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September 30, 2016

Today went right into the shitter.


Damn it man.

I dropped my phone in the loo.

Fortunately two things.


I had literally just cleaned it.


I was on the way to the loo, so really it was just a clean bowl of water.

But never have I cursed my bladder so, I completely forgot that my phone was in my back pocket, I just had to pee.

Had to.

I had gone up to the market to grab a few things in case I wasn’t able to get out to the grocery store tonight and when I got home it just hit me and I dashed in and well.


The phone fell in.


Damn it.

It got stuck.

It was lodged, so it sat in the water for seconds.

Too long.

Too long.

Too long.

I did manage to get it out and I wiped it down and stuffed it into a container of brown rice immediately.

Note to self.

I need to buy more brown rice.


I pretty much had an off the grid kind of day today.

No Iphone meant no phone calls, texts, photos, social media.

I was a bit flustered and peeped online real quick to see what it would cost me to replace my phone and realized I didn’t have enough time to give a real look over and also that it takes time to deliver a phone and I really can’t see going more than 24 hours without it.

It’s my alarm clock.

It’s my life line.

I mean, seriously, I make recovery calls on that puppy all day long.

Nothing too serous going on with me.

Just a busy week, a phone interview with a prospective family–a 40 minute interview–that was nice but ultimately I don’t know that we are a great match, I’m already priced higher than what they were looking for, but the mom really wants to work with me and asked me what I would consider negotiating for if I went under the table.

I realized I could.


I also realized what I would take for under the table is still probably too high for this family and also that there wouldn’t be room to go further, they would be paying the top of their range and really wouldn’t have room for raises, insurance needs, etc.

I have sat on it all day, partially because I didn’t have a phone to email back with.

And also to acknowledge to myself that even under the table with my skill set I could probably make more and to not cut myself short to work with a family that I may like personally, but professionally may not be the best fit.

I’m probably going to pass on even making an offer and encourage the to keep up the looking.

I’m ok to just sit on things for a day too.

I don’t relish the thoughts of not having a phone or having to purchase a new one.

Mother fuckers are expensive and I’m very attached to having mine with me.

I use it a lot at work, texting with my employers, using the camera, I use it for work too, like as in my alarm clock to get up for work.

Tomorrow I have an appointment before work and I really do hope I get out of bed in time for it.

I’m pretty sleep trained, so it shouldn’t be too hard, I have a general sleep schedule during the week and the time parameters fall well in between what I would typically be up for.

I mean.


Most of the time I get up before my alarm goes off.


Monday is going to be different, I will be back at the little side gig and I have to be up way early and at the house before I typically get out of bed now.


I will have a phone by then, by tomorrow afternoon I think.

I do hope the submerging in rice trick does work.

I also managed to find one packet of silica and shoved that into the container too.


If it doesn’t, I’ll be swinging by the Sprint store on Mission tomorrow to get a new Iphone.

And it’s a bit confusing how Sprint does it.

I was chatting with the rep in the store about what phones they had for Iphone upgrade and was really surprised that they had the 7 in the store.

I could have walked with it.


I would have been leasing it.

I asked about buying it outright and was given a bit of a run around and I actually decided to wait.

Just wait.

As much as I wanted to have my phone, to be connected, to be in the social swing of things.

I also didn’t want to drop unnecessary money on a phone if there’s a chance that given enough time sitting over night in some rice my current phone will work.

Especially since I just dropped all my spare cash on the ticket to Paris in May.

And I have no regrets about that at all.

I just found it funny that after spending a bit of money I would go and drop the phone in the loo perhaps precipitating having to spend more money.

As though this month hasn’t been spendy already with the scooter repair and unexpected costs of having to deal with that.


I paused.

I’m going to give it a full 24 hours in the rice and fingers crossed it will work.

I will get up tomorrow, make my appointment, to see my advisor, finally, and then go to work.

I’ll check it at work.

If it’s works.


If it doesn’t.

Oh well.

New phone it is.

Regardless, I should be back on the grid tomorrow early afternoon.

Message me via e-mail if you need to get a hold of me, or ye olde facecrack.

And thank God.

Tomorrow is Friday.

I’m ready for the weekend.





I am.

All In A Days Work

August 4, 2014

I feel like I could use a weekend from my weekend.


