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Reader Alert

March 5, 2013

I was recently asked to contribute to a blog, yet to be named, but I believe the domain has been secured, about being a woman of a certain age.


Now as most of you know I am not shy about my name, my age, my sex, or lack there of, not getting any at the moment, although I suspect that may change soon, or the amount of money in my bank account–not a fucking lot.

I am however, loathe to re-post things that are not to my blog “fresh”.

That being said the woman who asked me to submit also indicated she would like to link to my blog and that I should go ahead and put up the post.

I do not know that much about this whole deal, blog etiquette, etc.

However, I am going to do just that, but in good faith I feel that I still owe a true post on the day, important things happened today, here in Paris.

Thus, I am going to put up the post, “Living the Dream” after I put this up, my sort of disclaimer, you could say, so if you want to skip, well, you can.  Although, of course you are invited to read it.

The reason I am not putting this forth as its own fresh blog post is that I have covered the content of the blog already.  I have expressed my position numerous times here about the trials and tribulations, the acne and the grey hair, the tattoos and the glitter, quite adequately of being this woman, this age, and what this all means or does not mean in the scheme of things.

I will say that though the material is not new ground, it is a “new” blog.

I did not recycle something that I already wrote.  I did not cobble together something from a blog I already wrote or cut and paste it together.  I wrote it and re-wrote and edited it as a stand alone piece.

Speaking of posting something I already wrote, I have had it suggested to me that not only do I begin the process of doing follow-up e-mails about Baby Girl, it was recommend that I start posting it on my blog again.

I posted it once a couple of years ago.

It is the same and it is also different.

It is fleshed out in areas I needed to flesh out and it was cut in a lot of places that needed to have cuts made to it.  I am debating the idea of putting it back out as well as I now have a few more followers and not everyone who is currently subscribed to this blog would have  known of the book.

I am not sure how to make it the best reader friendly format.

I could put up full chapters once a week?

Perhaps that would be something.

I could do that at the end of the week, perhaps on Sundays, post up a chapter.

I would not use it as an excuse to shirk the work of doing my current blog either.

I would post it up as its own piece, then continue with the work of doing my daily writing.

I am also putting it out to the Universe that I need an “ideal reader”.

I am using Stephen King’s words.

I finished the memoir “On Writing” yesterday.

The suggestions are still sinking in.

I was a little hesitant at first when I was doing the reading, his style and my style are different and I don’t write fiction.


I do write fiction.

I have written short stories for a while now.

Not a plethora.

But enough.

Enough to know that his suggestions are entirely applicable to that writing.

I also noticed yesterday and today when I have been doing my blogging that I have used some of the tools he outlined already.  I have a great deal of the tools already in my kit that he was writing about and that made me feel pretty darn good, I brushed off a few here in the last day or two and am quite satisfied with the results.

Despite not doing the majority of my writing with a fictional slant, the suggestions apply.

I also was given permission to be a writer.

I have been giving myself permission again and again and again, for years now, and yet I still can use the outside validation.

Something about how he wrote “I give you permission to be a writer” made me tear up.

It just echoed the feeling in my chest that I am on the correct path.

The money the fame the success are all nice he said.  And I believe him.  I do not have any of those things, yet.  He also said that he would do it anyway, without the money, the success, the fame, he would do it anyway.

So will I.

I will take the suggestions and permit myself a little more fiction in my life.

I will work on the next short story and I will let myself move forward with the novel I am writing, although it scares the living hell out of me.


I just finished my memoir and I am writing a novel?

Then again I have heard it from more than one person that sometimes you don’t get your first book published, it may not ever get out there, but the lessons learned from writing it and trying to get it out there are invaluable.  And that you will get the second book published.

I believe that.

So I believe I will continue to give myself permission to be a writer, to take the time tomorrow to not only do my morning pages and my afternoon query (now follow-up e-mails to be included in the process of the day), and my evening blog, but also to pursue this new side of my writing.

As well as submitting my smaller pieces.

I need to start building a platform of published pieces besides my blog.

To this end I will be submitting a poem or short story tomorrow too.

I ask again, Universe, I need a reader.

Some one to bounce all this off as I proceed forward.  I have an idea and I do write with this person in mind at the moment, until further notice I will use that to motivate the moving of words and re-moving.

The editing.

The re-writing.

This is the “plan” who knows how it will actually go, but this is what I am proposing.

For the rest of the month I work on implementing King’s tools into my toolbox and I write new fiction, I work on the novel and I show up for it just like I did for my memoir.

Then over Easter weekend I will go out to the country, I have a gig house sitting/dog sitting for a friend, where I will be alone, quiet and to myself, I will read the two manuscripts my room-mate brought back and start the second draft process.

That’s the idea.

Query, submit, write, read.


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