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Just Another Pretty Day

March 18, 2014

At the park.

And it was.

Gorgeous today.



All I wanted to do was be outside.

Out in the world, smelling the flowers and feeling the sunshine on my face.

Lucky for me, I often hold office hours at the park.

Two in particular that were just blow me away gorgeous–Golden Gate Park and Buena Vista Park.

I am really grateful to be within walking distance of both of these, as well as Kids Kingdom in the Panhandle–although it can be a chilly park as all the trees are old and provide a lot of shade.

I overheard this today–“what side of the street do you want to walk on?”

The response?

“The sunny side.”

There are micro-climates in the micro-climates.

The shady side is always cold and the sunny side is always warmer, always, the difference in temperature makes me laugh sometimes, but I often do find myself navigating over to the sunny side.  It will be the difference between wearing my sweatshirt and jean jacket or not at all.

This afternoon I was able to leave the jacket at the house.

I still brought the boys stuff with, an extra blanket, an extra pair of pants, little jackets and lots of snacks.


Did you say snacks?

Put them in my mouth!

Ever see the amount of birds that hang out at a playground?


They wait for you to walk away, maybe put a baby in the swing, then flock to the stroller and pick out all the cracker crumbs from the carriage.

Makes me laugh every time.

I laughed a lot today.

I was in a good nanny mood.

Even when I arrived and my eldest charges was in grumpy cat mode, I still put on my happy Monday face.  And dance music.  Dance music always helps obliterate the Monday blues.

A little Beegees to get the feet moving while I looked for the appropriate feel good soundtrack to the day.

It ended up being a funk/soul/R&B compilation from the 70s.


Blasted some Hues Corporation, Rock the Boat, segued into Shuggie Otis, Strawberry Letter 23, then before you know it, time to walk out to the park.

We hit Golden Gate Children’s playground first, but most of the equipment was still wet from the heavy fog from last night and there was no going down slides.

Slides is what’s half the fun of going to the park.

Swings is the other.

The boys wore themselves out and before eleven thirty a.m. were down and having their first nap of the day.

The only nap of the day.


I had my fingers crossed that a second nap for the youngest was to be happening, but alas, no, he was wound up from having a gigantic poop and there was no going back once the magic nap window had been breached.

He was wired and stayed that way until just before mom came to pick him up.

The early nap though short, was sweet.

I dropped the hoods over their little sleepy faces and made a quick dash through the Whole Foods at Haight and Stanyan.

Although I did cook up a big pot of beans with rice and chicken, I still needed some apples to get me through, and my favorite lunch side, raw carrots with humus.

I do not know what it is about this, but raw carrots with sea salt and lemon humus is like the perfect snack.


I was able to eat my raw carrots with humus and have a cup of tea before the little one woke up from his nap, and then feed him and get him changed into fresh pants before the older boy woke up and I got to repeat the process.







Push stroller.

Push swing.

Dig in sand box.


Repeat often.

Take ibuprofen from pushing stroller too exuberantly up to Buena Vista Park.

I love this park.

It is old school with bright primary colors and it’s secluded, off the beaten path, rarely used, and small, completely fenced in, the view is amazing, and, and, and, it sucks to push a double wide stroller up the last part of the hill, it is steep.

But the reward upon arriving is usually worth it.

It is frequently empty when we arrive and there are nice comfy benches for me to sit on and it’s small enough that I can actually sit down and let the boys wander on their own a little.

They can’t go too far, I can see a direct line of sight everywhere in the park space and I actually, amazing this, can sit for a minute or two.

Golden Gate Park Children’s Playground is gorgeous and fun and awesome and the boys love it, but I am constantly on, there’s so much happening, so many nooks and crannies and more than one play area, three sand boxes, two swing sets, a gigantic wave wall for amateur rock climbers, and huge expanses of lawn.

None of which is gated in.

I am on hyper alert most of the time.

Once the eldest disappeared behind the wave for a moment and when I turned he was completely out of my line of sight, I could feel the panic rise in my throat as I scooped up the little one from the sand box and galloped toward the edge of the sand box to crane my neck, and yes, there he was, right by the tortoise, but yikes.

That  is not a feeling I like to have.

No thank you.

I don’t know how often I will take them up to Buena Vista park, there is one other drawback from the hike up the hill, no bathrooms.

But today, it was perfect.

And they were happy.

And I was happy.

And if you’re happy and you know it, smile real big.


Yup, that’s what happy looks like.







Man Down

March 11, 2014


The cable box is down.

No Internet.

Despite my landlord texting me this information earlier this afternoon, the first thing I did was try to get online.

No dice.

I want to be annoyed, but there’s no need for it.

