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All In A Days Work

August 4, 2014

I feel like I could use a weekend from my weekend.


I got the work done.

I was given the number of a woman who recently relocated here from New York and ran a posh nanny agency there.  It was suggested to me that I call her.

I did and it was an interesting conversation that became a bit of an instantaneous interview.  I am not certain that I am the exact fit for the clients she is sourcing for, but I want to take action, not think about it, so I affirmed I would send her my resume.



I don’t have one.


I should say.

I didn’t have one.

I do now.

I spent all day working on it.

I have had over seven years of nanny experience, but with just a few exceptions, I have gotten where I have gotten all through word of mouth via the mom’s I have worked for.

Word of Mom Mouth is golden.

It is like having the keys to the kid kingdom.

I have a lot of really nice mom’s in my life and I touched every one of them in my hunt for the right words to say, the right format to do my resume, the correct dates for my work, the phone numbers and e-mails, the personal and work reference letters, all the little flotsam and jetsam of seven years of being a nanny.


How amazing is that.

I got really flustered a few times today, had to walk away from it, make a few phone calls, and realize that I was way too up in my head and I needed to get in my body.

I went for a walk, got some groceries at Other Avenues, called a girl friend for perspective, and went home and made lunch.  Then I made stew for the week and brown rice, this week I will be having pinto beans with smoked turkey kielbasa, organic sweet corn, and zucchini.

While the soup simmered and the rice boiled, I made another pass at the resume.

I had listened carefully to all the things the woman with the agency said about the nanny who was leaving the family she was working with and thought to myself, well, hey, that’s not a problem, I already do most of those things without being asked.

Unloading and loading the dishwasher.

I don’t think about that, I just do it.

Ditto washing dishes.

Not that any of the places I work at are a real mess to clean up, I just like to keep my motto, leave it better than I found it.

I think how nice it must be to be a hard-working mom to come home to your house being tidy and your child ready for you, the bag packed if they are leaving the share, the little lunch containers cleaned, the milk bottles rinsed out, a fresh diaper on my charge, and a clean house.

I think about what I want to come home to.

I feel like it’s a reflection of me and there’s something that is soothing to me about keeping a tidy space, I am sure it’s a defect that has something to do with needing to be in control of my environment to feel safe, but, whatever.

I look like a better employee for it.

The family looking for help also wanted the nanny to deal with the diapers and she refused to do it.


I mean.


How did she get the job.

I take out the diaper pail for one family and compost diapers for another, part and parcel of the job.  If they wanted me to order the diapers too,  I would.

Same with grocery shopping, cooking, family assisting.

I find it fun, a way to make the day go by and not really a hassle.

Apparently the nanny I would be replacing does not want to deal with these things.

I sometimes fail to realize that not everybody does the job I do.

I am good.

It was actually a good thing for me to look at today–those letters of reference, the personal and professional ones–the sweet, kind, considerate words of my past employers.

I felt appreciated and valued and thankful that others see my potential and abilities so much better than I do.

I realized as I was checking in on the phone with another person this afternoon, that I am really good at what I do and I don’t have to craft something to display my worth, I just have to list things honestly, and in somewhat chronological order.

And who the hell knows.

I don’t know that this is the job for me.

But I do know I had to take the action.

I took it.

The resume is updated, polished, edited, tight.

I also e-mailed all the mom’s in my network and let them know my availability and when I estimated I would be looking for a full-time share situation.

I need to speak with my family in Cole Valley this week and see what their needs are and see if I can incorporate them into the plan or if I need to go full on with a completely separate share.

I believe the family only needs me until October, for two and half days a week, unless they can help me come up with a solution, the mom’s got great mom connections too, I may be starting fully over with two new families in mid-September.

I also reached out to three of my mom’s who are either currently employing me or have recently, and asked them to write me letters of reference.

Which would put me at five work letters of reference and one personal letter of reference.

I think that’s more than enough.

Or maybe I should just invite the woman at the agency to follow me down the street as I sing “This Old Man” and “The Wheels on the Bus” as I escort my little charges to Music Together Class.

I am grateful for this.

I felt awkward and uncomfortable, but that’s because I would rather look at my defect than my assets, which is in and of itself a defect, and it was good for me to see how these people view me and let a little of that love rub off on me.

Mary Fucking Poppins rides again.