I got the work done.

I was given the number of a woman who recently relocated here from New York and ran a posh nanny agency there.  It was suggested to me that I call her.

I did and it was an interesting conversation that became a bit of an instantaneous interview.  I am not certain that I am the exact fit for the clients she is sourcing for, but I want to take action, not think about it, so I affirmed I would send her my resume.



I don’t have one.


I should say.

I didn’t have one.

I do now.

I spent all day working on it.

I have had over seven years of nanny experience, but with just a few exceptions, I have gotten where I have gotten all through word of mouth via the mom’s I have worked for.

Word of Mom Mouth is golden.

It is like having the keys to the kid kingdom.

I have a lot of really nice mom’s in my life and I touched every one of them in my hunt for the right words to say, the right format to do my resume, the correct dates for my work, the phone numbers and e-mails, the personal and work reference letters, all the little flotsam and jetsam of seven years of being a nanny.


How amazing is that.

I got really flustered a few times today, had to walk away from it, make a few phone calls, and realize that I was way too up in my head and I needed to get in my body.

I went for a walk, got some groceries at Other Avenues, called a girl friend for perspective, and went home and made lunch.  Then I made stew for the week and brown rice, this week I will be having pinto beans with smoked turkey kielbasa, organic sweet corn, and zucchini.

While the soup simmered and the rice boiled, I made another pass at the resume.

I had listened carefully to all the things the woman with the agency said about the nanny who was leaving the family she was working with and thought to myself, well, hey, that’s not a problem, I already do most of those things without being asked.

Unloading and loading the dishwasher.

I don’t think about that, I just do it.

Ditto washing dishes.

Not that any of the places I work at are a real mess to clean up, I just like to keep my motto, leave it better than I found it.

I think how nice it must be to be a hard-working mom to come home to your house being tidy and your child ready for you, the bag packed if they are leaving the share, the little lunch containers cleaned, the milk bottles rinsed out, a fresh diaper on my charge, and a clean house.

I think about what I want to come home to.

I feel like it’s a reflection of me and there’s something that is soothing to me about keeping a tidy space, I am sure it’s a defect that has something to do with needing to be in control of my environment to feel safe, but, whatever.

I look like a better employee for it.

The family looking for help also wanted the nanny to deal with the diapers and she refused to do it.


I mean.


How did she get the job.

I take out the diaper pail for one family and compost diapers for another, part and parcel of the job.  If they wanted me to order the diapers too,  I would.

Same with grocery shopping, cooking, family assisting.

I find it fun, a way to make the day go by and not really a hassle.

Apparently the nanny I would be replacing does not want to deal with these things.

I sometimes fail to realize that not everybody does the job I do.

I am good.

It was actually a good thing for me to look at today–those letters of reference, the personal and professional ones–the sweet, kind, considerate words of my past employers.

I felt appreciated and valued and thankful that others see my potential and abilities so much better than I do.

I realized as I was checking in on the phone with another person this afternoon, that I am really good at what I do and I don’t have to craft something to display my worth, I just have to list things honestly, and in somewhat chronological order.

And who the hell knows.

I don’t know that this is the job for me.

But I do know I had to take the action.

I took it.

The resume is updated, polished, edited, tight.

I also e-mailed all the mom’s in my network and let them know my availability and when I estimated I would be looking for a full-time share situation.

I need to speak with my family in Cole Valley this week and see what their needs are and see if I can incorporate them into the plan or if I need to go full on with a completely separate share.

I believe the family only needs me until October, for two and half days a week, unless they can help me come up with a solution, the mom’s got great mom connections too, I may be starting fully over with two new families in mid-September.

I also reached out to three of my mom’s who are either currently employing me or have recently, and asked them to write me letters of reference.

Which would put me at five work letters of reference and one personal letter of reference.

I think that’s more than enough.

Or maybe I should just invite the woman at the agency to follow me down the street as I sing “This Old Man” and “The Wheels on the Bus” as I escort my little charges to Music Together Class.

I am grateful for this.

I felt awkward and uncomfortable, but that’s because I would rather look at my defect than my assets, which is in and of itself a defect, and it was good for me to see how these people view me and let a little of that love rub off on me.

Mary Fucking Poppins rides again.

Or floats.

I suppose.

That parasol and all.




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