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Can I Get Off The Ride Now?

April 8, 2012

Holy crow.

Today was crazy. Crazy, I tell you.

I suspected that it was going to be nut buckets, but I had no clue.  I mean, I made it and all, but I still feel like I am on the ride.

I would like to decline another spin of the merry-go-round and just slow it down.


I walked into work and Kristin was already in the store, thank God with the door shut,   selling a bike to a customer.  It was not even eleven a.m. and the fun house had begun.

We did not sell the most bikes ever in one day, that would be ten, but we sold the second highest number of bikes in one day, eight.

I sold four bikes today and did the estimate on one that will be coming in tomorrow.

We could have perhaps done ten.  There was a couple that came in right at 7 p.m. to design a bike.  I just did not have it in me.

Two of us sold eight bikes.  Eight.

It’s a process.  The fastest I have ever walked a client through a bike build is 40 minutes.  Most bike designs take about an hour and a half.  That’s average.  Some are faster, some are slower.  Some happen over the course of a few days, they will come in, get some information, skitter out the door, play on their computer at home, then come back, get more information, and do the same thing.

I actually did a bike build and finalization on a bike that this guy has been working on for a year–he could not decide what he wanted.

That sounds funny, but actually, having had the same thing happen to me, I get it.

It is a big investment for most people.

Hell, I would not be on one of our bikes except that I work at the store.  My bike at retail would have cost $2300.  Without tax.

No way in hell.  I have never even paid that much for a car.

Then I realized that even at my costs, I still paid more for my bike than any other single purchase I have ever made–except my tattoos.

I have invested more in my art than my bike.

I once also bought a painting for eleven hundred.  But I am in the process of selling back to the artist as his wife has become attached and he’s had it in “storage” at his house since I moved to San Francisco.

So, I’m selling it back.

But, yeah, I get it, its an expensive endeavor.

Some people need to think it over.  Some people need to save up their pennies.

I still had to wait to build my bike to coincide with getting my taxes back.  I could have probably just afforded it with what was left over from my moves and damage deposits, but I would have no money in savings.  None.

Plus, there are all the colors.

My God.  Some times that is the worst.

I want to get a bike but I don’t know what colors.

You have to have an idea of the colors because every component, every one of them has a color option.  The paints for the frame, well there’s a few, just over two hundred, plus effects–glitter, metallics, glossies, matte, so over two hundred fifty options.  Then each component has color options–some not so much, white silver, black.  Some, like your grip color or chain color–you have ten options, twelve.

It’s a lot to think about.

A person can suck up so much time on a bike build if they are waffling on colors.  I want blue, but not sky blue, kind of powder blue, but with a gray edge to it.



Today I sold one bike in Bone, one in Safety Orange, one in Powder Blue, one in Matte Black, and one in Candy Apple Red transparent.

The Bone bike was the prettiest for my money, subtle and classic.  Silver and chrome components, little splashes of white, topped with Brooks leather bar tape and a Brooks Honey Saddle.  Gorgeous.

The Powder Blue is also going to look extremely cool, black rims, black spokes, silver hubs, silver and white components.

The Safety Orange is going to be drop dead gorgeous for one week, then it will look like ass.

The guy designed a really super pretty bike with all white components.  I mean all white.  White wheels, white rims, white seat, white handle bars, white grip tape.

It will pop out like nobody’s business, as the Safety Orange, think reflective orange vest traffic monitor, with all white, hella sexy.

Put it on a wall, it’s art, gorgeous.

Ride it one week and it’s going to be Safety Orange with gray wheels and gray bar tape and a gray seat.  White, just ends up going gray.  It looks so pretty, but unless you plan on washing it down every time you ride, and who does that?  You will end up with a dirty gray bike.

Not sexy.

The Candy Apple Red will look like an either really garish or super, sleek, sophisticated,  French depending on what components he decides to finalize with, it could go either way.

Candy Apple Red was my one estimate.  He’s totally going to pull the trigger, and he better after all the attention I gave him, but he’s sitting on what rims and what colors he wants.  Garish and overdone, or edited, restrained, but with a deep candy apple red with a metallic transparency overlay to give it snap and sizzle.

The black matte was a pretty standard build and fortunately I did not have to do a lot of work with it, it was an online sale.  I count this as a bike sale though because despite having the majority of components sitting in the order box, the bike builder on the website over looks things, so I had to get on the phone with him and go over what he had designed.  The phone call was then followed up by four e-mails.

Some times online orders take just as long as you have a lot of back and forth or if they change their mind about a component.

People change their minds a lot.

We made a few changes and his bike is going to be really quite sleek–flat matte black with gold components and an upgraded Velocity B43 rim in the rear, which is dead sexy.

I went from one bike build to the other to the other.  At one point Kristin and I had every single computer running a build, three laptops, the kiosk monitor, where the builds are supposed to all take place, and I had one running on the Ipad (officially popped my cherry and designed an entire bike on an Ipad–the powder blue) plus the store full of people, in the dressing room, trying on helmets, buying locks, and people out on test rides.  I never had a hot cup of tea as I never got a chance to drink the damn thing before it got cold.

I reheated it three times then just gave it up.

I think I managed to go to the bathroom once in the melee.

The kicker?

The GM back from vacation, walked in, thank god, during a lull, with his suitcases from the airport.

I love you man, but go home.

It was great timing though, had he come in during the fray it would have been a mess. Sometimes when you got the groove, you got the groove.  Kristin and I were in the groove.  Two of us, two girls, did the second highest number of bikes.

Just two.

We also left the store clean, organized, tidy.  There was no extraneous paper work floating about, all orders were put in the build box, all transactions ran, all monies processed.

I love the boys, but I have walked in on a Monday after a busy weekend and it is a disaster.  We left it organized and ship-shape.

And I know, I checked, thank you, that we also had the highest sales since I have worked there.

Two of us.

Girls rock.

And we both ride fixed gear.

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