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All The Pretty Lights

December 24, 2013

“Slow down,” I told myself, as I navigated the Wiggle back “home”.

Home, is where the house sit is.

I was up at 7th and Irving after work taking care of a commitment and having some last-minute check ins with some ladies, good to have service to keep me steady no matter where I lay my pillow.

But I am ready to have home be my home again.

Out at the edge of the sea.

Where it is warmer.

This house, though more than quadruple the size of the place where I live is constantly cold, it gets little to no direct sunlight and is an interior apartment, it stays cold.

Plus, like so many of the older Victorians in the city, it does not have insulation.

Even on nights when it is not that chilly out, it feels cold.

Oh, boohoo, I can hear my friends from Northern Wisconsin pipe up.

But, if you think about it, no one, and I mean no one is sitting in a house in Wisconsin that registers the same temperature as the outside temp here.

Nope, most folks like there interior domicile to probably be around 68-70 degrees Farenheit.

This place does have lovely gas heaters in the old fireplaces in the front and back rooms, so at least when I am in the bedroom the warmth sticks and me and the kitty can get cozy.

Of course, the internet it is not working so good from the back or front room.


So, I am in the kitchen with the chilly air, no heater in here, nope.

Oh well.

I at least chatted with the guys who I am sitting for and got the television on, it had to be reset, so it wasn’t just a matter of turning it on and off, but once I did, I spent close to fifteen minutes scrolling up and down the 700 plus channels.

Nothing to watch.

Nothing to see.

Screw that.

I turned it off and realized what a time suck just that was.

I could have been nearly done with my blog and already enjoying my evening snack and finishing up Bad Santa.

Oh my god.

So fucking bad, so fucking good.

Billy Bob Thornton is fucking brilliant.

I am about half way through, and truth be told I may wait until after Christmas to continue watching it, it’s a little dark, but I am glad I downloaded it.

Tonight instead of the 700 plus channels of dreck, I shall be watching a Downton Abbey Christmas special.

Now that is up my alley.

I will also try to down load another version of Elf, the one I got was not good quality, that and Holiday Inn.

My plans seem to be holding steady for the holiday, but who knows what may happen, God laughs when I make plans.

Tomorrow I am working until 2p.m. then I am off for the rest of Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

I am off to the Ferry Building, off to Sausalito, off to take photographs of the skyline from across the bay.  Off to eat oysters from Hog Island when I get back from the ferry ride and there’s a very good probability that I will hit a 7:05 p.m. movie at the Embarcadero Theater.

Either 12 Years a Slave.

Or The Dallas Buyers Club.

Leaning more toward the latter.

But I’m just going to play it by ear.

Same for Christmas, although my plan is a little more concrete.

I will meet my lady friend Beth at 2900 24th Street at Florida, hit a cafe for some coffee, either Philz or Haus, or SugarLump, whichever happens to be open, I think Philz is typically open until about 2pm, if memory serves.

Then hang out for a little bit and after ward ride our bicycles over to Christmas dinner with friends.



Hoping that I won’t stick my faulty agenda in there anywhere and just show up.

Half the battle, that, just showing up.

I do that fairly well.

The city is empty and when I did slow my roll down, following the arrows on the street unconsciously along the bike route, I spent a lot more time looking up and out at the houses, the pretty Christmas lights and how people had decorated their homes.

I felt extraordinarily grateful to be looking at and appreciating all the pretty lights.

One of my favorite games over the holidays was one I played with my sister when we were on road trips to and from Milwaukee for my step-fathers family Christmas, or to and from Lodi for my mother’s family Christmas.

I much preferred the trip to Lodi, although there were not nearly as many lights, Milwaukee being a city and Lodi a tiny town of 2,200, maybe 2,300 folks.

I would stare out my side of the window into the dark inky indigo night speckled with stars, God’s Christmas lights, and count the strands adorning the homes as they flashed into view taking this turn or that as we headed from my grandparents home back to Windsor.

Sometimes it was very, very, very cold and it felt as though the world was under a glass dome of ice, but I always remember getting used to it.

The only time I believe I ever felt scared about the cold was my sophomore year in highschool, the school district actually shut down for two or three days, the temperature with wind chill registered at -70 to -75 degrees Farenheit.

I remember that cold.

It was deep and hit fast.

The dog did not want to go out to pee.

