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Less Than 24 Hours

June 12, 2016

Since I heard the announcement.


I have booked tickets to New Orleans.

As well as.

Secured a place to stay.

I cannot believe it all fell into place so quickly.

I mean.



I dropped some dough, but I didn’t spend all the money I had earmarked for my New York trip that I had been saving for and I transferred that money from my savings account, leaving me with a little more than my standard prudent reserve of one month’s rent and utilities.


I know.

I don’t have a retirement plan.

But fuck it.

I only have this one life to live and somehow I don’t think that it would have all fallen together so beautifully if I wasn’t suppose to go.



I’m going to be with my fellows.

Unless I decide to not leave the Air BnB I rented.

Holy shit.

I mean.

I was basically had when I read the “Historic, Opulent Mansion Suite With Swimming Pool” and then I saw the photo of the HUGE claw foot bathtub and the bathroom that is probably as big as my in-law studio and I was like, book it, book it, book it!



I had to book the plane ticket.

Last night I was searching, searching, searching.

I couldn’t find what I needed and I couldn’t find what I wanted at the price I was willing to spend.

Everything for the time frame I was looking for was $700-$900.

That’s just a little rich for my pocket.

I figured.

I could go as high as $700.

Not that I wanted to, but I could.

I can.

I will if I need to.

Funny how registering for a commitment and dropping two five dollar bills into someone’s hand committed me to doing the deal and going to New Orleans.

“You could back out,” a insidious little voice said in my brain.

“Just consider it a donation to your favorite cause,” the snarky little voice continued.

Fuck off.

I love that I get to be wild and impetuous and leap once in a while on an unexpected adventure.

I have no man in my life, no children.


I have friends and commitments and doing the deal and the yoga and yes I need to do all these things, but there was no one else to consult, no one else to worry about.

The only person I had to please was me.

And I am so well pleased.

I went to bed with a dazed head, a bit of a head ache from looking over too many travel sites trying to find the best deal and I realized that nothing needed to be done that quick.

I could take the day.

I could take the morning.

I could take a breath and pause.

Make sure that my impetuous idea was actually a intuitive decision that would serve me.


I did just that.

I shut down my computer.

I set my alarm.

I had signed up for a morning yoga class.

I decided I would yoga it up, shower, have breakfast and coffee and do some writing, go meet my person, do the deal, and then look for a flight to New Orleans.

I saved the listing for the Air BnB and went to sleep.

I woke up a half hour before my alarm and was too restless to go back to sleep.

Hello brain.

Glad to see you’ve already had a double shot of espresso, mind if I make some coffee for the rest of me?

I got up, did my little morning routine, did some writing and headed off to yoga class.

It was hard.

What with my schedule change this past week I was unable to make any classes during the week, so it’d been five days since the last time I had stretched and I could feel my body was slow to warm.

My brain was also busy and I was grateful to get into my body and my breath and let it go.

I know that thinking about something constantly does not do me well.

It does not serve.


That works for me.

Not trying.

Not thinking.


So I did the yoga.

And thank fucking God.

It got me out of my head, I left feeling light and sweet and joyful.

A good hot shower, some hot breakfast and coffee and I suddenly, out of nowhere I had extra time.

Where the hell did that time come from?

I have no clue.


I felt it.


Look now.

I opened my lap top and there it was.


My ticket.



That’s still more than I would have liked to have spent, but still, not bad for a last minute purchase and moreover, it was the times I was looking for.

The deal with this being that I have work until 6p.m. Thursday the 29th of June.

The family would normally have me be working that Friday, but they will be heading out of town for the weekend and I have the Friday off.

I did not want to to fly out Friday, it would have meant losing a day of the convention I registered for, but I had not been able to find any flights that were in my price range that also left during the evening of Thursday the 30th at a time that would work for me.

I wanted to find flight that would allow me to work a full day Thursday, then basically fly a red eye to New Orleans.

Sleep on the plane.

And arrive in New Orleans on the morning of the first.

I hadn’t been able to find anything last night that would have allowed me to do so without it costing upwards of $800.

The flight I found was for 10:50p.m. evening Thursday, June 30th out of SFO.


I can work my full shift, hop on my scooter, get my stuff, and Uber to the airport without having to ask any time off from work (I’m saving the last of my vacation pay for my grad school retreat in August).

The flight arrives in New Orleans at 8:54 a.m. Friday July 1st.

Fucking perfection.

I will get in, make my way into the city, probably head to Morning Call, the 24 hour beignet cafe in City Park, that is close to where I am staying.

You know.

The opulent, historic MANSION, with swimming pool and claw foot tub and twelve foot ceilings.


I will feel like a princess.

The Air BnB also offers a bicycle with the room.

I will check in at noon, chill out, maybe go for a swim, then make my way over to the convention which is a couple of miles away.

I’ll probably ride the bike unless it’s crazy hot.


I feel like walking.

A couple of miles is a nice walk.

