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I Got the Helmet!

February 11, 2014

I got the boots!

I don’t got the jeans yet, but they’ll be here soon.

I killed two birds with one stone this evening and was able to procure the boots I had tried on Saturday afternoon while in the Inner Sunset doing the deal and getting the solution.

I don’t like shoe shopping.

I love shoe shopping.

However, I don’t have a foot that easily accommodates a standard size.

I might have once, sort of.

I used to wear a 10 1/2 in women’s.

Which is pretty damn big.

Then my arches fell (thank you for over 20 years of restaurant service, please, come again soon!) and my feet became huge.

11 1/2 women’s.

One foot, my left foot is actually size 11 and my right foot is slightly bigger, being an 11 1/2.

Really God?


But I figure that is ok, if I had a standard size my room would be full of shoes.

I don’t and I don’t have a room full of shoes.  I also really, really appreciate finding a good pair of shoes that fits well and looks good.  Perhaps I would not have the same sort of gratitude mixed with glee when I find shoes that fit and are cute.

I am tall, so not many folks even seem to notice my big foot and it could be worse, so I am not complaining.


Not at all.

I love my body, at least today, for everything it does, for being this awesome conveyance for my spirit and brain to be carried around in.

I like being tall.

I love being strong.

I like my hair.


I love my hair.

Even when it’s a pain in the ass.

Today was super foggy, not rainy, but so foggy that it might as well have been.

I got a fresh, drenching “shower” on my ride into work.

My hair was up in puffs on my head and soaked when I got to work.

I work with babies and toddlers and they don’t care much, as long as it’s not in their reach, then they care, oh they like grabbing that stuff they do.

So, I wasn’t much concerned with the state of my hair.

“You’re going to have to take down your hair to try on the helmet,” he said looking askance at the mass of curls up on my head, “I hope it fits.”

I could tell he was not so sure that it would.

But I am like a cat that way, there’s a lot of hair, but the head itself is not super large, so I pulled out my puffs, only to find my hair was still wet from the morning commute–nine hours previous–and settled the helmet snug on my head.

It was a perfect fit.


I am over the moon.

“You can walk with me,” I said to my friend, “or just hang here, I have to run an errand to grab a pair of boots.”

“Uh,” my friend stumbled, “I’ll stay here and be nervous.”

I think he may have thought I was trying to boondoggle him into shoe shopping with me, which I wouldn’t even do to my girl friends, let a lone a guy friend.

“Be right back,” I said and dashed out the door down the block and over to Citi Shoes.

They were holding them for me.

I had tried on a few pairs and I was not expecting to actually buy boots the day I had gone in, despite knowing I was going to have to have them for the motorcycle safety course, I was putting off getting them.

It can be a bit disappointing to always go into a store and they don’t have your size.

But Citi did.

although the first two pairs I tried on I did not like at all.

Then the sales girl asked if I was particularly stuck on getting the style of boot and would I consider a different style.

She brought out a pair of knee-high harness boots and nope, I was not looking at all for knee-high harness boots, but I tried them on and they fit and they were comfortable and I knew I was probably going to get them.

But when I make a slightly expensive purchase I like to give myself a few days to mull it over.  I don’t want to compulsively buy.

Like I did in Paris and was stuck with boots I did not like that I finally gave away to the French chapter of the Red Cross which had a resale shop in my neighborhood.

Bye bye 125 Euro.

Which is a lot of American dollars.

This time, it was not so much the fit, but the price, $180 and I wanted to make sure my spending plan would allow for it, and sit on it and perhaps see if there were other boots out there.


So, I “splurged”.

But I don’t actually think that I got a bad price, plus they gave me a 10% discount and now I have a really good pair of black leather, knee-high, harness boots.

I will probably have them for a very long time.

I made an investment.

“And when you want to upgrade to another bike,” another friend said to me tonight as I pointed out my helmet sitting so sparkly next to my messenger bag and black glitter infinity scarf, “you can roll it over and upgrade.”

He was talking about when I go from the scooter to a motorcycle.

One thing at a time, but that thought is there too.

And I will have proper boots for the ride when and if that should happen.

As long as I can withstand not taking them to Burning Man and ruining them with playa dust.

I think that won’t be much of a problem.

It really is falling together so nicely.

And I have not manipulated or lied or been dishonest about any of it.

Just took some little actions and said ok, what next.

It works, it really does.

But it never ceases to amaze me.

It’s always this awesome surprise.

And it never, ever looks like what I thought it would.

Which is probably better.


Excuse me.

It is better.


Mary Poppins It Up

February 7, 2014

I am not riding my bike to work tomorrow.

