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When Is It Gonna Happen?

March 5, 2014

I had to cancel the appointment I made for the written test for the motorcycle lisence.

I was going to take my Thursday charge, pop in, pop out, and be off to the park.

But my conscience wasn’t having it.

I don’t know that I want to bring anyone that I dislike into the DMV with me, let alone a two-year old that I adore.

I also got some input from a friend about how long the process would take and it’s not going to be done in a half hour or forty-five minute time frame.

When it’s going to get done I don’t know.

I may actually have to take time off to do it or I will have to go at the crack of dawn, or so it feels to me, 8 a.m.

Who the hell wants to start their day at 8 a.m. at the DMV?


But that’s the only way I can see around it.

The DMV is not open on Saturdays or Sundays, I used to recall that it was on Saturday, but no, the hours listed say definitively that the office is closed on the weekend.

And it closes by 5 p.m. M-F.

My start time is, depending on what part of town I am in, 8:45-9a.m.

My end time is, again depending on where I am in the city, 5p.m.-6p.m.

So basically my only get in is going to be to take time off from work.

I had thought that perhaps I could sneak in on Friday after court, but my friend, same friend with the motorcycle information, said it could take up to three hours to get through.

Three hours?!


In my dream scenario I go in, the judge takes a look at the ticket, says it’s bullshit, recognizes I am a valuable citizen who was not trying to break any laws, just expedite getting home from a long day riding the mean streets of San Francisco, and waive the ticket.

All in twenty minutes.


Now, Friday is also not always an early start for me, sometimes I don’t have to be in the Castro until 10:30 a.m.

Therein lies my opportunity, me thinks, to get the written test out-of-the-way.

Friday, 8 a.m. DMV, Fell Street, be there or be square.

Then I will get to work, then  I will go to 850 Bryant and tackle the ticket.

I don’t know if that’s the nicest thing to do to myself though, double dip in the city’s system.

No one wants to go to 850 Bryant.

No one wants to go to the DMV.

To do them both on the same day seems masochistic.

Perhaps I can wait until next Friday to take the written test.

I am just bummed, not horribly, but I was hoping that I would get it out-of-the-way and be driving my scooter around the city this weekend.

Everything else has fallen into place so nicely in regards to the process, the safety course, the helmet and other accoutrement, so I guess I have been expecting the same with the licence part.

If I look at it with a tiny, teeny, tiny, bit of perspective though, I realize that since I have lived in San Francisco I have only been to the DMV three times.

Maybe four.

Definitively three.

I think one time I walked in, saw the line, walked out and went home and made an online appointment to come back another day.

That’s not bad numbers for having lived here for over eleven years.

And I have never been to court in San Francisco.

I have gone to 850 Bryant a whole bunch, just not to court.

I used to work for a small criminal law firm that was located kitty corner from the 850 Bryant and would whirl in and out dropping off files or paperwork for the attorneys.

This too is some good odds, only once in eleven years to go to court.

Not too shabby.

And for all things a bicycle ticket.

Not exactly getting crazy up in here.

Just kicking it with some glitter nail polish, that’s about as risky as it’s getting for me at the moment.

Other than that stuff on my plate, it was a pretty good day in nanny town.

The charge and I got out to the Discovery Museum in Sausalito, or right there outside of it at Camp Baker.

The view is just amazing.

Even if you have no desire or need to go to the museum–and really anyone going is going with kids under 8 years old–the view from the parking lot is worth the drive.

You get to see the back side of the Golden Gate and the view of the city across the bay is spectacular.

My charge had an awesome time.

As soon as I cleaned up the vomit he threw up in the car seat, I had an awesome time too.

He got carsick coming down the twisty road leading off the Alexander Exit.

I love driving it, but not so much fun for a younger passenger.

Fortunately there were back up clothes and though the day was over cast, it was not raining and it was great to go play in the tot area, the pirate cove, to go dig around the shipwrecked boat, to hand him a shovel and pail and a hard hat and let him go to town was awesome.

Even ran into a friend I don’t see much of since he moved to Marin with his partner and their baby.

Who, when I smiled at her, walked right over and plunked herself down in my lap.

Her mom said, “oh, she doesn’t usually do that with other moms”.

I smiled.

“I’m a nanny,” I said, “that’s my charge and usually I have two, so this feels just about perfect.”

I kissed the little girls head and she smiled at me and let me bounce her on my lap.


Another mom tried to say hi to my charge and he burst into tears.

“Oh, no,” scary mommy said.

He was ok, it was just intense, sometimes I think we forget that they are little and things get overwhelming and they don’t move the same speed, especially in a new environment.

Plus, she zoomed up to him like he was the cutest thing on earth.

And yeah, he is, but you got to get on his level.