I want to be annoyed by the dress that came in the box too, but mom, well she tried.

Of course, the first snippy thought that goes through my head is, please, stop sending me stuff that doesn’t fit, story of my life, unless we are together in the store and you see me actually wearing the clothes, don’t buy it for me, don’t send me clothes, they won’t fit.

My brain said, nice card, next time just send me the money you spent on postage.

Not nice.

I know, but that’s where the brain goes.

I will call tomorrow and say thank you like a good dutiful daughter.

I may not even bother to tell her it does not fit.

It did not fit when I tried it on in Florida when I was there in January.

Mom apparently forgot.

It is a nice thought and it is nice to get a package in the mail.

Even if it’s not the package you were expecting.

I wasn’t expecting anything, so it was nice to see.  I knew it was clothes the minute I picked it up and I did really want to holler, but that’s old behavior and the new behavior, is hey look some new clothes I can pass on to a friend.

Any one want an Anne Taylor dress in a size 14? I am not a size 14, smaller, thank you, but the boning of the bodice is too small for my rib cage.  Hit me up.

It’s brand new with the tags.

Say the word, it’s yours, cream, with black print flowers and the aforementioned boned bodice, strapless and with a full skirt.  It’s really quite pretty.

I am sure one of my lady friends needs a new dress and if not I will take it to a clothing shop or donate it to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.


Looks like I am going to be getting my scooter soon.

I got a text from my friend today when was it good to come over and drop it off.

So sometime this week he’ll be scooting over to my neck of the woods and dropping off my “new” wheels.  I haven’t gotten the written test taken yet that will happen on the 25th but I will have the scooter, the title, and insurance all set for when I get my license.

Rock on.

Other than that not much new on the roster.

I had a nice day with the boys, the sunshine certainly helped that, and we went to Golden Gate Park and Kids Kingdom.  The sunshine was amazing.  We even hung out in the back yard for a little bit and played house in the little play skool house that is nestled in the corner.

The sweet smell of cut grass, the warm air, we actually had to put sunblock on.

This whole week is supposed to be sunny and about 70 degrees.

Thank you.

I won’t be stuck inside with any of my charges in the rain.  I will go to the park, a lot.  I may also take the boys on an adventure to the Academy of Sciences, it’s a long walk from the house in Cole Valley, but it’s not an impossible walk and if it’s good weather that I can rely on staying good, I am willing to make the investment in time and effort to get there.

It is something to consider.

It may not be the best field trip yet for the boys as the youngest is still not walking on his own, he’s close, but not capable and navigating the Academy with a double stroller will be a challenge.  Then again, I have done it before and as long as it’s not a weekday following a holiday or a school vacation, during the week it won’t be too busy.

I will check in with the mom tomorrow, I believe that she just re-newed the pass from and individual membership to a family membership.  This means that with a permission slip (really, a signed permission slip from the parent) I can take the membership card and the eldest boy will automatically get in with me and is allowed one guest.

That would make the three of us.

It could be a fun trip to do.

I had a lot of fun last week taking the littlest boy out to the Discovery Museum, it made me a bit nostalgic for taking my monkeys out and about from Potrero Hill to all points in the city.

I like that I am close to the parks, but I go to the same ones each day and sometimes you got to change it up.

Golden Gate Kids Park was amazing today.

No one was there.

Oh, I exaggerate a tiny bit, but it was nearly empty and it was a blast letting the boys rumble about.  The sun out on my face, I left my jacket at the house, that never happens, ever, the swings and the sand box deserted, it felt special to have so much space to ourselves.

It was also a different and enjoyable, I must say, feeling, to leave work and it was still light outside.

I did not much like getting up in the dark this morning, but the extra hour of daylight really made me change my mind.

It did wonk up the works a bit in regards to nap time, but naps were had and overall it really was a sweet, easy, sunshiny day with the charges.

Even with the five-alarm poop explosion that happened at Kids Kingdom, it was full on crazy for a minute.  But I had all my gear with me, plastic bag, change of diapers, water bottles, milk bottle, changing mat, wipes, snacks (puffs, veggie shreds, banana, peas, crackers and Mum Mums—teething biscuits), extra clothes, sun block, sun hats, I mean you name it, I had it, shovels (not that the shovel was needed for the diaper changing, it was bad, but not that bad) and sand buckets, blankets, sometimes I wonder how I even manage to get out of the house with all the gear.

But manage I did.


It was had.

Sun it shone out.

Lovely day.


***This was posted via the internet when I wandered around the room with my laptop and was able to pick up a neighbor’s weak guest signal.

I Am, Uh, Good?

October 3, 2013



Not question mark.

Too funny.