No, the wheel is fine, no more flat tires this week.

I just don’t want another day of riding in the rain.

It is supposed to rain all weekend and I have enough time tomorrow morning to take the train and use my umbrella.

My gigantic, heart-shaped umbrella that I ordered especially for Burning Man this past year having been inspired by my friend in Rome who had one similar.

I think I shall wear a red dress and put my hair up to just have some icing on the cake.

Because if you are going to wear rainy day gear you may as well have fun with it.

I don’t have rain gear, something I have been meaning to remedy and the time has just consistently gotten away with me.  I have not made a trip to Sports Basement to do so and the couple of places I did check in with, although having some, it was not what I was looking for.

Determined to not feel cold and wet all day at work I put on the back fender to my bicycle and charged up the lights on my laptop–I have rechargeable bike lights that charge on the USB port on my laptop–making sure they were at their brightest luminosity.

I wore thick winter leggings, in black glitter, a pair of jean shorts, a long sleeve black top over the tank top, a sweatshirt, my jean jacket, and my black glitter infinity scarf, put my hair in pigtails to keep it off my face, pocketed my glasses–too hard to see with rain drops all over them–and put a hat on my head.

I arrived at work earlier than I expected, also having left ten minutes earlier in case people were cuckoo on the road, which happens often when the weather turns wet, and way over heated, but ultimately, dry.

Not bad.

The day was mellow for me, the rain held steady all day and my little charge and I did not do much besides reading  and singing and making little videos to send to her folks.

We did “You Are My Sunshine” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.


Really adorable.

Her grandparents were in town to celebrate her second birthday and when I showed her grandmother the video this afternoon of her singing she clutched my arm and said, “Oh, thank you!”

Apparently my photos from our days have made their way to the grandparents and she gushed about how much they love getting them.

It felt really nice to be acknowledged and to share the joy of getting to work with their grand-daughter.

I also took advantage of the grandparents being with us in the early part of the day to clean and tidy and take care of the house, a little birthday gift to the parents.

I don’t always feel compelled to go above and beyond that much, but it really was also a way to keep myself busy while they played with her.

Then they were off to see the sites and my charge and I went for a little walk.

I bundled her up in the stroller with extra blankets and layers and popped the plastic skin over the top and we ducked out during a slight break in the rain to stretch my legs and give us a little change of pace.

We walked a few blocks, went to BiRite sampled the blood oranges and cheese.

I bought my bag of Stumptown Holler Mountain and some gorgeous organic apples.

Then a quick duck into The Mill for an Americano with almond milk, for me, not my charge, and by the time we got back to the house it was lunch time.

We ate together and sang some more songs and then snuggled and she went down like a little dream boat to nap and I had two hours to read and catch up on some e-mails and texts.

One of which was the very exciting text message from a friend who read my post about researching getting a glitter helmet, and lo and behold, he has one I can haz.


Oh, dear lord it is stupid cute.

Black glitter with silver stars.

I have been trying to get the photo that my friend sent me to one of my other accounts to have it for the post, but the internet is a little wonky right now and I am done trying.

I don’t feel like wasting more time on it, suffice to say, it is spanking cute.

In fact, serendipity, it matches, exactly, what I was wearing today.

Made me laugh right out loud when I was sitting down to breakfast this morning and checking my phone to get the text from my friend and then see the photo attached.

I yipped with glee, basically.

Said, “I want,” and “yes please.”

We’ll meet up for lunch soon and the hand off shall happen.

Oh my things are moving that way.

It will be so lovely to show up for work without having broken a sweat.

So nice.

Funny, wonderful, really, how things fall right into place when they are supposed to.

I mean, my friend offered me this scooter years ago and I wasn’t ready.

For what ever reason, I am now.

Has something to do with doing the work, I suppose.

Going where the resistance is and walking through it.

Or riding through it, as the case may be.

Tomorrow, though, no riding of vehicles, except the train and the bus.

I shall go slow.

I shall wear my trousers rolled.

I shall, wait, I am not going to the beach, I am going to the Castro.

I shall use my Mary Poppins umbrella and show my that my heart really does belong in San Francisco.

Where I will show up, dry and in good cheer for my last nanny shift of the week.

I almost forgot it’s Friday.

Nice how the week has gone by.

Nice to have shown up for it.

Small actions that have led, almost miraculously, to me signing up for the Motorcycle Safety Course, confirming the buy of a scooter, and being given the helmet of my dreams.

“When it’s meant to be,” she told me once, “it will all fall magically into place in a way you cannot imagine.”

I could not have imagined this last week.

And yet, here it is.

How wonderful.



February 6, 2014

I can learn new things.

I can.

