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These Boots Were Made

April 18, 2015

For walking.

And that is what I did a lot of today.

No bicycle for me.

I had today off.

It was not much different, in some ways, then a normal Friday.

I just got up an hour later, what a treat, and did laundry a day early, also a treat, but instead of getting on my bicycle and heading to the Mission for work, I headed to Mission Bay, UCSF to visit a friend and her husband and their brand new baby boy.

It was really amazing to see the little nuclear unit and he is a delicious little boy, the cheeks, oh, I could write pages of words on those cheeks.

I might lose a reader or fifteen, but really, fresh baby boy cheeks, so lovely and divine.

Mama was looking great and I was honored to be holding the little guy not even 24 hours after he was born.

It’s a privilege, this life.

And to get to stare into the eyes of a fresh, new, human being, I felt so alive and hopeful and happy and awed.

And well.

All the things.

It was also an experience to be at the UCSF Children’s Hospital.

I remember when it was the old Burning Man offices.

I remember when I nannied out of that space and all the things that have come for me because of that experience, an experience I get to continue having, so grateful to get to be a playa nanny again.

It really is amazing.

And I was wearing my playa boots.

New ones.

I did pull the trigger, I found a great pair on sale on-line, not too expensive that if I trash them I’ll be horribly upset and not too cheap that they won’t wear well on playa and they are cute and shall be wearing them out tomorrow night as well to the Steampunk Masquerade Ball at NIMBY in Oakland.

I broke in the boots a bit today with the walking around.

After I tore myself away from the new baby and kissed my friend goodbye I headed to the Mission to do a little shopping for the ball.

Because, well, why not.

I had spent some time looking through my supplies and things last night and I looked over my spending plan for the month and I found a little wiggle room.

And I found a few things to wiggle into that room.

I went to the obvious place in the Mission for steam punk attire.

Five and Diamond.

Normally, not a spot I frequent.

Too expensive.

However, if one is savvy shopper, there are things to be found.

And I found the two things I wanted and both were on sale.


I got a pair of navy ruffled bloomers high-waisted with three buttons running up the front panel and ruffles around the bottoms and tidy little ribbons on the side.

Normally $100.

On sale.

On sale.

And further on sale as they were the last pair in the store.

Final price.


Go me!

The other thing I picked up was a pair of goggles, $25, same exact style as the ones I have worn for the last five burns.

I won’t be wearing them tomorrow, it’s a masquerade ball, I’ll be wearing a mask, but I had to replace the ones that I lost last year.

It was time to replace them anyhow, I recall not being horribly upset that I had lost them as the lenses were scratched up with use, five years for a set of playa goggles is pretty good, especially when I think of how long I used them.

Then I popped into Multi-Kulti on Valencia, which is a like a discount “dance” store–like on a pole kind of dancing–and got a pair of KBell knee-high socks in grey (to match my boots) and black stripes with ruffled tops.

Plus a plain black mask.

I have another mask already, but you have to hold it, it’s on a stick and I know I am going to want to dance, so I figure a plain black one that I can slip on my face will do me much better than carrying around a mask on a stick.


It was a buck and some change.

And then it was off to get my nails done and do the deal at Our Lady of Safeway.

But something lured me into Cary Lane.

And there.

Oh yes.

Just there.

That sweet spot.

You know it, I know it, when something sings out and it’s the perfect fit and the perfect dress for the occasion.

I felt pretty set with my ruffled bloomers.

I mean, I figure, wear my utility belt, my boots, some fishnets, the striped socks with ruffles, some makeup and a few flowers in my hair and boom.

Steampunk Masquerade Ball.


I will compare and despair.

Hopefully I will keep it brief.

There are always going to be extraordinary, sexy, over the top, amazing people at these events, the costumery is just outstanding and my stuff is not really steam punk, but it will work and it’s cute.

Then I saw the dress and it is.

Not over the top with details and I might not coin it steam punk as a stand alone piece, but it’s damn close.

And it fits like a dream.

I was sort of shocked.

It’s not a style I normally try on and I just went for it and I am happy I did.

Regular price $137.

On sale.



So now I have a “costume.”

It’s not really a costume, but I will fit in and feel good and be pretty and I like that.

Being pretty.

It’s nice.

It’s a gift and I am grateful for it.

The dress is versatile too, I could wear it on a date.

Although, I have to stop asking.


Total sidebar.

I inquired after someone tonight.



Damn it man.

I’m done asking out as well.

The only way I am going to know for sure.

Is if the guy asks me out.

That’s it.

No more online dating.

No more asking out.

Done and done.

Tomorrow will be for dressing up and playing and hanging out with my friend and seeing old friends and maybe making a new friend or too.

I’m not going to focus on what I don’t have.

But what I have.

Fabulous friends.

New boots.

A beautiful new baby in my community.

A gorgeous new dress.

