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Oh No

August 4, 2015

What did I just do?

Le sigh.

I just fell down the photography hole.

Like really bad.

Really bad.

I have been sitting here at my table scrolling and clicking and adjusting and cropping and finding the right angle and super saturating this one and exposing that one, and oh god.

Where the hell did the time go?

I should have had my blog written by now.

I could easily still be in the hole.

Thank God it’s not a K hole.

But man, I was gone, gone, gone.

Since I have gotten my MacBook Air I have had a few adventures in upgrading my apps and getting my stuff organized and then there was that whole breach of security thing that I thought was going to wipe out my hard drive completely, and thank God I got that fixed and taken care or.

But whenever I have tried to download photos from my phone or from my camera, I have a digital that I cannot believe still works, it’s a Fuji Fine Pix from 2007, it may be even older than that, I bought it in January or February of 2007, so it might even be a 2006 model, anyway, I haven’t been able to get my Iphoto open on my Macbook Air.

I have downloaded the upgrader a number of times, I have tried to install it, I have stood on one foot and wiggled my ass at true north on the compass.


Maybe not the last.


I have tried a number of things.

Tonight I was determined.

I am going to do this.

I took some stellar shots at Yosemite.

Both on my Iphone 5C and on my camera.

I want to see my photos and I wanted to edit them and I wanted to post them up.

I have missed posting photos to my blog.

I don’t always, but it’s fun to accompany the posts with a photograph or five, especially when I am at a national park and am seeing the most majestically beautiful land I have ever seen.


I would like to share those photos with y’all.


I did it.

I am not sure how.

Maybe I was just relaxed enough to not care and just keep working at it and oh, shit.

I did it.


Oh shit.

I was in photography heaven.

And hell.

I had over 400 photos on my phone.

And those are probably culled down and edited on my phone, because I can and do, and I had photos from my trip to San Diego on it that I had forgotten about.


Family-my father and my grandmother 

Botanical Gardens San Diego

Botanical Gardens San Diego

My Uncle, cousin, and second cousin at the Dr. Seuss exhibit

My Uncle, cousin, and second cousin at the Dr. Seuss exhibit

I mean, shoot, I’m even falling into the photography pie hole now, just putting a few photographs up from the San Diego trip.

There are so many great photos.

Plus I had street art and graffiti photos back up on my phone.

Screen Shot, wall of apartment building Outer Sunset, Judah at 48th Ave

Screen Shot, wall of apartment building Outer Sunset, Judah at 48th Ave

Mural, downtown Atlanta, GA

Mural, downtown Atlanta, GA

Red Poppy Art House

Red Poppy Art House, 23rd at Folsom, San Francisco

Oh, how I love me some street art.

I have a lot more photographs that could fall into this category as well.

The ones that got me the most involved with the editing, etc, were the photographs from the Yosemite road trip I took with my two friends this past weekend.

I took about 200 photographs over all in a 36 hour period.

There was also sleeping, campfires, being in awe of nature, photographs I wish I had taken, ones that didn’t turn out and I deleted immediately, and all in all I probably shot another 100 or so, but of the ones I down loaded.

36 great ones from my camera.

18 good ones from my phone and a few I kept because of sentimental value and because my friends were so goofy in the photographs.

Half Dome from Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park

Half Dome from Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park

Glacier Point parking lot

Glacier Point parking lot

Floor of the Valley, Yosemite Villages

Floor of the Valley, Yosemite Villages

Road Closed

I also suspect that there’s a group of photos that I spent a considerable amount of time editing that I cannot seem to locate right now that is really the culprit of my falling into the hole that is photo editing.

Which really bums me out since I spent a great deal of time on them and they are my top 36 photographs from Yosemite.

But I am sure they are somewhere to be found and right now, as the hours tick closer and closer to my bed time, I want to finish this blog so I can check in on a friend who’s having a hard time.

“Are you blogging?”

“Yes,” I said into the phone.

And you know, it’s a big deal if I even pick up my phone while I am blogging.

There are some phone calls I will always take.


But there are quite a few that come in during the hour or so I am on the blog doing the thing and well, suffice to say, I took my friends’ call.

Break ups are hard and that’s what one does with a friend going through a break up.

I pick up the phone.


I was admonished to finish my blog then get back to my friend.


Let’s wrap this up.

No more photo hunting.

Well, damn it.

Maybe just one last thought as I try to fish out the best of the best here.


Hang on.

I gots an idea.



Not only did I just waste more time.

I can’t find the photographs.

Damn it man.



They got to be there somewhere.

Fingers crossed.

Because when the Iphoto prompt asked me if I wanted to delete the photographs from my camera’s hard drive, I said yes.

So if I don’t find them I’m out a really fun set of photographs from my Yosemite trip.

I so hope that is not the case.

I really did get some great shots, but I suppose, you’ll just have to take my word on that.

DSCF1052 DSCF1032 DSCF1005 DSCF1004 DSCF1043 DSCF1069 DSCF1081 DSCF1088 DSCF1045


I found them.

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