The event starts at 4:30p.m.

I’ll probably do the two events Friday night that are listed and then go see New Orleans all day Saturday.

Walk the Garden District.

Check out the neighborhood where I’m staying.

Dine out.

Oh jambalaya, I can taste you now.

Then do the deal in the evening.

End the day at the conference on Sunday, check out of the Air BnB and have a lunch somewhere splendid and then hit the airport.

I’ll fly back at 6:50 at night, get into SFO in the late evening, right before midnight.

And have all day the fourth of July to recuperate from my travels.

Fuck yeah.

Luckiest girl in the world.


Love my fucking life.





It’s fucking fabulous.



One Little Step

May 9, 2012

In front of the other.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I barely got anything done in the last two days.  Or so it seems.  It has just been keeping up with the general day-to-day of life.

I got to see my fellows tonight and last night. I got to do some work.  I got my laundry done, a few groceries from the land of Rainbow and I shook out the rugs.

Some times it is all I can do to just stay a float.

Then I think, good gravy, I do a lot of stuff over the course of the day.  It is not like I am sitting on my ass twiddling my thumbs.  I don’t have time to twiddle.

Or twaddle.

The best I could do with my travel plans for the past 24 hours was look at what an around the world ticket would cost me.

I am really still quite up in the air, literally, figuratively, and otherwise, as to how and where I am going to travel.  I spent some time researching cargo freight and container ships.  I have looked at maybe taking a train across country, either from here to the East Coast or vice versa.

The around the world airline ticket is sounding pretty luscious.  I would get a year to do the whole thing.  Which is pretty much what I want to do.  Go for a year.  A year feels like the right amount of time to get the travel ya yas out of my system.

It could also permanently ruin me for sitting at home, ever again, but that’s a risk I am willing to take.

A year would also give me the time I need to collect the experiences I want to write about.  I have on my plate to write-up a script for Johnny Carroll to help launch my KickStarter idea.  I have to get moving on this as my time span is limited to this summer.  If I leave in October I need the funding to come in by September.

That means that the project must launch and complete within thirty days, the optimum time frame, and then it takes 30 days for it to come in from Amazon to Paypal.  So, if I am going to do it.  I need to get a move on.  I will script writing this weekend.  I also need to source a red and white shirt.  I am going to write a spoof on Where’s Waldo?

I am torn, I feel like I need to have solid ‘I am going to go and this is how I do it’.


Say, what ever happens I am going, despite or because of getting the Kickstarter funding.

I know this much, thinking about it does me no good.  In fact, doing a lot of thinking just makes for craziness.  I confirmed again with my go to person that I won’t really be saying anything about my travel plans at work for a little while.

There is no need.

I don’t have plans per se.

I just have a date.

I just have a dream.

It’s nice to acknowledge that dream, frankly.  Even if in the acknowledgement of I have to then take some actions to step into that reality, to abandon my limited objectives to see what the Universe has in store for me.

I think that it’s an impossible dream.  I think that I don’t have enough money to do this.

But I don’t know.  I won’t know until I go.  I have a few things I can sell.  I have few real needs.

Me, my health, a group of people and some folding chairs with a cup of coffee, a clean set of clothes, a roof over the head, good food in the belly, a shower.


Just basics.

I have lived slim and I have traveled light.  I can do it again.

I can start over again.

I can let go of the few possessions I have fairly easily.

Hell, it looks like I have already been prepped.  No more nanny gigs.  No more cats. No lease.  No relationship.

A wide open space to move forward into if I just take one little step down the path.  I am going to go.  I am going to go.  I am going to go.

I am going to go to South Africa.  I am going to go to Australia.


I just like saying that–Perth.

I am going to see things that I cannot even imagine.

I am going to go to Fiji.

If I get an around the world ticket I get to choose 16 flight segments spanning the globe.  I would start out on one coast of the United States and end up on another.  I was on Star Alliance last night and got as far as figuring out that I wanted to start from New York and end in San Francisco.

I want to take a train across country, because that just sounds like stellar fun, then go see Zefrey and Mark Menke and Luis and Amanda and Kim Harmon in New York.  I want to go to the Metropolitan and Central Park.  I want to see the trees changing color, I haven’t seen an autumn colors show in a while.

Then down to South America?

Or across the Atlantic to Africa?

I mapped out a couple of different routes.  There’s a lot of things that could happen.

There’s a lot of flexibility too.  I could get to Europe and pop around with out actually using the around the world ticket as a lot of the air travel in Europe is relatively cheap anyhow.

I can move dates around a bit, there’s flexibility with the ticket.  You just have to complete your world tour within a specified time frame, generally it is a year, but you can change that too, although I think there are financial repercussions to it.

The cost comes in around three grand.  I have about $1800 in savings.

Not much.

But a start.

A little money in the bank.

A little, BIG, dream.

One little step.

One little step at a time.

My favorite saying of all time, all time–

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Here’s to that.

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