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A Quiet Night

January 1, 2014

And the largest cat on the planet just crawled into my lap.

It was like my laptop was a cat magnet.

Either that, or smart cat, it knew that the babies were in bed and it was safe to come out from where ever it was hiding.

It may also, smart cat, known that I have a thing for kitties.

And puppies.

And babies.

And there it is, my New Years Eve, strangely like last year, but wildly different.

Better pay, that’s for sure.

Though the overnight is not a thrilling thing for me to be doing, it is of a kind of service that I am glad to know I can do and also realizing that I won’t do again.

Not really worth it.

Sort of like house sitting.

Except, fingers crossed, I won’t be repeating the overnight again to learn the lesson like I did with the housesitting.

This cat is huge.

I think it could be found quite easily on Google maps.

This cat is so big I wonder if it’s going to sleep on my face and suffocate me while I sleep.

Hopefully not.

That would suck.

Sorry, you’re kids are not up and happy and fed, bathed, washed, cleaned, diapered, powdered, and entertained.

Your cat killed me last night when it sat on me.

I actually did get a little nervous when he/she/it crawled up on me, I don’t know that I have ever seen a feline this large (it’s also not large in the sense of a really big fluffy Maine Coon, it’s large, like, holy shit what the fuck do they feed it, Buddha cat large) and I was a little perturbed by how bossy it was.


Ok, cat, just don’t smother me in my sleep.

Or make biscuits on my cheeks.

It doesn’t even seem like it’s New Year’s, but I was just sent a photograph of a friends baby on the East Coast up for a late night feed with the cutest little pucker on his face.

I got my New Years Eve smooch.


Strange to think that a year has passed.

Last year I was in Paris.

This year I am in the Mission.

Life is funny that way.

Who knows where I will be next year.

Not making any plans.

Although, I did call my best friend in Wisconsin and say basically, pick a weekend, I am coming out to see you.  I figure it is far easier for me to visit then it would be for her, I count as one, she has three boys and a husband.

Far less to move across country.

And ticket prices don’t look too bad.

Ok, the cat is growing on me, a gigantic growth, but, it is warm and makes a nice soothing white noise purring sound, a small helicopter motor of noise on my lap.

I figure I can go out to her for a weekend, three, four days, as long as it’s not too close to Burning Man I will be fine.

The shifts seem like they will be continuing a pace and I will have January with close to if not completely full time work.  This Friday off, but tonight makes up for it, and I won’t be working the 12th and the 13th, but I will be taking PTO days for the time, so no loss of income.

And life, for me, really is just lived a day at a time.

I could worry about what comes next or just embrace that the right now is pretty damn good.

Which it is.

I am leery of the lack of sleep I will probably have, it seems inevitable that one or both the babies will awaken before I want them too, that is the nature of babies, but other than that, I am pretty much socked in for the night.

At least I won’t be navigating the Paris Metro system on New Years Eve in the rain.

That was a shit show last year.

Scary too.

Nothing says good times like a train car so packed with people that you can’t get off at your stop because too many people are trying to get on the same car you are trying to get off of.

Fortunate to not be claustrophobic, but that was intense.

And then being lost outside the train station, turned around, walking the wrong way in the Pigalle neighborhood, while it’s pelting down freezing rain.

Happy New Year!

This one promises, already, to be far mellower than that.

I may not even stay up until midnight.

Although, I find that unlikely.

I will, oh sweet Jesus, cat, don’t crawl up on my laptop!

It won’t make it.

Dear God.

I know cats prefer to be the center of attention, especially if one has a book or a computer in their lap, but that was a near catastrophe.


Yeah, I am not even hating that I am spending my New Years blogging about an overweight cat and doing a nanny share overnight.


I know that the less I fight what is happening, the happier I will be and there’s nothing wrong with the situation.

New Years can be a time of greatly overblown expectations.

I don’t have any this year.

I got paid for my time already.

I will be done at 10 a.m.

I will meet a lady at Philz in the Mission at 11a.m. on the way swinging by the bank to deposit my paychecks, then a pit stop for an hour or so at 23rd and Capp after which I shall ride my bicycle merrily back to the Outer Sunset and call it a day.