I did not want to outside to walk the dog.

It was a chore to get to the mailbox.

I remember sitting huddled on the couch in what we called the library, and had we any money it might have been, but it was more like the only room in the house that we could possibly keep moderately warm.

My room might as well have been outside.

I was beneath the attic and my closet door opened to the attic door which opened up a flight of non-insulated stairs.

I could see my breath when I walked in my room and my parents never let me leave the door open to collect any of the heat that might be rising from the downstairs.

It was Siberia.

When my mother and step-father divorced, my mom actually took the room and I moved into her old one.

Not nearly as cold.

In fact, I don’t remember being cold in that room, I remember being warm and that is where so much of my adult person seems to have been raised.

I am still quite childlike and I still tend to listen to the little kid in me that is nervous about not having enough, even though I completely do, I have so much.

I was admiring the lights, thinking of all the gifts in my life and sailing around the corner of the street, Christmas is here and though I don’t know how it’s supposed to all go down, to plan or not to plan, it’s here and I am grateful that though it is a little chilly in my abode, it ain’t no -70.

Wishing all my friends and family in colder climbs warm cheery hearths and loads of love as the Christmas day approaches, I am thinking of you with so much love in my heart.

Well, I am not cold anymore.

At Any Point

December 10, 2012

This could all go down in flames.

The blog, that is.

Day four of this cold.  Back into bed, not really much out of it, not really much to contribute, I dare say there are few folks out there in need of a Downton Abbey synapses.

That is how I have been.

The expat in Paris watching British telly.

Don’t tell anyone, ok?

My adventures today have been to walk a few blocks.

A hot shower was taken.

A lot of hot tea was drunk.

That was the walk, I went to the Bio store.  Or as this one is called le marche Natriuelle.

As opposed to the “fake”foods stores and markets I have been going to.  They are small organic markets around some of the nicer neighborhoods.  I have little to do there as they are typically over priced and despite being organic in nature, the quality seems off.

But then, I was spoiled to death by being so close to Rainbow Foods in San Francisco.

I am lucky to get a selection of three shelves of tea, let alone an entire aisle.  I do miss my tea a bit.  I could indulge, and I may when I find some work, in les Freres Marriage, which is what I would choose, but my, it is tres chere.

Do not bother looking for work when you are sick, it will only make the illness worse.

In case you were wondering.

The bio stores do have a slight bit better tea selection and I stumbled on one weeks ago when I was exploring that has a tea I would not bother drinking much of in the states, but here, is nectar of the Gods.

Since I am on day four of sick I wanted to spruce up the tea-cup a bit and I figured a walk down the hill and around the corner was not a bad idea.  Plus I had a letter to drop in the mail to the moms and I wanted some air.

Not as much as yesterday, I do here admit, get it will you can, that I was wrong in riding the bike yesterday.  I was out too long, pushed too much and I am feeling the brunt of it today.

Damn bike ride should not take it out of me.

It did.

I have done, to quote the infamous Jimmy, “sweet fuck all today,” and I am not beating myself up about it.  The cold has beaten me into submission.

I am glad for the shower, is too bad, and funny in away, finally, after weeks of being here my hair is back to some semblance of nice–the water is hard as rocks and it took a bit to figure out how to take care of it, I have the best hair today I have had since being here.

The hair is not going anywhere tonight.  Commitments on the Right Bank have been covered.  I miss the company of folks though, I do.

I just sort of wilted after making the run, walk really, slow, muddled, cotton headed, walk to the bio store for the box of tea and the corner market for some grapefruit juice and a carton of tissue.

In the overarching plan of things I had my plans snatched away.

It is rather like being in a weird bubble where my only contact with the outside world is via facecrack and that, my friends, is not a reality I want to live in, that is not reality period.

It is amusing sometimes, but not real, I assure you.

Despite that, I will post my blog up there post-haste as soon as I spell check it and look over any glaring faults.

Really, the only glaring thing is whether or not I will finish this with any grace.

I haven’t much at the moment.

I do have a bed, a cozy pair of slippers, and nasal congestion to keep me company.  Been awhile since I had a cold where in I actually sneezed.

Oh, I am going down kids, this is where I call it.

More tomorrow, I promise, real writing, real adventures, real stuff to sink  your wee bairn teeth inta, I promise.

Oh, alright, I will lay off the Downton Abbey too.

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