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Who Does A Girl Need to Blow

May 15, 2014

To get a date around here?



That didn’t quite come out like I meant it.

When can a girl get her Brazilian blow out so she can get a date up in here?


That’s what I meant.


The first might be applicable too.


Come on.

It’s spring!


It’s hot up in here.  It hit 90 degrees today.  Although my phone refused to update the temperature until half the day was through.

Listen I am not stupid and it did not feel like 77 degrees, it was hotter than that, I know it was.

Then at the last-minute, there it was, 90.

It hit 90.


I cannot remember the last time I was in San Francisco and it hit 90 degrees in May.

It was hotter than yesterday for sure, but I was more prepared for it, mentally, physically, who knows, wardrobe was about the same, but I was ready and I was also better prepared for my charge.

I had plans to.

Plans that had the old kabosh put right on them.

The scooter did not start again.


Double sigh.

I am still convinced that it is something small, some little thing I am over looking, but I was supposed to take it in to see the guy that’s done the majority of the work on it to fix the fender today–which I have been adequately informed is cosmetic and should be no problem.

The problem, again, I believe is me.

But, I was prepared for the possibility that the scooter wouldn’t start and had given myself a lot of leeway in case I had to hop on my bicycle, which is what happened.

The ride, though hot, was not too bad and I made it with five minutes to spare, enough time to stop sweating, mop my brow, park my bike in the garage and be ready to take on the day.

Which was made infinitely easier when I found out I had access to a better stroller than I have been using–one with a better canopy for my boy and also one with a rotating front wheel and a high bar–a City Bob.

God I love a good jogging stroller.

I have no desire to be one of those tight pants ladies in the park running furiously along the pathways in Golden Gate Park, stopping to jump up and down on the planters and do squat lunges in front of the carousel while their children look with longing at the hot dog vendor dispensing popcorn sacks and sodas.


However, a good jogging stroller is fantastic for the out and about of a busy nanny.

Ie, me.

I like to get out with my boys and girl, tomorrow’s Thursday, I shall see my little girl pie, and go to the parks and walk and do adventures and have field trips, and man, it’s so much easier with a good stroller.

So, chalk one up for the day getting better even though the scooter didn’t start.

What did start today?

The water got turned on at the Mission Pool and Playground!

I was there minutes after the city DPW came in and turned on the water main that feeds the sprinkler park in the front playground that faces Valencia Street.


I got the bunny out of the stroller, took off his shoes, took off my shoes, pranced in and out of the mists and sprinklers, dipped his toes in the puddles, danced around, stomped our feet and basically had a giggle fest.


And I get paid for this.

Helps on the days when I don’t have a break for the whole day or the teething is bad or the babe is sick or something wonky happens and I can’t sit, days like today really help.

I remember the days like today as well, better than the bad days for sure, when I am being goofy, seeing my toenails a bright painted red, bare feet in the spray and the sun and the mist throwing little rainbows about my face and arms.

The news flash-fired through the neighborhood and within twenty minutes of the water main being turned on, the park was mobbed.

But I got mine.

And so did my little guy, he had a blast.

I couldn’t really take photos with my phone, but the giggles are impressed upon my heart.  I won’t forget those giggles ever.

Balm on my soul.

The walk back up the hill with the stroller was interrupted by a return phone call I had made while my charge had been napping earlier, it was Solid Gold, my hair people.

“When was the last time you were in,” my friend Calvin asked, “it’s been awhile hasn’t it?”



Five months, maybe six.

He looked up my file in the computer system, “nine months!”


I knew I needed to come in, but I hadn’t expected to be in the chair tonight.

The plan had been I would be riding the scooter up there, the mechanic is next door to the salon, and then I would be making an appointment in person.

Cut and color.

I would give you a preview, but we decided to not show our hand too soon.

Gonna get a little crazy up in here.

Just saying.

So, when the scooter was not running today I had to make the call into the salon to set up the appointment.  The receptionist got me in this evening for stage one.


First the cut.

The the color.

Then the next set of color.

Then the Brazilian Blow Out.

I am going full on.

It helps when I have been going to them for a while, they treat me special and I refer every single person to them I can, I love my friends and their small business, go friends!

Calvin’s partner, Diane, is my colorist.

We had us a little talk and the total time it’s going to take to do the color is six hours.



I cannot wait.

It’s going to be crazy good.

She’s going to break it up into two segments.

Then to seal the color we are going to do a Brazilian Blow out.

“You know, you get laid when we do you hair,” Calvin joked with me.

“Shit, you’re right,” I smiled, it has been about nine months.


“It’s on!  You’ll be beating them back with sticks,” he added.


Been too damn long.

I am ready.

Let’s get this party started.

Yeah, So It Was Hot Today

May 14, 2014

News flash.

Heat wave.



The scooter didn’t start this morning and I got the pleasure of riding my bicycle like I was a bat out of hell and screw riding the Pan Handle, I am going down Oak Street, and up and over to 19th and Noe.