Or floats.

I suppose.

That parasol and all.




Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

April 29, 2014

The mom who hosts the nanny share I do Monday through Wednesday asked me how it was today, how specifically the other little boy was.

I had already downloaded all the pertinent information–nap time, poop, feeding, outings, etc, about her son.

I think she knew what my answer was going to be.

He was a little wild thing and the wild rumpus was all day long.

The older boy, who just turned two last week was a peach and slept a long two and a half hour nap and had a great lunch and was awesome at the park and my other little charge was his normal self.

The dare-devil, as his mom called him.

He is just now getting his walking on and he is absolutely fearless.

As I mentioned he only napped once and that was for 45 minutes.


I felt like a wild rumpus by the end of the day.

It could have also been that it was my first day back after a really chill, very mellow and low-key weekend.

Monday, you bit me in the butt today.

I did have some lovely time with the boys though and the weather fairly screamed be outside and outside I was a lot of the day.

We went to the Golden Gate Play ground in the early part of the day and later we went to the library, where I dropped off a book, checked out a book, and contemplated staying for the children’s story time, but it was too nice outside.

I opted instead for the Panhandle and went off to ramble through the grass and play with bubbles instead.

I really did have a moment when I was blowing bubbles into the air and the sun was warm on me and the grass smelled sweet, the scattered tiny white daisies plump and white and yellow shining in the green and the boys were eating bunnies.


Not rabbits.

And I was like, is this real?

I am on a blanket, in the park with two handsome boys and the sun is just shining and wow, I am even getting paid for this.

Which did, in the end, balance out my day, after the littlest one declined to settle down for his afternoon nap and the wild rumpus got turned up to 11.

Sometimes I can look down my own nose at my job, I am just a minder, but really, I am on, on, on, unless both the boys are sleeping and when it happens it is amazing, but I am typically present.

Present and alert and on the move.

“Out of your mouth,” I said, oh, I don’t know, about 100 times today.

The little guy is still orally fixated with floor fuzz, dust bunnies, cat fur, cat food, cat liter, sand, rocks, twigs, all detritus that falls to the floor and can be swept into his maw before I can sweep up the floor.

But he is a pumpkin and I love him and it was good to have my boys.

The week looks super sunny and I plan on being out in it as much as possible.

The weather says in the mid to upper 70s for the next three days, and Wednesday, it’s forecasting 80?

Holy crow.

There will be much sun blocking to be had for me.

And for the boys.

I never wore sunblock as a kid and I cringe now when I see little red faces or arms or cheeks, I get on my sunblock soap box and want to parse it out at the park, but it’s not my business how other people care for their children.

I am fortunate that I get to do this for a job and I know it.

Even when I am sore and the house needs picking up and didn’t I just put that toy away two minutes ago?

Even when the wild rumpus is rumpus’ing about, I know that I am lucky and I love that I get to do this for work.

Despite the negative thought that tried to suck its way in between me and the day when I was blowing bubbles in the park.

“When are you going to grow up and get a real job?”

Random ass thought pops into my job.

Last time I checked, negative thought, I have a job, it’s this job and it’s paying the rent, which is pretty grown up if you ask me.

Just because it doesn’t look traditional, or come with heavy-handed accolades, does not mean it’s not a real job.

It’s a real fucking job.

Ask anyone who’s had a good nanny versus a crappy nanny, they’ll let you know.

Anyway, not sure who I am convincing, not really myself, I know what I do is hard and rewarding and challenging and it forces me to be fit and capable and to love.

Not that loving is a hard thing to do, but it can be, to allow myself to be silly to sing or dance or get goofy, I am allowed to take joy in my job.



And I will all week-long.

Besides there are some little known beauty secrets that are really the key to my youthful appearance.

Spit up is a great skin conditioner.

Constant washing of hands keeps me from catching sick.

Laughing makes me younger.

Smiling makes me younger.

Dancing like no one is looking, except a fifteen month year old and a two-year old, makes for a youthful appearance, and certainly a light-hearted person.


I have found the fountain of youth.

I might need to take a dip in it if it really gets up to 80 degrees this week.

And I will definitely need to get my rest to keep up with the wild rumpus and his sidekick.

But, at the end of the day.

I have no complaints.

Come on.

I blew bubbles for pay today.

How could I complain?



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