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Bring Out you Dead!

June 3, 2014

I feel fine!

I feel happy!

I feel!


Whoa little computer that could, don’t die on me yet.

Can you at least get me through one more episode of Burning Man?

I opened up my computer this evening with many great things planned to do and say and compute and search and interface and all things, you know, computery.

That’s a tech term, look it up.

(This is why I am paid the big bucks to be a nanny)

But instead of the familiar screen lighting up with my photos and various other assorted icons dancing their cute little way across the bottom of the screen, I got the blue screen of death.


I tried to turn it off.

Blue screen of death.

Also a technical term, really, believe me, I know these things.

I haven’t seen the blue screen of death before, but heard tales of her coming.

I tried a few things and eventually, as you may have deduced, I got it started.

I having nothing to do with it.

I was resigned to reading a book tonight and having some tea.

That’s not a bad way to spend the evening and that’s what I actually did last night after I finished writing my blog.

Only because the down load I had gotten of Game of Thrones was bad.

Restarted the down load, but the internet was super slow last night, ain’t too fast right now either, and I did not have time to watch it before going to bed.

I fell back on an old habit and read before tucking myself into bed.

It was actually quite enjoyable.

When I saw the blue screen on my computer I thought, well, good thing I renewed my Crash Plan back up system last week on Friday and if I have to go a few weeks without a computer I can.

Grateful as heck that I don’t have to, right now, it’s working.

I don’t know how much longer I am going to get use out of my “vintage” computer, but I am using her until I get the sad MAC face with the XX’s for eyes.

I hear that’s the worst.

I hear that means it’s kaput, kaput.

Until then, I am soldiering on with my computer.

I would actually have the money this month were I super frugal about it to at least pick up a refurbished computer, but I set aside money in my spending plan not for a new computer, but for my trip back to Wisconsin the first week in July.

Not that traveling to Wisconsin is super expensive, I am sure that I will see how cheap things cost and entertain, briefly, never for long, the notion of moving back to Wisconsin.

The siren song of cheap rent and cheap groceries and being a single lady in a land with more men than women in it may trill her heart out, but San Francisco is home.

I pay more in rent than my aunt and uncle pay for their mortgage on their house in Seymour, Wisconsin.

Then again, it’s Seymour, Wisconsin.


You haven’t heard of Seymour?

It’s famous.

Holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest hamburger ever.

I am not kidding.

I have seen pictures.


I won’t be in Seymour though, I will be in Hudson, and if the opportunity presents, up at my friend’s family’s cabin on the lake for a few days.

Again, not expensive outings for sure, but I want to have a nice little bit of walk about money in my pocket.

So, little computer that could, can you get me through another month, or two of computing?



Maybe I will ask my employers tomorrow to give me a hand.

One of my parents works for Apple.

I would love an employee discount.

Can I work for trade?

I will have to Google what exactly the blue screen means, but I am fairly certain it is not a good sign of laptop health.

And despite the laptop getting a new fan, it’s still shutting itself down after a little while, it gets too hot and just suddenly turns off.

Also, not exactly a sign of health.

I cannot complain though, this little lady has gotten me through years of use.

Years of blogging.

I started my blog with this computer, four years ago?


I think I have been writing the blog for five years, but it became a full-time thing after I visited my friend in Wisconsin, four years in January.

I know it’s at least four as her youngest son just turned four and he wasn’t walking when I saw him last, so, yeah, I think I have had this laptop for five years.

That’s  a damn good return on an investment.

I have had to take it in twice to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and once it cost $280 to fix the problem–they actually completely replaced the motherboard–and the second time it cost $53 to replace the fan.

I bought it refurbished for $1100.

So for less than $1500 I have had a really great working lap top for five years.

I won’t be buying anything other than Apple.

You better believe that.

I won’t be mad when this little gal goes her way, just grateful I have gotten to have her acquaintance so long.

She’s been to Burning Man four times, gone to Paris, London, Rome, Reno, Florida, LA, Courbevoie, France, East Oakland, North Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and a few other places.

I have written over 1300 blog posts on this computer.

I have over 7,000 photographs on it.

I have a book written on it.

I have watched a lot of great shows and movies on it and listened to music on her, e-mailed many, many, many an e-mail, and have ordered a few pairs of shoes from the internet on her.

The service has been great.

Thanks little computer that could.

Great to have you for another day.


See you tomorrow?




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