That’s what works best, just get on the floor and let them crawl all over you.


I am starting to ramble and I don’t know where the blog is headed.

Suffice to say, there is no rush to get the licence.

It will happen when it’s suppose to.

I have wheels until it does.

No need for my to force a solution, it will happen naturally and when it’s suppose to.

Besides, I ride my bike past that office three times a week, I have the handbook in my bag and my paper work ready to go, when the window opens.

I will be ready.

Getting Busy Working

March 3, 2014

So that I can do the working.

I did lots of home stuff today to prep for the week.

This was prompted by my monthly spending plan and tally of the previous months expenditures.

Of which I had a few unexpected expenses–$552 outlay for utilities–the deposit for the scooter and the cost of the motorcycle safety course, but still came out ok.

I was a little concerned and did not want to cut it too close, so I did transfer a few bucks yesterday from my savings account to my regular account, just in case something pops up in the next few days I am taken care of.

Nothing like acting like an adult to make one feel like an adult.

I also did laundry, changed out the sheets on the bed, went grocery shopping, within my budget, made soup for the week, home cooked all my meals today, signed up to take the motorcycle written test at the DMV on Thursday and responded to some e-mails.

By 2p.m. today.

I felt like I had put in a full days work.

This is sometimes the case.

I have to get my ducks in a row so that I can have a productive week and work well, which is supposed to lead to me enjoying my down time, but folding laundry has to be a part of that scenario.

I actually enjoy all these things, especially the soup making.

The rainy weather has made having a cozy bowl of soup a lovely thing.

Today I did red lentils with carmelized onions and garlic, carrot, organic chicken breast meat, brown rice, white corn, and crushed tomatoes, salt and pepper, splash of olive oil and some cayenne.

It was awesome.

And now I have meals prepped for the next two days at work.


In the Castro.

Which I keep reminding myself of, that I will be working from the Castro tomorrow and not Cole Valley.  I will be going in 15 minutes past my normal start time, but as the commute is longer, there really is not a difference in the timing.

I had thought that I might MUNI it in, there’s the possibility of rain tomorrow, but as of this moment, I am pretty set on riding my bicycle to work.

I could change my mind when I get up if it’s downpouring, but that’s later and not now.

Now, suffice to say, is pretty nice.

In doing my spending plan for the month I was able to make an additional allowance for the scooter–the payment I will be sending my friend as well as insurance–and see that I can absolutely afford it.

I am excited.

All will go well on Thursday, when I have scheduled to take the test and fingers crossed, all will go well on Friday, when I head off to court at 850 Bryant to contest the bicycle ticket for running a red light.

I want to procure my scooter insurance with a clean record.

I even allotted money toward paying the ticket, what ever the ticket may be.

I don’t know that I will get off not paying one just because I am showing up for court.  I am only showing up for court because the clerk was so incensed at the ticket and had me pick out a date to do it.

In hindsight, I almost wish I had paid off the fine and not thought about it, but it is $197 and that’s three dollars shy of the scooter payment my friend has asked me to make monthly on the Vespa.

I would much rather the money go to the Vespa then to the city of San Francisco.

I will be a much happier San Franciscan if that happens.

And everyone wants that.

Well, ok, I want that, really.

I could realistically be up and ready to take possession of the Vespa this weekend.

I am going to need to co-ordinate with my friend and see what works best for him.

As the rest of the month looks to be currently booked with work M-F.

This is good.

I like knowing that I am covered.

I do wish that I wasn’t in three different places every week, but a body can get used to it and it’s not the rest of my life.

This too shall pass.

Everything changes.

I can do my best to plan out and take care of myself and make soup with the best of them, but sometimes things happen, bicycle tickets, getting a new scooter, and suddenly life is changing.

Next month my goal is to get my plane ticket to Wisconsin to see my dearest friend.  I had planned on buying it in February, but nope, other stuff happened.

All is well.

Sometimes when all is well I am prone to create a little drama, but nothing even occurred to me today.  I meditated and took things as they came up and I listened to my gut, which is nice, and responded to situations rather than reacted, which was awesome.

And good practice, let me tell you.

I also got to have tea with a darling friend and check in about this and that and Burning Man.

Yeah, I know, it’s not for a few months, the man burns in 183 days!

Who’s counting?

Not I.

But this is her first time and it’s always so fun to talk to virgin burners about their plans and stuff and I get all excited for them and all excited for me.

Nostalgic, and plus, the tickets just went on sale and another friend of mine who has been talking about doing it for years finally pulled the trigger and bought his too.

I feel like it’s going to be a good year for it.

Something different in the air around it for me as well, just a pricking of the thumbs, but a something.

Could just be all the fresh faces who will be attending.

That’s all a worry for another day.

