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Window in the Heart

August 27, 2014

I’m going to Graceland.


I mean Burning Man.

Yeah, that thing.

I actually went to it yesterday.

After the epic down pour, shower of hail, lighting and thunder, lighting strikes (three people were hit that I am aware of, one of them I met today he was across the street from my camp–it exited through his foot and blew a toenail off!) and being trapped in the Commissary for five hours, it was a great day.

Sort of.

I mean, in my head it was a crazy day, a day of trepidation a day of serious consideration about my work, what I do, what my part in my community is, what I can do to be of service, how to act from a place of love and how to let the fuck go.

I got up in the morning and did what I do.

Except it was with a certain kind of foreboding of what the day would bring, confrontation was on my mind and I was unnerved by the previous day and I the gift of an unexpected day off.

Sometimes unexpected time can throw me the fuck off.

What the hell was I going to do?

Well, you know, there’s that Burning Man thing happening.

The rain had started in the morning around 6:30 a.m.

I woke up to the pounding on the roof of the trailer and I went back to sleep, thinking it would pass and it was far too early for me to be getting up on a day off.

Despite knowing that I was not going to be up late anyway–I had to be up to go to the Commissary which is closed by 8:30 a.m.–if I wanted to have breakfast.  Especially since I would be riding cross town on my bicycle, not riding with the family since it was a day off.

I made my bed.

I said my things and read my stuff.

And I started to get dressed and that intuitive voice spoke up loud.


I was debating what to where, it was cool, should I layer, do I want this dress, those tights, “GO!” rang in my head again.




How about…


I looked at my watch, yeah, I guess I should go, I am going to be cutting it close with the hours and I don’t want to miss breakfast, so I slid into a black slip dress, threw on a sweatshirt and pulled on my boots, no makeup, no flowers in my hair, nothing glittery.

I mean, I figured I would just get all dressed up after breakfast.

I hopped on my chopper and hit to the Commissary.

I made it about half way from the 9 o’clock keyhole across the playa when it started to rain, not a down pour, but definitely a serious kind of rain, not a light mist, not a “I’ll just be passing through” sort of shower, but some serious water.

It was like taking a cold shower and I hustled up to the Esplanade and turned down 5:30 toward the spot and I got there, wet, but not soaked and happy to have made breakfast hours.

Little did I know how lucky I was to make it when I made it.

By the time my breakfast was done it was a downpour.

I had popped out to use the john and by the time I had gotten back it was falling hard.

There were about fifteen, twenty of us in the Commissary and we just sat it out, and the sky open and the deluge began.

It’s still wet playa around the tent today, despite having a full day of sun to dry it out, there are still spots of wet that are slick and slippery and stick like glue to anything with a tread.

I struck up a conversation with a  woman and we spent the next two hours talking children, she’d left her 20 month home with hubby to come out to the event (or soon to be hubby, he sent her as a wedding gift, they’ll be married in October), that’s the kind of hubby I like, and we just had a rapport.

And of course, hours to talk.

There were plenty of worse places to be.

I was tremendously grateful to have gotten out of camp–nary a thing to eat in my trailer except apples, and I would have been pretty isolated and by myself.

Not that I am horrible company, but it was far preferable to be where there were people and hot coffee and music.

We all sang along to “Singing in the Rain,” and giggled at the silliness of it.

The city shut down and a snow day was declared.

All vehicles held at the Gate.

Traffic turned back and Wadsworth and Fernley back to Reno.

I heard of 22 hour waits to get in.

Thank God I was at the Commissary.

And eventually, the lighting passed, spectacular to see a bolt shimmer down in a gap between the white tarp and all the lights above me flicker out.

The storm knocked out the power grid in the center of the city, the internet, and communications were reduced down to the radios and word of mouth.

After lunch I walked over to my friends camp which was nearby, the sun had been drying things out, but not enough for me to use my bike, and I spent time with them.

I went walking with a good girlfriend and had lovely talks and we wandered the playa with others on foot.

It was sweet and spacious and open.

No art cars, no vehicles, a scattered few bicycles, and folks walking, converging, conversing, getting to know their neighbors.

It was an amazing experience.

I went back to her camp, met with some fellows for an hour, then back to the Commissary for dinner.

By that time I was ok riding my bicycle and the event had re-opened the gates.

