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November 1, 2015

And a prudent reserve.

A good conversation with a very smart friend.

Some soul-searching over sushi.

Oh my god.

So good.

Such good sushi.

I made sushi face all over the place.

“Don’t tell anyone about this spot!” ┬áMy friend exhorted me.

Mum’s the word.

And the realization that the discomfort I was feeling about getting a Vespa was about not having any prudent reserve left over in case of emergencies or life happening.


I have decided to go with the Buddy from Genuine Scooters.

Unfortunately, the Italia in avocado is gone, gone, gone.

Le sigh.

However, I learned something today, after having the fantastic sushi meal my friend and I decided to hop over to Scooter Centre and see what Buddy’s they had in stock.

I looked at the 170cc’s but none of them did it at all for me and for the cost, I might as well say, wait for the money for a Vespa.

And after talking with Barry and acknowledging what my needs are, I don’t really need that much power, I’m not going to ride the scooter over the bridges.

I am going to ride it to work and to do the deal and to school.

And how handy is it that Scooter Centre is literally a block away from school?

Pretty auspicious I say.

So I looked over the 125cc’s Genuine Buddy and I liked what I saw.

First, it wasn’t as bulky as the 170cc and I liked the color choices better.

I narrowed it down to black, mint green, and this silvery grey that has some sparkle in the paint.

Did you say sparkle?

Did you say, matches my helmet with the big stars on it?

Did you say glitter?



I’ll be getting the soft grey with shimmer and I will be getting her next Friday.

What with the money I received for writing the sonnets and the money I have in savings and the deal I’m getting, tax, title, registration, all out the door, brand new two-year warranty with road side assistance, and he threw in a disc lock for me, $3239.

I have enough!

I have enough!

I have enough!


I have some prudent reserve left in my savings too.

I will transfer the money out of my account tomorrow so that it lands by Thursday.

Then, on my day off, Friday the family will be in Indianapolis for a Bar Mitzvah, I will go down to the shop with my helmet and if I can find my gloves, my gloves, and if not, I buy a new pair, I like riding with gloves, really feels so much better, and my cash in hand.


No credit card.

No financing.

My hard-earned money.

I am over the moon.

I will be celebrating some poetry with my scooter.

Perhaps I will ride to the top of Twin Peaks and proclaim myself with a barbaric yawp of delight.

Poetic no?

I told you.

My scooter will be running on poetry, aka love.

It gets great gas mileage.

92 mpg.

Thank you very much.

Filling up the tank will be cheaper than riding the MUNI train.


The seat flips up and has a storage area underneath for the helmet.

Now I have to contact my insurance and let them know that I will be needing motorcycle insurance again.

And that’s it.

I don’t have to go down to the DMV and register it, Scooter Centre will do all that, tax, title, registration, brand new.

This will be my first brand new vehicle ever.

Motorized that is.

My bicycle was new when I got her.

My friend even suggested I could sell my bike, but I don’t think I will, I love her too much and I may want to have her in case I need to have a day of servicing etc on the scooter.

But next Friday!

Next Friday.

I ride.

I am over the moon.

And it feels right.

It feels right to not push myself financially and try to get a new Vespa, it feels prudent to get something nice that will get me around and do me for school and get me through the next three years.

I will be able to do so much more.

I’ll be able to get to some places that I don’t get to on my bike.

I’ll have more flexibility in my schedule.

It will be a great help to me.

And it will save me time.

Time I can use for school.

I did pretty damn well with my time today as well.

I got up an hour before my alarm, I knew that was going to happen, I just wanted to get some stuff done and I knew if I got up just a tiny bit earlier I would be able to accomplish some extra things in my day.

Like a little spoiling, I got a manicure.

And a nice hot shower this morning.

And some writing.

Which reminds me, I have to pop to the store tomorrow, I need to buy a new notebook, I filled up another notebook with my morning pages.

It was my Burning Man notebook, the one that I brought with me to the event.

I looked at the stickers I got there and my ticket to the event and flipped through a few entries.

So much has happened since then, and it was just under two months ago that I was there.

Things can change so quickly.

Especially if I allow myself a little flexibility.

And some fun.

I let myself do both.

I still got in a lot of reading, in fact all the reading I need to do to write the paper I have to write tomorrow.

It’s not due until November 4th, but that’s the middle of the work week for me and I just won’t do it like that, it will feel awful and rushed and I have commitments during the week that I need to make sure to get to.

So, tomorrow I write.

For I read today.

I also made pureed cream of broccoli soup with smoked bacon and a big pot of chili for my friend.

He who hauled me all over the city and helped me negotiate for the scooter and gave me suggestions and ideas and has been a great sounding board and also let me commandeer his couch while I read for school.

Plus, I got to snuggle with a cat.


