream of conscious manner and I never know exactly what is going to come out.

It has grown and evolved just like me.

From a busgirl to a hostess, a waitress to a floor manager to a General Manager to a waitress again. From a veterinary assistant to a legal secretary to a nanny extraordinaire, to a world traveling writer, a bicycle shop girl, to an expat and back again.

From undergraduate to graduate student to PhD with my own private practice therapy business.

I have lived, and continue to strive for, a full, busy, burgeoning, amazing, outside the box life.

Welcome to the ride!

15 Responses to “About Me”

  1. JC Jones Says:

    Just a touch of snark

  2. sarah Says:

  3. Curly Miri Says:

    Great blog, such an enjoyable read. Love your tattoo’s! Look forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. Viva Violet Says:

    Hello, I’ve nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Here’s the link: http://allthosesmallthings.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/feels-like-an-oscar-nomination/

    Cheers 😀

  5. Beth Says:

    I’m an Auntie Bubba too! Just curious as to how you got your name. I’m theauntbubba.wordpress.com. 🙂

    • auntiebubba Says:

      My little sister’s first word was baba for bottle and it became bubba for me. When my oldest niece was born my sister handed her over to me and said, “meet your Auntie Bubba,” and it stuck. For good or for evil.

      • Cicely Martines Says:

        Your youngest niece’s first word was cracker and her second was Cicely. I am hiding in the bathroom listening to her singing at the top of her lungs…reading your blogs. You would like her.
        Miss you.

  6. John E Chandler Says:

    Dec 26, ’11 Tangerine Dream poem….any idea who authored that? It was in a techno song many years ago but the only search for the song turned up on your post.

  7. John Murry Says:

    Oh my god! Mildred! She was my hero. Still is. Please email me? I’ve been searching for her. I live in Ireland now, so it’s tough..

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