And now it’s Burning Man out there.

I had a few other things happen.

I’ll tell you later about all the magic of last night.

Now it’s time to wrap up and sleep.

I only got three hours last night and I worked a full day and I have a full day tomorrow.


I found out that despite having yesterday off, I am still going to be given Thursday off, an unexpected gift.

When more magic shall be had.

Rain Day

August 21, 2013

*This post was written last night, and as it turns out the weather was not as bad as it sounded while I was inside the trailer, but this was the post I wrote while waiting it out.


Yup, another storm on the horizon, big one too from the looks of it.

But after that, forecasts, for whatever that’s worth, appear clear.

Exquisitely Lucky

Like way beyond grateful right now.

There is a rager of a dust storm happening, which is presaging a rain storm.

Yup, there is rain a coming, until about ten minutes ago I was outside with a cup of tea and a new friend talking about Burning Man adventures.

We were watching the lightning storm on the horizon guessing if we would be missing the storm or if it would make it to us.

Then, an update, rain, real rain, not the spatter of drops that flecked my face as I went out for my sunset bike ride.

I rode deep out into the playa, way past the Temple, where there was no one, no containers with artists materials, no noise, no sound, nothing but me, the high sky studded with whipped clouds underlit by the rosy sunset flocking the mountains ringing the high desert.

It was gorgeous.



I stopped my bicycle when I could not see anything but the mountains, the sky, the clouds and the horizon for 180 degrees.

Black Rock

Black Rock

Behind me I knew there was the event happening.

However, with my back turned, I could easily pretend that there was no one, just me, my bicycle and the stunning sky above.

Ok, now I just got a little frightened.  I have never experienced wind like this, the entire trailer is shaking and shaking hard, my tea is sloshing around in its cup like I am on an airplane experiencing severe turbulence.

I will not be leaving the trailer any time soon.

My boss warned me the weather was coming, jesus, this is intense, the entire trailer feels like its going to blow away.  I can’t tell yet if that’s rain out there or hail, but it’s big…

I got to stop writing.



I am ok.

There is nowhere I can go, there is nothing to do, but ride it out and thank god I am riding it out in a trailer and not a tent.  I am really hoping that my friends have all secured coverage.

Fortunately this is happening before the event, if there were more folks out here it could be messy for emergency services.

If it rains really hard we won’t be able to move.

The boss said, don’t worry, we have lots of food in the fridge if we have to buckle down for a few days we’ll be alright.

If the playa floods, we cannot move.

And the way it sounds out there something catastrophic is happening.

This is already, hands down the worst wind and weather I have experienced out here in seven years.

Lucky number seven.

I hear shit flying out there.

I heard my bike get pushed over, it dropped against the trailer and slid to the ground.


All the early art.


There are some beautiful pieces out there, I wonder how they are going to withstand this storm.

I wonder how long this is going to last.

The boss said inclement weather coming in an hour and a half.  That was at 10 p.m. it is now 10:28 p.m.  What is it going to be like by eleven?

The noise I heard was not rain, I think it was just big bits of playa smacking against the trailer.

Well, I have tea and I have coffee.

There is water in the water bottle and I can use the toilet in the trailer, although it was to be strictly for emergency only, so I built up a vanity over it so I wouldn’t be tempted to use it, except in said emergency.

I believe this qualifies.

I feel like if I open the door it will be pulled off its hinges.

In fact, I am tempted to lock it.

However, I am keeping it open as I told a couple of my friends if there were to get stuck out in this neighborhood they could use it as a bolt hole.

I don’t know that anyone will be able to see where I am, it is pure white out.

This blog is being done off line as well, there is no getting online.

There is no phone.

There is no one to call either.

I am not suffering an emergency.

Just some nerves.

I do want to get myself tucked into bed though.

I have Brazilian lounge music playing on the stereo and I can do a nice wipe down with some baby wipes, a whore’s bath if you will, and crawl under the covers and just sit it out.

I don’t think I will sleep any time soon, but the kettle is on and I can get out my book I am reading and just hunker down.

Ah, oh my god, there’s the rain.

That is heavy, thick sounding rain.

This is no little shower.

This is a downpour.

The playa is about to become soup.

No body is moving anytime soon.

I will keep you posted.

If I ever get out of here.

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