But dude, sometimes I am my own worst enemy.

I am afraid that I will be “inconvenienced” due to inclement weather on Sunday.


Take the train, darlin’.

I have the opportunity to assist a make up artist on a music video that is being shot in San Francisco this Sunday.

I was super excited and flattered to be invited to do so, then nervous, then why would she ask me?


Because I show up for work all the time with Betty Page eyes and full blush on.

I wear makeup and I obviously have looked into doing it before as a career move when I was in the middle of making a shift away from nannying.

I investigated Aveda.

I went to Blush School of Makeup.

Both schools, said, yes, please, come right on in.

Both schools asked for a pretty steep tuition.

“You don’t need a licence to do makeup,” she told me, “you do if you are doing hair or esthetician work, but not make up.”

“Do you have any experience working on people?” She inquired.

“Helped one friend with makeup for her wedding and what I do every year at Burning Man,” I said.

I have put make up on folks, but not professionally.

Then again, it’s not like I was tapped to be the head make up artist, I was asked by the head make up artist to lend a hand, to be on set, to meet people, to see how it works, to watch from the process and learn.

That’s really how I learned what little I do know about makeup, from being the model of a friend of mine who went through the Blush program.  I paid attention, I listened to what his instructors were saying, I learned new stuff.

Then I just got used to putting make up on myself.

I still would like to be professionally made up sometime, that would be fun.

I am going to learn some new things, meet some new people, and hey, get to be on the set of a music video?


I will take the train if it’s raining and I don’t want to be on my bicycle.

It’s not a paid gig, it’s more like an apprenticeship and considering how much courses to learn make up do cost, it’s a pretty awesome thing to get to be involved with.

It’s another thing I get to learn how to do.

There is so much to learn.

I don’t believe that I will ever master any of them, but I also get to find out what I like.  And from just a pure girly sort of stand point, I do like make up.

I never wore it in high school or in college.

I remember my first serious boyfriend rather poo poo’ed it.

Of course he was smoking pot, sporting t-shirts with Onion slogans on them (Fuck you, you fucking fuck was great for grocery shopping at Woodman’s) and plaid flannels, Van’s for skateboarding and playing frisbee golf and smoking more pot and drinking craft beer.

I am surprised he was ok with me shaving.

I remember once his dad made some comment about how I was high maintenance and it pissed me right the fuck off.

High maintenance?

I don’t wear mascara.

How can I be high maintenance?

He probably meant my personality.

But I did begin to wear a little something now and then to compliment the ever-present pot of Rachel Perry Lip Lovers that was always in my front right pocket.

I loved that stuff.

Still, to this day, I have not found an adequate replacement.

I started to learn how to put on make up in my thirties.

I started with lipstick.

I carry approximately seven to eight of them in my makeup bag.

I can do without the mascara, blush, powder, eye makeup, but don’t take away my lip gloss man.

“I couldn’t stop staring at your mouth,” she said to me one night after a get together, “it’s so, so, uh, glossy, what do you use?”

I love lip gloss.

Not too sticky though.

I am not a fan of the sticky gloss.

My hair gets caught in it, my lips feel funny, and it’s not good for kissing.

I like a creamy lip gloss that has high shine and if it glitters excellent.

If not, I make something happen.

No body is going to read this post, it’s all about lip gloss.


I could briefly write about glitter.

Like the helmet I am going to get to accompany my Vespa.

Oh, don’t worry, I will make sure it is DOT approved.

I am not an idiot.

I just glitter like one.

Another new thing to learn and experience, the scooter thing, that is.

Two weeks from today at approximately this time I will be wrapping up my first of three days of motorcycle safety class.

Seems a bit surreal that all the sudden it’s happening.

But that’s how things happen.

Just out of the blue.

Yet, I know that a lot of work had to preface this decision.

I was thinking as I cautiously navigated my way home tonight, it was starting to rain on the way back, that I have really in a short period of time come a very long way.

I was completely broke when I landed at SFO in May.

I mean broke.

I had ten dollars in my wallet.

Nine months later I am living in a nice studio that is fully furnished with full-time work, having paid off the debt to Barnaby, travelled once to Florida, gone to Burning Man, re-established myself, and my wardrobe, have a smidge of money in savings toward a new laptop, am fed, housed, and taken care of.

And I am getting a scooter.

How amazing.

I really do show up and do the work.

I don’t always let myself see how willing I am to try to do.

To be taught.

Even when I get scared to show up and fumble around.

I don’t have to be perfect on Sunday.

I just need to show up.

Rain or shine.

I will be there.

I get to be of service and learn.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Plus, come on, it’s on a music video shoot!

Good times.

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