I just got off the phone and finished a good check in with one of my people and there was no drama to report, no anxiety, no fear of finance, or work, or food, or sex, or jesus, who the hell is this person?

We ended up talking about different styles of yoga.

I told her I was thinking of taking some yoga and I got the thumbs up.

Certain things I really need to run past others, I can get on the self-improvement kick real quick instead of the self-acceptance thing, and especially around exercise or body stuff, I need to run it past someone else.

And yes, the green light.

Tomorrow I will go to the yoga place and check it out.

I am meeting someone at Trouble Coffee at noon to do some reading and talk some life experience, and strength, and you know, stuff.

Then I figure after an hour of that I will be ready to walk into the yoga studio and say, sign me up.

I have tomorrow off.

I have a speaking engagement in the evening and there is the outside possibility that the Mister may have some time.

The message I received was, maybe Thursday, maybe Saturday.

Maybe I need to date someone else, or make it known to him that I want to date someone who I get to see more than every other week, maybe.

I like him.

I do.

But man, I am 40.

I ain’t saying let’s get married and pop out some kids, but I am saying, jesus fucking christ on a pogo stick, please, some more time together, and some like intimacy.


I am a dirty girl.

I want to get laid.

But I dont’ want to get laid out of a relationship, Burning Man’s over, ahem.

That being said, my friend on Sunday said something quite pithy about it and it’s been rattling around in my head for the whole three days since we sat down to tea.

Powerful, successful, busy people make time for people they are interested in.

I think he’s just not that into me.

If he were I would be getting some more attention.

I think.

I started scrolling through OkStupid a little again.

I got a few hits, some from guys I actually went on dates with years ago.

But, dude, I’m sorry, there was no chemistry the last time we went on a date, why would there be now?


But no thanks.

So, that’s the only thing I have any concern about?

Life, yeah, is good.

Work has been lovely.

The boys have been just peaches and the days at the park have been so lovely.

Today we went to Kids Kingdom in the Panhandle and there were musicians playing on the benches by the basketball court and not your usual buskers that hang out around the Haight trying to make spare scratch for a hot meal and a pack of cigarettes, an eighth and a bottle of rot gut.


I think, I mean, maybe they weren’t but, they were musicians in town for Hardly Strictly Blue Grass, which is this weekend, they were so good.

I have never heard someone play banjo the way this man was.

It blew my hair back.

It was the perfect soundtrack to hang out in the park.

Sunny Indian Summer in the PanHandle.

Lead the Way

Lead the Way

I let my older charge out of the stroller and walked behind him as he toddled toward the play area, enjoying the music, the sun, the dappling shadows on the grass.

The baby was in the Snugli happily chewing on my sweatshirt drawstring, teething he is, and I felt just a sense of everything being exactly how it is supposed to be.

The entire day.

The entire eveing.


Even the Mister.

You know, there’s nothing wrong with anything that is happening.

I am getting to learn what I need to learn and I am absurdly grateful for that.

I also made some phone calls today.

Leaving messages with most, but finally getting back to some of the messages that have accrued over the last few days.

One of which was a message from someone I used to work with a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.


His father had passed a few weeks back and he discovered a load of photographs from the time we worked together, some of which his parents were in.

I remember them well, sweet, and supportive of their son and his, strange decision to move to San Francisco.

Anyone moving to San Francisco from Wisconsin has to be strange you know.

Why would you leave?

He and I caught up and made tentative plans to have coffee next weekend.

I haven’t sat and had coffee with him in over 8 years.

That is a long time to not see someone who was a huge part of my life when I first moved to San Francisco.

I paved the way for him into a job at the Angelic Brewing Company.

He introduced me to San Francisco’s Mission District.

Vouching for me to my first room mates at 805 York Street.

He was at my first Thanksgiving that I cooked in San Francisco.

A meal that was supposed to be him and two other old co-workers from the Angelic and ended up becoming this epic dinner of 13 orphans.

I have so many fond memories of him.

And some fear too.

I acted badly toward then end of the time I was friends with him and for a long time it was suggested that I not reach out, that my motives may have not been the best.

Sometimes when you are a certain age you play hard and then you grow up.

I just played hard and ran away.

I ran away to the place I needed to be, but I abandoned a lot of friendships along the way.

It was nice to hear his voice and know that the fear is silly and that he probably has no judgements about me.

I am usually the only one really judging me anyhow.

But as of the last few hours, well, I haven’t got a thing to judge.

Oh, I am certain I’ll shake something up.

But right now?

I am just fine.

I am good.

I am perfect.

I always have been.

I just haven’t always allowed myself to see it.

Perfectly flawed.

Perfectly, deliciously, human.

Perfect me.

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