And I made it in 28 minutes.

6.2 miles in 28 minutes, almost half of it up hill.



The scooter didn’t start.

What else is new?

I don’t know what exactly I am doing or not doing, apparently I have the opposite of the Midas touch, but I felt it wasn’t going to start this morning and sure enough, that’s what happened.

I may have flooded it again.

I don’t know.

I give up.

I am going to try to start it tomorrow and take it in to the mechanic that my friend took it too–the mechanic that put the brand new engine in it, the engine that gets it with me on it, up and over 17th.


Yesterday, cresting that hill and seeing the view down into the bay was extraordinary.

The view from the house I nanny out is pretty extraordinary too.

It reminds me a lot of Rome when it is hot, the way the city’s houses march up the terraced  hills and how they are arranged and the light, it feels very Mediterranean, very Italy.

I remembered sitting in the cafe at the top of the museum, whose name I forget, in Rome, while my friend was taking a tour group through the Coliseum, and drinking an Americano and writing in my notebook and looking out over the city scape and thinking, this reminds me of San Francisco.

I also remember wanting to put my head down on the table, overwhelmed with gratitude and a kind of disbelief, how did I get here?

It was only for a moment, but that moment stays with me, and I remembered it today looking out the back balcony of the house.

They do have an exquisite view.

They also have a back yard, that I used for the first time ever today.

I took the inflatable pool down and filled it with water and put the baby in it.

It was too hot to do lots of trekking about and I had no desire to go to the Mission and even investigate if the water park had its sprinklers on, I was not going to climb up and down that hill anymore than I had to today.

I did make two small visits to the Eureka Valley Rec Center, however, one in the early afternoon before lunch and one visit to the play room before dinner (they have an indoor play area for toddlers that is pretty sweet for inclement weather use–normally that’s rain, today it was for the sun).

Though it was pretty deserted too, the playground too warm for playing, the nannies all huddled in one corner with a gaggle of kids strapped into strollers and sitting in the shade.

I kept to the part of the park that was shady for as long as I could, then I took the monkey back up the hill and decided to put out the pool in the back yard.

It was well worth the small amount of effort to listen to him giggle and splash and cool him down.

And wonders of wonders, he actually took a second nap.

I think the heat wore him out.

Heck, I am a bit tuckered out myself.

I did a meditation at work and zonked out asleep for about five minutes before getting up and putting the house back together, putting away the pool, getting things organized, then, as though on cue, the boy awoke and we played for a bit more.

It really was too hot to do a lot though and it’s going to be that way tomorrow as well.

Then, like the good San Francisco micro-climate is wont to do, it will cool off dramatically, and probably get foggy.

One more day of the hot.

It’s nice, though to wear a light summer time dress and have bare shoulders.

I even rode my bicycle home without my sweatshirt on.

That’s a rare, rare, rare occasion, I might have done it two other evenings since I have moved to the Outer Sunset.

Which isn’t as far as you think it is, I can get to work in the Castro in fifteen minutes, when the scooter is working.

I feel it shall start-up tomorrow.

I am sure it will.

I will get up early just in case.

And if it doesn’t, well, I have my trusty back up bicycle.

It is nice to have options.

I wanted to be annoyed this morning, but I wasn’t, in fact, the lack of annoyance was so small, I wondered if I was quite well.

When my plans and tiny designs don’t go as well, er, planned, then I do have a tendency to get my panties in a scrunch.

But as I see more often than not, I get something better than I had planned.

Today I got extra exercise.

I need that, I can get crazy in the brain if I don’t get physical at some point in my day.

I also got to slow down.

Maybe I might not have had a good day on my scooter, maybe I would have had an accident, who knows.

I don’t always have to know, is what I know.

The reasons why and whereof little serve me.

Like what am I doing with my life?!

Living it.

Doing the best I can.

Showing up for it.

Not having an argument with myself raving around high on dirty meth in the park.

Being present.

Being on time.

No rolling pilfered cigarettes from butt cans outside of bars.

Don’t know what that looks like?

I do, I have done it before.

You take the discards of cigarettes, on the ground, in dirty ashtrays, etc, pull off the filter, rip apart the paper and dump the tobacco remnants into a new paper, roll it, and voila!

A cigarette.


Not doing that today either.

So, it was hot and so my scooter didn’t start.

So what?

My faith in what I am doing and how I am showing up for it carries with it a deep change in perspective.

And instead of getting mad about it, I get to be grateful.

Grateful for the strong legs that can pedal so fast, grateful for the bicycle that carries me, grateful I get to live in San Francisco.

Where when it gets hot we all gripe, but secretly love it.

I won’t be eating an ice cream cone in the park tomorrow.

But I have a RSVP for a very special and private pool party for one.

I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

I might scooter there.

I might ride my bicycle there.

But I will be there.

That’s the best.

Showing up.

That’s what I am doing with my life today.

Showing up.



Accounted for.


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