I may take a nap.

I may go walk on the beach.

I will say thank you for another year on the planet and I will be grateful that it is in San Francisco.


Excited for what the next year brings with nary a regret for what has been.

Happy 2014!

Sexy Lexy

February 7, 2013

Or something like that.

I am feeling it.

Maybe it is the hormones of seeing a new baby.

Oh baby you are too much with all that hair and all those scrumptious faces you make and the wee pink socks on your wee tootsies.


Maybe it’s the room-mate not being here.

Maybe it’s the Goldfrappe.

I need la, la, la, la, la, la, I need oh la, la, la, la.

Like right fucking now.

Three months in Paris.

One date.

What is up with that?

Granted, today I was told I was fascinating.

How did you get that?  My messy hair up in a bun or the make up or what?  How can you tell a girl is fascinating.  I think you just wanted a date to keep you company in the Pigalle neighborhood.  I know what y’all are up to and I am not into that so much, thanks.

I was just there to get a pair of Converse.

I needed a new pair of Chucks.

My first pair of Converse in Paris.  Pigalle is the area to go, they were 39 Euro.  Cheapest I have seen them anywhere.  Three weeks ago I stopped in a store that was having “soldes” aka “sales” and they were 85 Euro.

Fuck my mother.

I am all about making faith-based decisions right now.  I am going to buy a swimming pass tomorrow and a new suit and a pair of goggles and a swim cap, all those things will add up to about the same amount.

85 Euro.


I am willing to risk the male harassment that always happens when I am in that neighborhood for Converse that are 39 Euro.


There is also a Naturale Store/Bio store (organic market) next to a couple of the sex shops that I go to on occasion.  I am not going to ogle the dildos, promise, I just want a box of sweet chai tea, that’s all.

Although the thought did waft across my mind, a new toy might be fun.  But frankly these shops are not quite like going to Good Vibes in SF.  I am sure I will do a little exploring at some time, eventually the lube will run out and I don’t feel like paying an arm and a leg for the stuff I found in the Marais, and had I known I would have to check my bag through SFO I would have stocked up on my lube in SF.


My nice bag of accoutrement is stashed in a box in Graceland.

Oh well.


Sex is on the mind.

I am going to wear a pair of pink tights with my new Converse tomorrow.

I don’t expect that I will suddenly have a date to do a god damn thing, but I will dress like it, just for myself.  I can take myself out.  I can dress up for me.  Most of the time I am dressing to please myself anyhow.

I am definitely feeling a shift, though, in my response to being here, in my outlook, in my decisions.

Corinne commented on that tonight when we were checking in.

Just on the fact that I want to get a swimming pass, when last month I would not go out for a coffee I was too freaked out about finances.

The freaking out did not do me a bit of good.

I am acting as if.

I need a lot of practice.

I almost did not get the Converse today, I can admit it.

I had to push myself.

Sometimes self-care is harder than I would like to let on.

But ain’t nobody else gonna do it for me.

I will not be frittering away the tax return, but I will be buying myself a few things that are indicative of me having a life here.  The swim pass, a decent umbrella, some new socks, a pair of jeans.  Good groceries to feed myself.  Some new books.  A new notebook.  Some pens.  Nothing luxurious.

Yet, like a good banana, luscious to taste to have, to enjoy.

That is one thing about striding the poverty line, I appreciate things so much, I get so overwhelmingly grateful for the things I get to see and do.

I was overcome today just telling Corinne about some of the things that have happened in this past week and how I am obviously being taken care of, even without a fall back plan.

Faith is my fall back plan.

I am needed here, that has been demonstrated a lot to me this past week.  I know that I belong.  I know I am home.  I know that I am right exactly where I am supposed to be.

How wonderful.

I have so much life to live and experience yet, I don’t need to be anxious, all this will probably change tomorrow anyhow.

Change is the only constant I can rely on.

I might as well enjoy what is happening, it will pass soon and I do not want to regret not saying yes to something.

So, yes, Universe, ask me on a date.

I am ready.

My new Chucks and I want to dance.

In Paris.

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