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February 24, 2014

You passed!

My instructor handed me a small card with my name printed on it with the Bay Area Motorcycle Training course underneath it.

I passed.


Now let me go pass out.

Or get huddled besides a heater ASAP.

Oh my god, it got cold again.

And this time I was prepared, but the fog came in even earlier then yesterday.

My instructor joked about the parking reservoir being its own weather microcosm.

It is.

It went from being sunny and warm with a little chill in the air, to being overcast, shrouded in fog, dark, and cold, in about twenty minutes.

I was expecting it to be like yesterday so I wore an extra sweatshirt underneath my normal hoodie and jean jacket layer up, as well as my infinity scarf.

I was still shaking in my boots by the end of the day and none of the cheerful posturing by either of the female instructors could get me warmed up.

We were all cold and tired and it was a long day, long too, as we were running behind the entire day.

The class started out fairly on time, but I don’t know what it was, I am loath to say it was the two women teaching the course, but I am leaning toward that, as one of the instructors had only been coaching for a little while, or if it was the number of folks in my class who were not as competent as the other side of the class.

Our group was split up and I cannot tell you how envious I and a few others in my little pod were, when we watched the other side of the parking lot finish 45 minutes ahead of us.

It was demoralizing to be taking so long.

I had a lot of fun early in the day, especially doing the weaves.

“You’re getting zippy on that, aren’t you,” one of the instructors grinned at me.

Yes, yes I am.

And I look forward to getting zippy on my own little scooter here soon.

I learned a lot and relaxed a bit more than yesterday.

Muscle memory from riding my bicycle served me really well, so to, the admonishment from the instructors to not think.

I can over think it in a heart beat.




I listened in class, I answered the question correctly on the exam, I did it correctly in class, but the first few times I heard the expression and was told what to do it was like a bunch of gobbledygook in my ears.  I did not get it at all.

But when I was on the course, I just did it instinctively.

I did not realize until overhearing someone with little bicycle riding experience say that he almost had not taken the motorcycle safety course because he did not have that much experience riding a bicycle.

Uh yeah.

I can see that.

As I watched him go through the exercise a few more times.

I figured out quite fast whom to follow and made my way behind his cycle.

Which did not have a bad view either.

Nice legs, there, guy.

I was not attracted to him in any other way, just more that he was a good example of how to handle the motorcycle and what was expected of him to do.  I watched, paid attention, and followed his lead.

Thankful for that.

I mean really grateful.

As he ended up getting picked to start a lot of the exercises and was inevitably the lead cycle for the final evaluation.  I was two back from the front, ie, third, and this saved my butt at the end as I don’t know that I could have waited much longer to have gotten out of there.

I was shaking uncontrollably and also a little upset to be running so late.

I had the key to a facility and needed to be there by 6:30p.m.

I did not get there until 6:40p.m.

Grateful that I made it at all.

I considered just going home, but I knew I could not live with myself.

Glad I didn’t either.

Seeing the big group of people patiently waiting for me made me really happy to have gotten there and done the deal.

And now the majority of it is done.

I took the course.

I passed the skills test.

I passed the written exam.

I got a lot of time on a scooter over the last couple of days and feel ready to hop on my own.

I know it will take a little getting used to driving in traffic, but I feel like I have some very solid fundamentals under my belt and I feel competent to go get my licence.

I wait 7-10 days for the paperwork to come to me.

Then I go to the DMV on Fell Street and take the CA Motorcycle written exam, show them my paperwork from the safety course, and bypass having to take the skills test at the DMV.

I do the test, which should be comparable to what I have already done (although the instructor for the class room portion did say that the DMV test is slightly different and to brush up on their motorcycle booklet), grab me some insurance and get going.

I am wondering if I should get the insurance first.

If I need that to get the licence.

I will have to further investigate.

I probably do.

I have time.

I have a week before I get the paperwork back and some time to defrost and warm up.

Happy to have the big part taken care of.

Another learning experience under my belt.

So many more to come.

But I shall be riding forward to meet them in style.


Oh yes, I will.

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