There is no worry today.

Got the work done that needs doing and I am ready to take on the week.


But yes, I am ready.


Oh Yeah

March 2, 2014

I am supposed to be writing a blog post.

Get to it lady.

Pretty mellow day today, did all my get around on MUNI.  I was so engrossed in a book that I did not realize until I had gotten off at the stop at 24th and Castro that the person I was going to meet was still on the bus with me.

I am currently reading the amazing A.M. Homes, “May We Be Forgiven.”

She is awesome, reminds me of a female Don DeLillo.

I was just buried in the book.

I have been, when ever I could get to it, over the last few days.

I was not going to take the bike out today, off and on rain, and I needed to be in the Cow Hollow neighborhood and then back over the hills (and through woods, er, the Western Addition) to Noe Valley.

Not really bicycling areas of enjoyment on a one speed.

I took the train, N-Judah, the 43 bus, the 22 bus, and the 24 bus.

I am MUNI’d out.

Which was why it was awesome to come home, got a lift home thank God from Noe Valley, and see something in the mail box that was not a utility bill.

My paperwork from the Motorcycle Training course showing my successful completion of said course.


Bring on the scooter.

I had stopped by the DMV on Fell St. on Thursday and I grabbed the California Motorcycle Handbook–it is just slightly different from the one the course uses–and I was going to see what the line was like, but when I did, I said, uh, no, no thank you and I left.

Now that I have all the materials it is time to make that appointment and take the written test.  Plus I received a quote from the insurance person who I was referred to and I can totally afford it.

Not like I can’t not afford it, I won’t be able to get the motorcycle licence without proof of insurance anyhow, from what I understand, I suppose I should look that up.

I would want the insurance anyway, regardless of whether or not I need it.

It doesn’t hurt me to think that it is required though.

I am just steps from grabbing that scooter and taking her for a spin.

It still feels a little surreal.

After all these years of riding a bicycle in San Francisco, to suddenly be on a motorized vehicle, it’s going to be something else.

I won’t mind it though, the wait time for MUNI on the weekends is just stupid.

And there’s a lot I like to do on a weekend and a lot of places I like to get out and about to.  I am ready to not be riding my bike there and back at night.

I feel like that’s a huge thing, riding at night on the weekends is just not what I like, the scooter will be perfect for that.

It’s still just a little bit out.

I am setting the intention of having it within the next two weeks.

That’s the plan anyhow.

Tomorrow is going to be chill and depending on the weather I may MUNI it up for one more day.  I have a commitment at 6:30p.m. but the rest of the day is chill.

Nothing planned.

I do have a girl friend coming into town and hopefully we will be hooking up for some tea and conversation.

Other than that, it’s making soup time.

I did not get to do that last week taking the safety course really threw that plan out the window.  I am ready to have my own home made food at work again.

I got caught with my pants down one day at work when I realized my fridge was empty and I needed to go shopping, no problem, the nanny gig was in Cole Valley, loads of stores, Whole Food, Cole Valley Market, but it was the day that it down poured.

I was not leaving the house.

I had oatmeal for lunch and raw carrot sticks.

Not the worst thing ever, but not my best plan.

So tomorrow I really will be making some soup at the house, do a little laundry, maybe take a stroll down on the beach, and definitely read some more of the book.

I don’t think it will make it through the week even.

Sometimes I can eke out a book for a while, but this week I have a solo nanny gig in the Castro on Monday and Tuesday instead of my typical Cole Valley share, then back to Cole Valley, then over to the NOPA, then back to the Castro.


No wonder I want a scooter.

I am in great shape though, I noticed that today, hey girl, you’re looking a little skinnier.

That was one thing I shared recently, my one fear with getting the scooter is the loss of bicycle exercise I get with the commute.

Then I thought, ha, I’ll have a scooter, I can go swimming, I can go to the gym, I can go to yoga, hmmm, I could walk to yoga too, I still have yet to take that free class I was offered through Ocean Beach yoga.

Leads me to think that yoga there may not be my bag, but it’s there, and I do have a class coming.

This has got to be the most rambling ass blog ever.

I just wanted to add I came up with my back piece tattoo as well–I ran into Barnaby and it just popped right out of my mouth.

I want an Eiffel Tower.

I know.


How crazy am I?

But the Paris experience really continues to shape me in ways and despite not wanting to live there, at this point in my life, I was really influenced by it.

I want an Eiffel Tower in the old Art Deco mode with the words: “il etait une fois”.

Once upon a time.

It means something to me being a professional nanny and it also speaks to my own story.

Once upon a time there was a girl who rode a one speed all over, even around the base of the Eiffel Tower.

Here are her adventures, and misadventures, thereof.

I bet it would make a great story.



A decent blog.


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