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Nothing Happened

December 12, 2013

Today was a good day.


Pretty much nothing happened.

Nothing big and fancy and life changing.

Just life.

I got done with work a little early and spent the late afternoon hanging around the Inner Sunset at 7th and Irving only to find out that my intended place to be at 4:30p.m. was not happening.

Oh well.

I still got to sit in a cafe for an hour and do some writing.

I never got to my morning pages this morning.

I decided upon waking up that a shower was more needed then doing the writing.

I didn’t put that in my “sex or lack thereof blog” last night.

I wouldn’t have hooked up with my friend unless he was willing to wait for me to take a shower and shave my legs and wash my hair.


I was a dirty monkey.

Normally my routine would have been to take one last night, but since my friend came over I skipped it to spend time catching up with him and drinking tea.

By the time I was done writing the blog it was just past my bedtime and it was time to just give up on the day and know that I would do the washing and scrubbing in the morning.

I sprang out of bed.

The alarm went off and I leapt.

I don’t know why, but I was awake and ready to take on the day.

“Joy of living, is my principle today,” I said to her on the phone as I crested the top of Parnassus at Frederick pushing the double stroller ahead of me to the park.

I don’t know why I picked that particular one and for a while I was a bit miffed at myself for doing so.

Then I realized that I had fallen for the Lucy again, good ol’ Charlie Brown kicking that football thinking something different was going to happen, and whomp!

Landing on his back again.

I set myself up with expectation so quick.

I hadn’t even meant to.

I was bordering on discontented when I was wandering around the Inner Sunset, what am I doing, what am I going to do with the rest of my day, what am I going to eat for dinner, my brain was all yackety yack at me.

I glanced up from my bike and realized I had time to catch the sunset and avoid the crazy rush hour commuter traffic on Irving if I got going and stopped lolly gaggging around.

Sometimes you just need to take an action.

I slipped my foot into the my sturdy purple Hold Fast straps and rocked my bicycle down Irving Street all the way out to the beach.

I stopped by the house threw a Japanese sweet potato in the oven, grabbed my camera and headed to the beach.


Thank God.

Just that, just going down to the edge of the ocean, climbing up the big dune and then the view, the heart stopping glory of the ocean at sunset to sustain me through the rest of what really has been and is a lovely day.

Sand Dune

Sand Dune







Judah @ 46th

Judah @ 46th

I skipped about the tides and watched the ripples glowing in the light, squatting down at the edge of the water to capture as much color in the sky and the water as I could.

My body opened, my breath deepened, and all of the day fell away.

I turned and walked back to the dunes and climbed the hill in reverse sending my housemate, who has been down with the wicked flu bug that has been making the rounds, a text asking if she needed anything from the store.

I got the request for a coconut from Trouble Coffee and Coconut Club and scampered over to the cafe to purchase a young coconut for her to sip on.

I turned for the last look back as the glow diffused across the avenues and I felt so lucky to be here and alive and just peaceful, exactly in the right place, no regrets on who I am, where I am, or where I am supposed to be.

I was just present.

“Incoming coconut,” I texted my house mate, ran up the stairs, dropped it off, asked if there was anything else I could do and got the fuck out of the contamination zone.

Love you honey, but I don’t want what you got.

Everybody seems to have gotten it.

I need to pass right now, if you don’t mind.

I ducked back into my house, plugged in the Christmas tree, such sweet simple joy, just in that act, and got my potato out of the oven, made up my dinner, downloaded my photographs, did some editing work on them, posted up to my photography blog, I drank a hot cup of tea after my meal and got back on the bicycle to whip over to Ulloa Avenue and 41st for an hour.

Just getting there felt great.

The air still crisp, but not nearly as cold as a few nights back, the heady scent of fires burning in the homes, the twinkling of Christmas lights on the houses, the last smudges of the sunset inking over the dark indigo of the ocean, I breathed in and smiled like an idiot.

My legs so connected to my bike, it felt like my body was this pure machine, and I was free to drift in the sensory sea of images and smells and rich tactile air gushing past me and rifling in my hair under the infinity scarf wrapped around my neck.


Nothing grand, but so amazing to be here.

So awesome to get this opportunity to do it and do it well.

I have one week left of being 40 and I haven’t fret once about it.

I feel like my life is just deepening and getting richer and all these experiences are just prepping me for the next great thing.

Until that happens, it could just be having a cup of really hot heady tea, that is the next great thing, fyi, I will just keep moving forward not worried about what is happening and not happening.

I am breathing.

Today was a good day.

Nothing happened.

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