And somewhere to wear it too.

That is more than enough.




More than enough.

Then It Was Monday Again

November 12, 2013

Still working with the sore shoulder.

Which has prompted me to buy some ibuprofen and to let the monkey’s walk more.

I can still pick up the kids, I can still lift and haul.

It’s the pushing the stroller that is getting to be a challenge.

I at least opened my mouth today, let it be known that life has not been a vacation this last week or so, that I am in pain, that the promise of a new double stroller is real.

And vacation pay.

My two main families worked it out while I was working it last week and decided to offer me the same ten days paid leave that I would request from any family that I was doing full-time work for.

That blew me away.

I was hoping for five days, I figured that was fair, since I don’t work full-time for the families.

I will for the next two weeks, then boom.


I will take some paid time off that week.

Three days.

Three days pay is better than no days paid.

Then I don’t plan on having any more time off.

Both the families and the other family I work with exclusively on Thursdays, will be staying in town for Christmas.

I won’t, of course, work Christmas, but I will work during the holidays and that is a good feeling.

And when January comes around and I fly down to Florida to see my family I won’t be taking the hit on the chin, I will cover my days off with the offered paid time off days.

That is a relief.

Staying with these families feels right.

I freak out a little when I think about finding new work.

I say, let it look for me.

I don’t have to procure anything, I don’t have to go anywhere, I just have to show up for the children I have and do my job.

My basics are covered and when the Universe wants me to have more, more, well, it is usually revealed.

I don’t have to spend time thinking that I don’t have enough.

Even with the pandemonium my brain put me through last week.

I walked through, I am fine, yeah my shoulder hurts, but the good news?

I discovered an awesome Thai massage business and my posture for the last week has been absolutely incredible.

I find that sucking in my gut, pulling back my shoulders, walking more upright and straight, alleviates a lot of the strain.

Leading me to believe that it is indeed a strain caused by something I was doing when I was nannying.  I do feel inclined to think it is the stress of pushing the unwieldy double stroller, or maybe just that I work a lot and don’t always rest during my days off.

To that extent I found myself doing things to help with that at work.

I stretched.

A lot.

I also sat and did another meditation.

It really settles me and keeps me bright at work.

That and lots of tea.


It got cold today and it got dark by 5p.m.

I thought, what time is it, when I was walking the baby swaddled in the carrier back to the house, I couldn’t have been gone that long.

Oh, yeah.

Day light savings.

It really is quite dark.

Grateful to be getting up by 7 a.m. and getting out into the world while there is sunlight.  I know people who are doing the opposite and most times I cannot imagine.

I have not done nights for some time.

I debated last night setting the alarm for 6:45 a.m. to give myself a little more time in the morning to write, but at the last-minute, I switched the alarm back to 7 a.m.

It’s early enough as it is.

I do enjoy doing my morning pages at home, though, not on the napping schedule of two different babies that may or may not sync up their sleep schedules.

I was able to kick out the three pages long hand before heading out the door, I want to not feel so pressured, however, to do them fast, I want them to flow, but not be a  way to berate myself for not being a faster writer.

Facts are I used to have to get up way earlier because I did not write the morning pages that quickly, my hand writing, like my typing has gotten a lot swifter.

I generally do my blog in less than an hour, on the occasion in less than 45 minutes.

I edit them, lightly, you will catch errors, I do a spell check, I read the preview, I correct whatever seems glaring, then it gets posted.

That’s pretty fast comparatively to what it was when I first began this adventure.

Speaking of adventure I have been looking for just the perfect “prom” dress.

My darling friend Shannon is turning 40 this week and there will be a dress up masquerade ball for the birthday party.

I checked out the Goodwill on Haight Street briefly before heading over to my commitment at 7th and Irving.

I tried on one dress, not a good fit, and resolved to try on more as the week goes by.  I want to dress up for the event, 40 is pretty fucking special.

I should know, I took myself to Paris for it.

Shannon and her partner Alex were such big supporters of me, I can’t not go to her birthday party.  Although it will mean wearing out the dress, whatever I end up getting, and the fabulousness, up into Noe Valley for a few hours before the event.

I’ll take care of my Saturday responsibility and then head to the ball.


I currently do not have an escort, how awkward, not, but I wouldn’t mind a friend to go a long with me in dress up.

Or a date.

We’ll see.

I did not exactly get my Halloween on, even though I did go a big part of the day in bunny rabbit ears, so this is my chance to dress it up.

Some feathers or sequins, definitely some sparkle, and a mask.


I have a week to find the appropriate dress, mask, and assorted geegaws.

In between now and then?


Taking care of my shoulder.


The usual suspects.

And love.

Opening myself to not isolating, to committing to be at my friends important birthday milestone, and being available for further continued intimacy with my fellows.

Doesn’t sound like a bad week at all.

Nice to meet you again Monday.

Let’s be friends.


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