Reading on the couch, a pot of chili on the stove, corn bread muffins too, the sound of college football on the tv in the background, the kids in the neighborhood trick or treating and the happy knowledge of making a decision to improve the quality of my life and get something that works best for me, plus doing the deal this morning and seeing my person at Tart to Tart.

I had a damn fine day.

Damn fine.

And I even got my helmet out of the closet and dusted her off.

I’m just about ready to rock and roll on a working scooter.

Over the moon.

I am.

Just over the moon.

Which is perfect since my helmet has sparkly glitter stars on it.


It’s Your Scooter

February 5, 2014

And I’ll cry if I want to.




My friend basically said it’s yours, and we worked out a plan of attack on how I will be paying for it, nothing set completely in stone, but 95 % a go.

It’s a vintage black Vespa.




I don’t think I need to put sexy in caps, but I just might.


Yes, that too.




I also just registered to take the Bay Area Motorcycle course, it’s the course that the San Francisco Police Department sanctions, so I won’t have to take the driving part of the test, I can complete the course, take the written exam and bam!

I will be scooting through town.

My friend suggested that all I needed to do was some practice and then just get the permit from the DMV.

I weighed the pros and cons of that.

I have loads of experience being on the road on my bicycle, I am aware of the traffic laws (painfully so since I just got that ticket on my bicycle), I know about hand signals and traffic conditions, how slick the roads get when it’s not necessarily raining, but just foggy and misty.

My gut says take the course, though, I think I will be a lot more comfortable doing it.

I just reserved my class spot and paid for the course a few minutes ago.

I will be sitting in the class room Wednesday night, February 19th, then taking the riding curriculum that Saturday and Sunday, the 22nd and 23rd.

My friend and I have not confirmed sale of the Vespa or when I will get it, but basically he said it’s mine.

And the terms he laid out for it were truly tight.

I can put a down payment on it and I can make payments.

I am still sticking money into my savings account for a laptop, that is nowhere near off the burner, but since my friend is being generous with the time frame and he trusts me to pay him.

“I think what really firmed it for me, not to say that you’re not a person of you word, is when you told me you had paid back Barnaby the money for the plane ticket back from Paris,” he told me over the phone tonight as I gleefully clapped my hands at the idea of going grocery shopping on a motorized vehicle.


I paid that money back four months sooner than Barnaby had asked me to and full in cash.

I am a person of my word and that feels really good.

I will probably end up giving my friend a little more than the down payment he asked for and I will try to pay it off faster than the terms he gave me.

I like the idea of having that all settled.

We will be meeting for coffee soon and I will be hopping in the driver’s seat.

And this is not a sale unseen.

I know the scooter.

I was actually with him the first time he saw it and I have ridden on the back of it a few times.

He also is a gear head kind of guy.

It’s in total top shape and worth more than what he is willing to part with it.

I am a lucky, lucky girl.


I think that’s what you say.


I had this crazy fear pop up today when I was riding my bicycle into work.

Not that I would get hit on the scooter or hurt or that I wouldn’t be able to navigate it or afford it.


My worry, if you will, was that I would not be getting as much exercise.


That’s the best you can do brain?


I raise you one scooter and say I can take yoga classes anywhere in the city now.

Not that I couldn’t walk up the street either to the studio two blocks away anyhow.

I may miss the exercise of being on a bicycle, but that is getting ahead of myself and frankly I won’t miss the wear and tear to my body or my knees.

This is all in the future and not of my fucking concern.

Just have to take the next steps in front of me.

Which is basically, show up for the class and pass it.

Then go take the written test at the DMV.

I will need to get insurance as well.

I will need to talk to my landlord, although, having done so prior to this blog, she’s already aware that I was really contemplating taking the course.

Fact is I have been contemplating it for years.


Like ever since I moved to San Francisco.

Sometimes quickly.

Sometimes slowly.

Life is unfolding in some really nice little ways and this is just another way I say yes to being here, yes to San Francisco, yes to being a career nanny, yes to living my life.

My very sexy life with my very sexy scooter.

I am just going to keep saying sexy.

Riding gloves, leather, black, I mean, come on, Italian vintage scooter, me with my tattoos perched on the saddle, got to say I like the image.

I also like the way that I know it will open up my experience of San Francisco and I will be able to do more, get around more, literally cover more ground.

I will get to see the city in a way I never have.

I like this embracing life and abundance thing, it’s working.

Even when I have a hard day at work.


And today was a shit storm.


And a puke storm.

Literally again.

Poor kid.

But I got through, he got through, laundry was washed, two loads, stroller was hosed down, literally, I had to take it to the back yard and hose off the vomit from it, faces cleaned, little bodies wiped and bathed and lotion’ed right back to perfection.

Anyway, no need to dwell in the poop.

I have better things to think about, like how big of a helmet am I going to need to get to shove all my hair under.




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